1. Jerry

    Interesting review about emwave pro, which I had never heard of. I have some difficulty understanding how it works. You are saying that: as a result, you will be able to know how to shift your thoughts and how to manage your emotions so that you keep your health and life on the right path. What I did understand is how it can show the graphs on your computer, but how does this link to a better life exactly? I guess what I am saying is that it is not clear to me how you handle the information in the graphs.

    • Dave

      Hey Jerry, 

      The thing is, you will be seeing your mind and body information on the graph, which is real time.

      This means as you think about stuff, you will be seeing how those specific thoughts are affecting your emotions and heart. If you think about things that make you troubled, you will see the great effect they have in your life. 

      As a result, you will start planning how you can try to eliminate those thoughts when they come to mind so that you don’t strain your heart. There are also other solutions that you will get with EmWave which will help you get much better solutions that will help you regulate your thoughts.

      When you do all that, you will be able to improve the quality of your life.

      Hope you have now understood it.

  2. Olli

    Hi Dave, thanks for the review. 

    I have been thinking of trying EmWave out and have been delaying this step because I was very skeptical about using it and seeing good results. But after I have finished reading your review, I have been convInced that it’s going to be good for me. Let me get it and see how it works for me.

     All the best!

  3. Roopesh

    I am amazed at this device.In fact, I have bookmarked this page, as I definitely want to come back and read more.

    There is one thing that I am not so clear about though. Once the emwave pro is able to give one the necessary data, and tell us the specific emotions, is there further support on how to handle these emotions to ultimately solve the problem?

    Thanks, looking forward to your reply.


    • Dave

      Hey Roopesh, 

      The company that created the EmWave pro does offer support on their website on how to handle your thoughts and emotions. 

      You can also try using logic and a bit of math to work it out. 🙂 With this I mean, when you think about something and see it affects your emotions negatively, you will say, “If this thought makes my heart rhythm slow down it means it affects me negatively, so what I need to do is stop entertaining the thought so that I’m able to live more peacefully.”

      I hope you get my perspective of using logic and math.

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