As I have come to conclude, diets have often been misunderstood when it comes to the role they play in improving the brain’s power.

You will find almost all people telling you, “You want to elevate your mind? Eat a lot of fish and whole grains, and don’t forget anthting that comes packed full with vitamin C.”

You will also get others telling you to snack on blackcurrants and broccoli.

And to a limited extent this is true, they are of great essence.

You do need some good foods full of valuable nutrients to boost the brain’s energy and help you actually have the ability to chase the creative and innovative mind.

But more often than not, this is over exaggerated.

Most people say that foods and a little bit of yoga are all what is needed to get there, but that isn’t the case. There is actually more to it than that.

The yoga and foods are a fraction of what there is to do.

You see, what should be your first concern when you want to do great things with your brain, is you overall health. You simply want to be healthy first.

Now knowing that you are not suffering any disease, you can then look for creativity, and explore more abilities with your brain.

You don’t want to do it when you are having stress, depression, back pains or a very bad diarrhea.

You also don’t want to eat fish and all other recommended foods that are known to power your brain when you are allergic to any of them.

See where am getting at?

Your health should be your first concern. After you are sure that everything is working out for you, in terms of health, you can then take things to the next level.

Basically, you should be eating a lot of nutritious foods, nutritious in the sense that you are having a balanced diet in almost every meal.

This will help you body work at its best improving the abilities of each part of your body, more importantly the brain.

You know, almost everything that happens in the body is in a way connected to the brain. The brain is like the motherboard of the body.

That is why you will get most people saying, “It’s all in your mind!”

And If you can keep all the other conditions of your body working at optimum performance, you will definitely have your brain growing in energy and pushing it to be more creative with stuff.

I don’t know if you know this, but have you noted that most of the great minds in the world have been healthy for years?

Sure when they get old they start suffering from different aging diseases as with every old person but a good deal of them were actually very healthy in their early years.

You may ask, “What about guys like Stephen Hawkings and Hellen Keller?”

How did they manage to become so great year they had their own disorders?

Well, it’s really simple.

There are two types of people who become great on this world.

Those who are naturally born great…


Those who fight their way to being great!

And there is only a small number of folks who are born naturally great and get to realize their greatness.

Most of those who do get great minds are those who look for the greatness, who make their way to it, like you and me and a thousand more out there.

And to make it happen, we need to be healthy. We need to have our health going well for us, and a few other things to have this come true for us.

If you asked me, why this imbalance in nature?

Why are there people who come to this naturally great and those who have to almost beat themselves down to get there?

I would tell you to see the real hidden beauty of nature.

Recognize that nature has made this place accessible to everyone, but there are those who are closer there than others.

Just like the 100m race, where there are people closer to the finishing line and are placed in the outer lanes of the running track so is the world with with the great elevated mind.

The athletes may be differently positioned but all have the ability to finish the race.

But the ones far from the finishing line have to work hardest to catch up with the rest.

And this WORK is what counts!

This work is what you and me, the people who are struggling to make our minds free have to get into, have to finish.

I may have gotten a bit out of topic, please bear with me.

I wanted to show you the real importance of staying healthy all round your body towards unlocking your mind and letting your creativity and mind power running rapid.

And I will be throwing in a lot of information on diets that you should consider to keep you healthy during this “seeking” phase and other really essential foods you should consider to help you get there much quicker.

In the meantime, why don’t you tell me what foods you have been on previously. Let me in the comments below the foods people out there have recommended that you use and those which you have found to work great.

I will be waiting for them, and if you need any help with the diets, feel free to drop a note down here and I will be more than happy to help you out.