Ennora Binaural Beats Meditation Review

Ennora Binaural Beats Meditation Review – Great Stuff Here!

Brainwave Entrainment

Ennora has become pretty popular among people who love meditation and concentration in their jobs. And am guessing you want to find out what the tracks the store produce are really like, right?

Well, my ennora review will delve into aspects like what it is, what is included in the system, how it works, how to use it, who shouldn’t use it, cost, discounts and demos, to name just a few.

It is my greatest hope that this review will serve you to your entire satisfaction. If you require more information for other areas of Ennora, don’t hesitate to let me know about them in the comments. Okay?

Brilliant! Let’s get into the system.

Name: Ennora

Size: 10 tracks for different purposes

Author: A number of brain specialists

Cost: Depends on the track

Best Place to Buywww.ennora.com

Best known For: meditation, lucid dreaming, concentration

Rankings: 78 out of 100

What is Ennora?

This is one of the top binaural beats stores that sell different tracks to help you achieve different things and mental states like peacefulness, concentration, relaxation, good sleep, and many more.

There are about 10 different single tracks that will help you get the mentioned states.

Ennora is most popular for its great track called God Consciousness.

This track is known to help with bringing deep spiritual awareness.

Other people have said that the store has great music to use in meditation, sleep and concentration too, but I would have to argue on that.

Allow me to explain why.

See, based on my personal experience, the system does have great tracks, and the God Conscious is really great, and is something I encourage you to get.

However, as far as meditation, sleep and concentration are concerned, there are other way better options.

For instance, for meditation, I find Zen 12 best to use as it has much stronger brain training benefits and tracks that are higher in quality than ennora.

For concentration, it is fairly okay as it brings relatively good concentration. But for deep concentration that will be teaching your brain to concentrate on its own naturally, I would go for brainev.

Finally, to sleeping. The best sleep system that helps to deal with all sleep related problems is Sleep Salon. It has the best tracks which have been made to cover everything about sleep.

You can also try them out and see for yourself.

What is Included in the System

As I said, there are quite a number of tracks in ennora. Some are sold as singles while others are in packs. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the products in the store.

The Singles include:Ennora Binaural Beats Meditation Review

• Astral projection

• Brain power

• Chakra balance

• Confidence booster

• Creative Mind

• Crystal clear mind

• Deep concentration

• Deep dreams

• God Consciousness

• Love attraction

• Lucid Dreams

• Perfect Sleep

• Release Stress

• Recharge and Refresh

And many more

The Packs include:

• Balance Pack – It has Chakra Balance as well as Recharge and Refresh

• Sleep Pack – It comes with Lucid dreaming and perfect Sleep

• Mystic Pack – It comes with God consciousness and Astral projection

• Meditation Pack – It comes with Clear Crystal Mind and Deep concentration

How it Works

The tracks use a form of brain enhancement technique called brainwave entrainment.

This is a method that uses special musical tracks with nature sounds or classical music that are able to get the brain into any states of the mind like happiness, peace, meditative state, sleep and others.

When you play the tracks the brain senses the wave frequencies in the tracks and try to imitate the vibration they are causing, and this then changes the state of your mind to whatever state they are meant for.

Each track has been mixed with wave frequencies for a certain state.

To be more precise, something like Perfect Sleep track has wave frequencies for sleeping while Crystal Clear Mind has meditation wave frequencies.

The type of brainwave entrainment waves used in Ennora are binaural beats. These are found to be very effective for relaxing, meditating and sleeping.

How to use Ennora

This is super easy. All you have to do is:

• Choose the single track or the pack you feel you will be needing and get started immediately with them.

• Make sure you do activities that compliment the music you are listening to.

For example, listen to Perfect Sleep while you are sleeping or Confidence Booster when you are preparing to speak publicly or for a meeting in the next few minutes.

• Also, ensure there is minimal distraction when listening to the tracks. It is advised that you close your eyes for optimal performance for those tracks that allow you.

• You can be doing some things as you listen depending on the purpose of the actual track.

But for meditation packs and other similar to it, you can sit in the Lotus position, for meditation, or sleep or even sit with your head straight.

Something to note: You are supposed to listen to at least 3 tracks per day as an advanced listener and 2 tracks per day if you are getting started with the system.

Who Should Not Use it

No matter how great the audios may be, not everyone is allowed to use them. The tracks usually interfere with the normal brain activity and this can be very risky for a number of people.

That is why these people have been prohibited from using any brainwave entrainment systems:

• Those who are still below 18 years old

• Those who are planning to use the tracks when driving or running risky machines

• Those who have had injuries in the brain in the past

• Those who have any serious mental disorders

• Those who are suffering from epilepsy as it can cause seizures

Ennora Cost, Discount and Free Trials

The single tracks will cost you $9.99 per track.

For the packs whichEnnora Binaural Beats Meditation Review come with two to three tracks, you will need from $24 to $44.

They may have different costs but this is the range they play around.

When it comes to discounts, there is no offer at the moment.

Other reviews may say otherwise but at the time of writing this post, there was no discount.

But I’m led to think that the prices have already been discounted, especially for the singles.

They were previously going for $14 but now they cost $9.99. Though they don’t say they have given any discounts on them.

