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Coluracetam Review: The Benefits, Side Effects and More

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Welcome to my Coluracetam Review!

If you are a person who is looking to improve their mood, motivation, memory and attention span, you may have heard about coluracetam.

And am guessing you are wondering if it is any useful in those areas and how effectively, right?

If so, you simply want to read this to the end.

After discovering it, I did some digging around, and I got quite a lot on it. I will be telling you all you need to know about it to determine if it is your right fit.

My coluracetam review will looking into what the nootropic really is, how it does its thing, benefits, dosage, the best place to order your bottle, side effects and complaints, pro’s and con’s and my final thoughts on it.

I am sure this review will bring your questions and concerns to rest!

With that said, let’s get started right away.

Name: Coluracetamcoluracetem bottle review

Best Place to Buy:

Servings: 30 or 90 capsules

Color and Appearance: White and clumpy

Half Life: 3 hours

Rankings: 70 out of 100

What is Coluracetam?

If you are a fan of nootropics, you should have heard of racetams.

These are a family of brain supplements that increases acetylcholine levels in the brain which helps with cognition, learning and memory.

Some known racetams include Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, Piracetam and Noopept.

And Coluracetam is also one of the racetams.

It is popular for boosting vision, learning abilities, memory, attention, motivation and mood.

Initially, it was researched for treating Alzheimer’s disease by Japan’s Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation in 2005.

However, studies have been carried out on its capability to repair memory and learning and it proved helpful in the areas.

It was later taken over by Brain Cells Inc which did some further studies on it.

The nootropic was tested on people with major anxiety and depression by Brain coluracetam for learning and depressionCells Inc and showed to be beneficial to people with major depressive disorder also known as (MDD).

It is now being used mainly for depression, anxiety, motivation, improving vision and enhancing learning abilities.

Coloracetum’s legal status is as follows in the following countries;

In UK and Canada – It can only be sold legally through prescription but can also be legally owned and imported. This means you as an individual can own it but you cannot sell it to make money.

In the US- It is not regulated in any way and is actually sold as a dietary supplement.

What’s more to learn about Coluracetum? Well, read on and find out.

How Coloracetam Works on Your Brain

Coluracetum is very different in the way it works from other racetams.

This however does not mean that they don’t work as efficiently. 

It does a pretty great job.

It has high affinity for choline uptake (HACU) and because of this, it increases the levels of acetylcholine which is the brain chemical responsible for brain abilities and storing memories.

As a result of the additional quantities of acetylcholine, your memory improves, learning is enhanced and other brain abilities are also boosted.

Coluracetam acts very fast and this seen through how it reaches the plasma level, only within 30 minutes. That is why smaller doses should be administered.

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Proven Health Benefits of Coluracetum

Below are the amazing benefits possessed by this nootropic:

1. Enhances Memory

Coluracetum, through regular intake, will help you remember information more effectively.

This is important in the modern living because of the level  productivity required at work, school and other areas of our lives and therefore really useful.

2. Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Many people all around the world battle these disorders and therefore the need for a solution to deal with symptoms that accompany them.

Through the studies carried out on it, Coluracetam has proven to help deal with both anxiety and depression and therefore really beneficial to its users.

3. Improves Your Visioncoluracetam for improving vision

Coluracetum works well for people with the degenerative disorder that affects the retina.

This is by promoting growth of the nerves and as a result, enhancing vision.

4. Improve Learning Abilities

This is a crucial area for all of us because how easily we learn varies from time to time. Sometimes it’s good and others not so good.

If you cannot learn then so many things in your brain are disrupted such as decision making, recalling information among others and that is why you should take Coluracetum because it helps to strengthen memory and as a result enhance learning.

5. Promote Creation Of New Brain Cells

Coluracetum promotes growth of new brain cells.

This is a very important process in the brain as it helps boost the performance of the brain.

How To Take Coluracetum

Well, to start with, this nootropic can be taken orally as a pill or capsule.

More suitably, what you do is place it under the tongue using a dropper before how to take coluracetamswallowing.

You take it like this so that the drug can be easily absorbed by the body.

Based on many people who’ve had it, the dosages that shows no side effects are 10mg daily to 80mg three times a day, which add up to 240mg daily.

An adult dosage of 150- 240mg has been proven safe.

If you are getting started with this brain supplement, please start with small doses (1 capsule) and keep increasing the dose with time.

It’s also good that you consult your doctor for further instructions, especially if you have any health issues at the moment or are on other medications.

It is also recommended you stack it with a choline supplement like CDP Choline.

It helps replace the choline taken up by racetams in general.

Side Effects of Coluracetam

For those that have used the drug, these are the common side effects they associate Coluracetam with:

* Changes in sleep pattern

* Nausea

* Brain fog

* Irritability

There has also been concerns of it being too stimulating in the evening or at night.

This means you will want to take a smaller dose at night or have it way earlier than you go to bed.

