1. Huy

    I have never thought of myself as someone that needed help when it comes to relationships, but once your in a long relationship that is when there are more moments where if you understood how to manage them better, you might have a better outcome. I am definitely going to check this one out, thanks for the review!

    • Dave

      You should definitely check it out Huy, 

      The book has lots of ideas and advice for those moments and the advice is really worthwhile. 

      Most people including myself would agree that relationships appear easy to handle before getting into them until you are in one with a person you don’t know really well. 

      Things can get quite tricky. 

      But the book gives an idea of how to work things out and make them run smooth. It also inspires your thinking ability for those situations that are very specific. 

      Happy learning and please let us know your thoughts on the book when you have read it. 

      Have an awesome day. 🙂 

  2. LearnToEarn Admin

    Two valuable points you touched on are:

    1/  Love is not a bed of roses and there will be conflict – this is important to remember as couples forget this when they fall in love and they look through rose-tinted glasses believing they can’t live without the other person.  The key to a good marriage is to become friends first and to get to know the other person before making a huge and very serious decision to commit the rest of one’s life to another.  In this day and age, marriage is seen in a very blaze fashion, and this leads to a promiscuous society.  Marriage is meant to be a lifetime commitment.

    2/  Each person has their own beliefs and dreams of how they want to live their life, if this is not in the same vein as the other person, this could spell disaster.  Love is a very strong emotion and will deceive the people involved if they don’t practice true love – true love is not a feeling, it is an act of your will.  Willing the highest good for the other person at all times!

    Thank you for your review, it brings to light quite a few points to consider when pursuing a serious relationship that will end in marriage for life.


    • Dave

      Those were really deep words of advice and knowledge edu, 

      I couldn’t stress better. 

      Thanks a lot for your contribution. We really appreciate.

      We all look forward to hearing from you more. 🙂

  3. amosk

    Wow! I would want to follow this review for a long time.The issue of love and relationship is very broad and complex to deal with. Education is very important and that is why I believe your review of the book ” the Mastery of Love” is an important to read stuff. 

    You have been able to really highlight the sweet and the thorny part of relationships and the fact that one should not always expect the sweet side but also be ready for the thorny side.

    The customer review side is very encouraging and I believe it improves the interest of readers. Thanks for bringing such on board.

    The drama in relationships needs to be understood and played well . I love the video it adds alot to the review. Love is life Thanks.

    • Dave

      Thanks a lot Amos, 

      I am happy you found the review and the sections I covered to be interesting. 🙂

      People who choose to get into relationships need to understand the good side and the bad side very well if they want to see it flourish. 

      The dramas need a sound mind so that they are handled wisely.

      And all that is explained in the book.

      You are going to love the book.

      Do remember to share with us your experience and learning with it when you get to read it.

      We will be eagerly waiting. 

      Have a good one mate. 🙂

  4. Loes

    To keep a good relationship is, in fact, hard work. And I think that Don Miguel Ruiz has some good points in his book Mastery of Love in which he taps into the love inside ourselves. You really need to love yourself first before you can accept the love for you from someone else or can love someone else. When this is new info to anyone, I really recommend to read about it.


    • Dave

      It is true Loes, 

      Relationships need effort to build and maintain for a long time to come. 

      The attractions and feelings are good but they are not quite enough to make things work. Both partners must make conscious decisions to make it work.

      First by knowing how to love and accept themselves and them extending the love to the partner.

      And I think, as you say, the book will make a good guide for those who are really determined on seeing the success of their relationships. 

      Thanks for stopping by. 

      I look forward to seeing you again. 🙂

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