1. Liz

    I am a fan of using modern technology to meditate, In fact, it is about the only way I do meditate these days, and I also like to use biofeedback systems so I KNOW my body is responding. Everyone has different goals for meditation, but I like to use it for peak performance and gaining more energy for life. I feel I cope better with life when I am in a good routine of meditation. I have used the Brain Evolution System in the past and really like what they have created there. Great post!

    • Hey Liz,

      I see you are making the utmost best use of technology to better your meditation experience. 🙂

      I also find the brain evolution system to be a really great program. They way they have used the progressive approach to not only better your meditation experience but also to train your brain for natural concentration is just mind blowing.

      Biofeedback is yet another way I came to love just recently. I wasn’t a huge fan of the technology until I comprehended what exactly it does and the benefits of its use. It is really a good way to keep your mind and body at an all time high.

      I have to say you are quite the brain enthusiast. Cheers.

  2. rmjia

    Sometimes when I meditate, my thoughts seems to wander off and then I was in sleepy mode. Is it because I was being too comfortable or is it because I do it before bedtime which is not the best time as it is time to go to bed? However, I did feel better.

     I have seen you recommend using the brain evolution system to help me cut down in the inattentiveness and be more productive. Do you think it will work well for a beginner?

    • Dave

      Hey Rm,

      Brain evolution system (brainev) is a very powerful program that will work pretty well even for beginners who have never done meditation before. The brainwave entrainment beats used in it are powerful enough to bring great effects in them as well.

      I recommend you test out the 30 days free trial when you are meditating and see how it is going to work for you. I am super positive you are going to find it quite effective. 🙂


  3. Stephen

    Thanks a lot for the beginner meditation tips!

    I am very much a beginner and am not sure if I’m doing it correctly or not. I always find concentrating hard and maintaining it for a 10-minute meditation session is sometimes even harder.

    My question is this: do you have to do it seated or is it possible to meditate lying down?

    • Dave

      Hey Stephen, 

      The best way to do meditation is while you are seated straight. You have to keep your spine straight and avoid using seats with headrests and armrests. These are what give you the comfy feeling that drift you off to sleep and make you to lose out on the benefits of the actual practice.

      Try using the recommended meditation seats in amazon. They should give you the right situation to help you out your best into it to get benefits from it.

      Hope this helps. Cheers.

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