Pro’s and Con’s of Coluracetam

The Pro’s 

* Coluracetam has proven benefits on brain function

* The nootropic is fast acting in the body therefore you experience its effects very fast in the body

* It is the only choline uptake enhancer known to exist

The Con’s

* It is not FDA approved

* The product is not available in many stores

* It lasts for only three hours in the body. However, to help in this, you could increase the dosage for longer effect

Where To Buy Coluracetam Online

The best place to get yourself a bottle of this supplement is at Pure Nootropics.

This is because the drug has been tested for identity and purity there and the store is also very trusted by many people including myself.

Buy Coluracetam at Pure Nootropics Here

Customer Reviews On Coluracetum

This is what some of the people who have used the product are saying about it.

A customer said that it helped in boosting their mood because he would normally feel bored when doing simple tasks.

Another user said that they would have to try a series of other racetams to see if this is the best they have used but for based on his experience, Coluracetum was not the best.

There was also a customer that said the taste of the nootropic is very unpleasant but the effect is good because it really helps in vision.

All in all, the reviews varied from person to person, but the positive reviews were the majority, which is an indicator that it does work.

Video Review of Coluracetam

Here is a video that will help you know what people who have been on coluracetam say about it:

My Final Thoughts on Coluracetam

I think this is a drug that is really promising if you want to improve your memory among other cognitive abilities and that is why I recommend you give it a go.

It’s been proven to be effective for a myriad of brain related issues such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, mood boosting and focus. This means that, if you have struggled with this, you might want to consider working with it.

However, for its full best results, please ensure that you take your dosage as recommended and time it well for a good effect without affecting other areas of your life like sleep.

Also, it would be wise if you checked with your doctor before using it so that they can advise you on the way forward going by your current health status.

And that is all about Coluracetam.

If you have any questions or comments on this product, you can write them below and I will get back to you as soon as I see them.

Till next time, bye friends. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Coluracetam Review: The Benefits, Side Effects and More

  1. The fact that there isn’t agreement on the legal status raises questions. On the other side, as long as it’s been well-tested and works it doesn’t matter.  If one needs a short boost at a set moment of the day then I can see how it can be useful. Comparable to caffeine in coffee actually. Obviously, there will be a bit of a drop after the boost, but if one takes that into consideration and plans accordingly I can really see this having it’s uses.

    1. Hey there Faheem, 

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      Based on the experiences of many of the people who have used it, coluracetam has been doing a pretty good job for what it’s meant for, which means there are high chances for you to get good results with it.

      However, if you are worried about the legal status, you can also work with other racetams like Aniracetam and Oxiracetam.

      These are among the leading brain supplements on the market right now.

      And yes, it works more like caffeine but with a higher effect.

      Do let me know what you choose to settle for and how it works out for you. 

      I’ll be waiting for your feedback. 

      Cheers. 🙂

  2. I’m looking for a supplement that can be given to my father, he recently suffered from cerebral thrombosis or stroke. Half of his body is almost paralyzed due to the blood clot in a blood vessel in the brain. He’s now undergoing therapy sessions with a licensed physical therapist, and at the same time his doctor has prescribed several brain vitamin preparations. After reading this article, I’d like to know if this Coluracetam can be used to hasten the recovery of my father?

    1. Hey Gomer, 

      Nice to have you here. 🙂

      Well, it would be very hard to judge if coluracetam would make a good fit for your father because I don’t know the intensity of his condition and how much he needs growth of new brain cells (which is one of the benefits I feel coluracetam can come in handy for him)

      The vitamins that do a great job with the condition you have mentioned are Niacin and Vitamin D.

      I think the best way to be sure about this is to confirm with his doctor.

      Let him know about the supplement and its benefits and then going by how well he knows your father’s condition he will be able to tell how good it is for him.

      Hope this answers your question. 

      Let me know how it goes.

      Have a wonderful day. 🙂

  3. Gaurav Gaur says:

    Hi, Dave.
    Thanks for the detailed review of Coluracetam Drug.
    Though it is sold as Dietary Supplement in US why UK & Canada need prescription to get it. Just a genuine concern – Is it really safe? Can I give it to my father 73 Years with Heart Problem?
    You said Half-Life of this drug is 03 Hours, precisely, what does that mean?
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hey there Gaurav,

      Nice to have you stop by. 🙂

      Well, the known benefits of coluracetam include enhancing memory, reducing anxiety and depression, promoting creation of new brain cells, improving your vision and learning abilities.

      It doesn’t help with hear problems, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

      The supplements I would recommend for that are coenzyme Q10, green tea and fish oil. These have proven heart health benefits.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  4. Hi! I had read good reviews about Coluracetam but they were very brief. And I was also a bit concerned because in some forums the statements have been made that it changes sleep pattern and can cause nausea. But your post has mentioned these issues putting them in the correct perspective. There seem to be so many more advantages that it’s worth giving it a try. Enhancing memory is the most important of them all!

    1. Sure Henry, 

      Most of the information you get out there on coluracetam is incomplete.

      That is why I took up the task to review it deeply and thoroughly to help people have a complete understanding on it that will help make a well informed decision.

      I like thoroughness and it’s what I always strive for.

      Do let me know how it works for you. It would be a real pleasure to get your feedback on it after using it for a few weeks.

      Please keep us updated. 🙂

      Have a nice day!

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