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Are you currently are struggling with some problems like anger, stress, frustrations or anxiety and you really want to be happier and in a more peaceful state? I’m thinking that it  is the reason you have clicked on this post, to know what emwave2 is and if it will help you get rid of the above vices. Isn’t it?

Well, my emWave2 review will be of substantial help to you as it will help you know the system better regarding to what it really is, how it functions, what is included in the product, benefits, how to use it, customer reviews on it, cost, free stuff and the discounts, myfinal thiughts on it and what I personally recommend.

I will do utmost best to explain to you everything about the system to help you have reliable information about it.

But if by any chance, you realize I have not addressed any aspect you badly wanted to know about this brain system, just let me know I’m the comments and I’ll see what I can do. Alright?

Great! Let’s get started with the emWave2 review.
Name: emWave2
Best Place to Buy: www.amazon.com
Author: HeartMath
Best for: Improving mental state
Rankings: 80 out of 100

What is emWave2?

The emWave2 is a brain gadget that works as a heart-rate monitor that is based on a game platform and partly an anlysis engine that helps with tracking the heart rate.

While using this system, the person will play a good number of gamesthat the System comes with, which are essential meant for calming your senses and establishing an inner state of focus, peacefulness and calmness.

It is well known to bring about better sleep, higher levels of concentration, a positive attitude, more courage and a much better focus which is useful in making an informed decision.

It will generally improve the way you see life and perceive things.

The institute behind this particular unique system is HeartMath which deals with brain improvement programs and devices that include inner balance,

How it works?

In summary, emwave 2 helps you track the rate at which your heart beats by playing some games installed in the device. As you play, the stats of your heart rate are displayed.

It also helps you come to a deep state of calmness, peacefulness and even concentration and focus, as it the games have a deep effect on your mind.

What happens is, the system records your pulse through the thumb sensor or ear piece. where you can also plug the device into a laptop and ger to easily translate that heart rate information into a moving graph.

The emWave2 also comes along with a great computer software which has the capability to store the data in case you want to use the data I’m the future for comparison.

This software includes four interactive games which last anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes, the higher your coherence, the better the performance in the games which is an indication of decreased stress levels, physical, mental and emotional benefits.

This device is  easy to use, all that is required of you is to put your thumb on the sensor or use the ear sensor and breathe along with the moving lights. Ideally as you will be relaxing, the device will be able to measure your heart rate and then the red light will be able to change to blue and then to green, when it is blue or green, the device will start earning marks which shows that you are remaining relaxed and calm.

The device has different settings for the challenge level, display brightness and sound level where you can be able change depending on your preferences, you can also use the included software to track a lot of information using the device.

There are also some built-in games and some activities and also numerous videos which will show you on how to use the device and the science which is behind and will show you how it works. EmWave2 will also help you be able to practice your breathing and if you do this on a regular basis you will notice less stress and anxiety.

The more you use this device, the more you will be used to practicing breathing. The more practice and more you will be dedicated to the more the system will be able to bring for results and also not there are
many versions of the emWave2 which contain a range of software and goals.

What is Included in emWave2?

1. The device also comes with a software which will give you information on the science behind its functionality and how to use it.

2. Practice Plan which will help you get the most out of the device over time.
3. A free webinar to assist you learn everything you require to know. It will take you only some minutes to learn on how to use the device, and how to use it to control your breathing and your body.

Where to Buy EmWave2

The emWave2 device can be bought on amazon.

Buy EmWave2 from amazon here

How to Use emWave2?

You begin by installing the software, and then attach the emWave2 unit to the computer using the included USB cord, this will also be able to charge the unit, you can use this device either on its own, or you can join this to the computer, where you can use the included program to store your information on each session.

This device is easy to use. What you need to do is just put your thumb on the sensor or you can use the ear sensor and breathe along with the moving lights, as you relax, the device will be able to measure your heart rate and the red light will change to blue and then to green. When blue or green, the device will start earning marks showing you that you’re remaining relaxed and calm and aware of your breathing.

My Personal Thoughts.

This system comes with a whole lot of instruction manuals and instruction cd which means you will never suffer in terms of how to use.

Its two options of measuring you heart rate the earlobe and the finger are a plus.

Its simplicity indicating the coherence and the lights indicating when to breath in and out make it super simple to use.

Personally i deem the price too high considering there brainwave monitoring devices that are actually cheaper than itself.


And that is all about the emWave2 review.
If you have any questions that you may want further clarification,feel free to ask and I will be very much willing to help you out.

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