1. Garrett

    This is really cool. With all that is going on in the world, it is very easy to get stressed out and fall into a negative mindset.
    I was victim of this type of situation and it really had a bad affect on me and the people around me. I finally realized that I was causing this all by myself.
    So now I am working to be more positive and stress free. I have been using the meditation technique but its not working. But this looks very interesting and definitely going to look into it. Thanks, great article.

    • Dave

      Hey Garret, 

      You are not alone in this, many folks have been immersed into stress and depression mostly even without their knowledge. 

      With the rapid growth and evolution in the world, earning a good living, maintaining good relations with people and keeping up with the hectic demands of life can get pretty overwhelming.

      That is why sometimes you need to take a step back and withdraw from the crazy drama to keep your peace and harmony intact. And Alpha relaxation makes for the best system to use during that period.

      I would be very happy to hear how you find the program. 🙂

  2. Kim Wolfe

    This is interesting Dave. As my life becomes busier, the importance of focus and downtime becomes more important to find that right balance for the most productivity.

    I wasn’t aware this was all part of a science and has a name called the Alpha State. You mention other states like delta waves, and theta waves. What’s the difference between these waves or states? How are these states dangerous? I found that part interesting.

    Also, how is this different than just listening to music while you work? Ok, different music of course. I’m curious if it is the focus of relaxing opposed to having music for ears and brain while your other brain focuses on work. Thanks!

    • Dave

      Hey Kim,

      The different states of the brain that I have mentioned here like delta, alpha, theta and beta indicate the patterns of the brain when in different states of the brain. For instance, delta waves help you get into a meditative state where you are very relaxed and alert.

      The states are not in any way dangerous as they are mental states that get into from time to time.

      The danger in them would only be misusing the tracks (brainwave entrainment tracks) that induce those states like using delta waves for meditation to help you with boosting your focus and creativity. That would only confuse your mind.

      I hope this is clear. 🙂

      When it comes to the difference between listening to regular music and using brainwave entrainment music to help be productive in your work, I would say there is a really huge difference.

      First, regular music would distract you, even though it helps you relax. When you listen to it for a long time, your mind stops dwelling on the relaxation it brings and diverts it away to other things the music makes you feel.

      On the other side, brainwave entrainment tracks help you focus on what you are doing and ensure you remained wired to your work until you are done.

      Secondly, brainwave entrainment tracks train your brain and hence improve its power to remain in the states you trained it for, on the long term. If you use tracks for focus for a long time, your brain will be stretched and will adapt to remaining focused for long periods of time, which is a huge improvement for you.

      I hope you are now starting to see how far advanced the brainwave entrainment tracks are compared to regular music?

  3. Yemi

    I love the idea of getting into a state of deep relaxation. Some days can be so stressful! So to be able to clear ones head of any clutter and actually be really relaxed is so essential. Being able to listen to the sound of a flowing river makes the program even more appealing. I wonder if the relaxation cd can be used without the head/earphones. I may prefer that every now and again; but only if it would be just as effective of course.

    • Dave

      Hey Yemi, 

      These relaxation systems sure do come in handy for folks. They help blow off the steam very fast and leave you with a cool soothing effect that you just want to have going for you throughout the day. 🙂

      About using alpha relaxation system tracks without earphones or headphones, I would say it is best to use the tracks with your headphones or earphones on because they are more effective that way. If you use them without the earphones or headphones, you won’t feel the deepest effects the can get you.

      Hope this answers your question. 🙂

  4. Shaun Bradley

    Hi Dave,

    This looks like a pretty good product from reading your review. I am more interested in the cd that helps with productive clarity rather than the relaxation. More often I am too relaxed to be more productive. Maybe I’m a bit lazy too I won’t lie.

    I have wondered about these alpha and beta wave type products and if there was any validity in their claims so now I know they are legitimate. I will also look into the zen 12 that you recommended since that might be more up my alley. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge on this subject, it’s been a big help.

    Cheers, Shaun

    • Dave

      You are always welcome Shaun, 

      Zen 12 is a really powerful powerful system which I am sure you are going to find so much value in.

      I see you would also love programs that help with productive clarity. I would adise you to try Nitrofocus. This is the best productivity program I have seen that works with brainwave entrainment. It will help you achieve the level of productivity you are looking for.

      Another program I encourage you to try out as well is Brainev. This one trains for relaxation, concentration and emotional mastery. It will help you increase your brain power which will also boost your level of clarity. You are going to love it.

      Have an awesome day!

  5. Stella

    Hmm…The Alpha-Relaxation System?

    Though I have never heard of it, I used relaxation techniques for hypnobirthing and while preparing for birth from the 2nd trimester.

    It worked – my midwife, who also specialised iin hypnobirthing, raved to everyone she knew about how quiet I was during labour. I did not need a TENS machine even.

    This goes to show that deep relaxation techniques are very real and do work.

    So continue sharing with us all that you know.

    All the best.

    • Dave

      Hey there Stella, 

      It is really great to hear that you have been into hypnosis and relaxation techniques. They sure do come in handy in many situations that are at times quite trying. The alpha relaxation is something along those line that you are going to find interesting.

      Let me know how you find it.

      Have a lovely day.

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