Choose your preferred track here

Please do note that the site keeps changing, so you might find this information not accurate when you read it, if they will have made more changes.

But always that the cost will revolve around these figures.

For the free trial, you get a free sample which is 10 minutes long to help you know how great the system is.

To get it, you will only have to give your name and email, and the download links will be sent to your email address after a few minutes.

Get the Free 10 minutes sample here

Ennora Really Rocks But…

I have to admit that some of the packs and single audios do a great job. Personally, I really loved the mystic pack, and I am sure there are other awesome tracks in there.

But if you are looking for a system like Ennora that has better single tracks which are all more effective and faster in effect than Ennora, in terms of subliminal messages, then you should check out subliminal 360.

It is the best store for these kind of tracks for almost all areas of life including addiction and other very specific ones. I have seen a huge difference in terms of quality between Ennora and this system.

And if you have already loved Ennora, then I am more than sure you will fall completely  in love with the tracks in Subliminal 360, twice as much.

Read more about Subliminal 360 here

And that is it with Ennora.

If you have any questions about it, please drop them below and I will attend to them soon as I see them. Agreed? Sweet! 🙂 I will be waiting.


8 thoughts on “Ennora Binaural Beats Meditation Review – Great Stuff Here!

  1. I have tried several brain wave tracks including the over hyped brainev and zen12. The only one that has given me results is Ennora. Tracks from Mindammend gave me decent results but no where close to Ennora.

    Brainev and inspire3 products according to me are most disappointing especially considering their price tag. Probably every person is unique and the one shoe size does not fit all applies here too. You just need to try out different tracks and see what best works for you.

    I was almost at the verge of giving up that these brainwaves work before I bumped in Ennora. Curious to try subliminal 360 if it is not a Karl Moore product.

    1. Hey Rajwin,

      Thanks for stopping by this website, I really appreciate taking the time . 🙂

      I have to say am surprised to hear that you did not get good results with brainev and zen 12. Everyone who has used the two systems have gotten very rewarding results with either or both.

      But I also agree with what you say, there are folks who won’t have the best results with all systems out there that others maybe loving.

      Something I would like to ask you to know the probable cause of this is, how long have you been on brainwave entrainment programs? When did you start using the brainev and zen 12 systems? And how long did you use them before giving up on them?

      Also, how exactly did you use them? And how can you describe your experience with the first program you used and then brainev together with zen 12.

      Hoping to hear from you soon so that you can best enlighten me on your particular situation and experience with brainwave entrainment technology.

      Maybe I can help you out.

      Cheers 🙂

  2. I never tried this kind of tracks for meditation, but they seem to be really powerful, if you say that they’re prohibited to under 18. Even though I don’t understand why… How much time do you need to hear these tracks for seeing some results. I know that meditation works, but you have to do it daily… what about these track, they seem to be used much more like a therapy, aren’t they?

    1. Hey Marta,

      The reason why teenagers below 18 are not allowed to use the brainwave entrainment tracks is because some of their minds may not be fully developed to handle the mental excitement and alteration the tracks bring.

      The tracks may alter their minds and then have their brain health in a bad condition, although not all teenagers will experience this.

      If you would want to have a teenager you know try them out and probably enjoy the benefits they bring, I would advise you to first confirm with your doctor that the brain of the teenager is strong enough to handle the abilities of the tracks.

      This way you will be sure nothing dangerous will happen.

      I see you are also asking if the tracks are form of therapy.

      Well, you could say that, although I find them to be more of a brain training exercise that increase the abilities of your mind.

      Hope this answers your question. 🙂

  3. Dave,
    Thanks for the review, you’ve covered a lot of information in it. While I have never used the Ennora products, I have tried out similar products to no avail. I’m wondering if I am not using them correctly. I will listen to them everyday for a week or so, and when I don’t notice any results I stop. Do I need to give it longer than a week to see results?

    1. Hey there namesake 🙂 ,

      I would really like to know the products you were using which did not get you results and how exactly you were using them. maybe I can help you out with them. 🙂

      As for Ennora products, I will tell you that they are working for many folks out there, although not all. So I can’t really promise that you are going to get good results with them.

       However, if you do not get the good results after a week, I would suggest you be patient with them and give a grace period of a maximum of 3 months to be completely sure they are not working.

      Then you can use my recommendations likeZen 12 Meditation, Brain Evolution System, Nitrofocus, The Brain Salonor even The Raikov Effect .

      I will be waiting to get your response on the tracks you were on before choosing to get ennora. 🙂


  4. Hi there, what an interesting article. Great information on using binaural beats to achieve different brain states. I like the idea of using this for good sleep, having suffered a health issue in the past I know how sleep is essential for good health.
    Similarly I would be interested to use it to achieve greater concentration.
    This is all new to me, so I have a question. How is this played? Is it via an app that can be used with your phone?

    1. Hey Ann, 

      The tracks in Ennora will surely help you with sleeping and concentration as they are fairly effective, but I would recommend you get even more effective products that use similar science and design but have more effect on you like Brainev for deep concentration and Sleep Salon for sleep.

      As for using Ennora products, you will be given a download link once you buy them so that you can download them to your phone and be listening to them from the music app on your phone.

      Hope this answers your question. If you need more help just reply to this comment and I will be more than happy to help you out. 🙂

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