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Voice command is now a thing of the past we live in a world filled with such unimaginable sci-fi technology that was not available a few years ago, to think you can now train your brain, use it for very different activities and watch the overall health of your brain improve is a highly encouraging factor that is very possible today.

This is where a device such as the emotive insight comes in, if you would like to know what this device is, what it can do for your brain health, the costs and its general specifications. To generally help you understand whether this is the right product for you or not then read on as I am going to tell you exactly that in this review.

if by any chance I leave out anything that you feel is of concern to you, then please feel free to get back to me via the comment section below and I will hook you up with the necessary information.

Great! let gets get rolling!

Name: Emotiv insight
Owner: emotive inc
Website: www.emotive.com
Cost: 299 dollars
Best known for: mind development
Ranking: 80 out of 100

What is Emotive In 0sight?

This is a device manufactured by emotive Inc. it is a sleek wireless headset that has five Channels and that has very high and compelling technology that is meant to read your brain waves and translate them accurately into data that has meaning which you can understand and make sense of.

From the companies side they boast of a creative and insightful design created with everyday use in mind and highly advanced electronics that are optimized in full to produce clean and very robust signal from wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

How Does Emotive Insight Work?

This system has a built modern design that is Elegant, lightweight and intuitive at the same time, its
Creative design will properly accentuate various designs of the hair while providing high spatial resolution meant to ensure measurement of the whole brain activity.

This device is meant to be a dry feedback neurofeedback system which basically means that you do not require any saline solution or conductive gel to wet the sensors while sticking them on your skin since it has polymer biosensor system that eliminates the need for any conductive gel or saline solution.

Bbut at times when you attach it to the skin it does not make contact with the skin and with that the sensors do not register as having made contact with the skin.

There is a positive side to this from the company owing to the fact they have attached a saline solution which they claim is supposed to be used just in case but mostly you will end up using it.

The device has five EEG sensors and two reference sensors only and covers enough brain area to produce brainwaves that are enough to provide a variety of applications control.

Also important to note that the system does not provide raw EEG data since its hardware is unable to filter out artifacts in order to render a clean EEG for nuerofeedback.

But this system does manage to provide several metrics such as interest, engagement, focus, relaxation, instantaneous excitement and the long term excitement which can be useful in their own meaningful way in training your brain.

In order to effectively use the system one has to train it since it has several ways of sensing your intent, it has the ability to monitor facial expressions with the brain function sensors which gives you the ability to assign various facial expressions to different functions or commands of your keyboard

You will have to train the device with any of the movements that you will be requiring for the system to act upon the accompanying software will assist in simplicity and a clear guide.

The system comes with several apps and you can always download more and it is compatible with the android and iOS systems. On the desktop versions it is compatible with OSX, Linux and windows.

What is Included in the system?

It comes with an internal lithium polymer of 480 mAh that has a minimum run time of four hours.

It responds to frequencies of between 1 to 43 Hz and has the connectivity of a Bluetooth 4.0 LE which does not even work on some other devices so you will have to buy an emotive universal USB receiver.

The proprietary wireless can run with a frequency of up to 2.4 GHz.

It has a pretty fair data transmission rate which transmits 128 samples for every second within a single channel (mind you there are several channels)

It also prides itself with five channels which include AF3, AF4, T7, T8 and Pz and two references; CMS/DRL noise cancellation configuration.

Cost, Discounts and Free Stuff.

There are no free stuff or discounts to accompany the product.

The system comes with a price tag of 299 dollars, which by far the most forgiving price in this line of products even though its functionality is a little low this is a system that is definitely worth its price.

Apart from the apps that accompany the system the rest will have to be purchased from the store from different developers but some may also be free.

How to Melon HeadBand?

After attaching the system to your head, track the fitness of your brain and its performance using the companion app to the emotive insight, you can capture, save and play back the recordings of your brain activity.

Then you can use it to measure the metrics we spoke about there above so you can have the ability to monitor the real time activities of your brain, you can also compare the results with the emotive community so to know how you are doing health wise.

My Personal Thoughts.

This is a great product putting together all of its pros and cons, but in my humble opinion, it does not have the full functionality that other systems ranging in the 1000 dollars range can provide you with for example as much as this system can measure other some of its own configured metrics it does not provide the user with raw EEG data which means you cannot use it for development.

This renders the functionality and applications controls are limited as such.

Also from the fact that it is sold under in the name of a dry neurofeedback system and at the same time it is accompanied by a saline solution which I assure you will use most of the time gives it no advantage over the other systems that are sold as wet systems.


In my humble opinion there is a market that this product can occupy so if you feel like all you need is to exercise your brain or control application then this system would fit you perfectly.
If you want all the EEG data for your own reasons then this is probably not the best system for you.

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