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Cognium Review: Buy or a Scam?

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A lot of people have made brain supplements their routine because of their ability to help boost different aspects of the brain.

But it is always important to do some good research before getting into any supplement out there. 

And I’m guessing you are here to know if Cognium really does help with what the creators claim it does, right?

Well, within this Cognium review, I will be sharing the most essential aspects of the product to help you learn more about it regarding what it is, its ingredients, its mechanism of action, how to take it, the benefits, customer reviews, video review, the pro’s and con’s, side effects, where to buy it online and lastly my final thoughts on it.

So, having said that, let’s get right in.cognium review

Name: Cognium

Best Place to Buy:

Servings: 60 capsules

Ratings : 5/10

What Cognium is

Cognium is a memory and concentration boosting supplement that comes in the form of pills.

The supplement is manufactured by an American company called Natrol, LLC which is said to have been in the market for more than 35 years.

The company boasts of other products such as weight management pills, vitamins for brain health and women pills.

They have an official website, but it provides very little information on the company itself and cognium.


Here is the list of all the ingredients that cognium comprises of:

* CERA-Q Powder (100mg) – This is from a traditional Korean medicine and is a powerful new ingredient clinically shown to help support learning, mental sharpness and memory.

This is the active ingredient in this supplement.

Other ingredients include:

* Microcrystalline Cellulose – Which is a high quality wood pulp that has been purified, hydrolyzed and dried.

It is used as a pharmaceutical excipient to fill and bind formulations. 

* Stearic Acid – which is known to help prevent water loss, among other benefits.cognium ingredients

* Dicalcium Phosphate – This is used for pharmaceutical reasons to make substances stable, dilute them and make them easy to swallow.

* Glycerine – This is used to prevent water loss and improve athletic performance.

* Magnesium Stearate – Which is used as a lubricant to prevent sticking of ingredients in manufacturing equipment during the compression of chemical powders into solid tablets.

* Maltodextrin – This is a white powder made from wheat, potato starch, corn or rice.

It is commonly used as thickener in products.

* Glycerol Monostaerate – This is an ingredient that is mostly used  as an emulsifier in food.

The other ingredients include Croscarmellose Sodium, Silicon dioxide and Methylcellulose. Some have been used as additives while others help improve the cognium formula.

How it Works

To start with, Natrol claims Cognium has only natural ingredients and is safe to take. Although many people have begged to differ on that.

They claim the supplement works well for all adults of different stress levels, obligations and ages. 

Natrol further claims that the natural ingredients reach the neurotransmitters in the brain easily thereby boosting how it works. 

The ingredients are said to be able to help with areas such as boosting memory so that you can retain information more effectively, among other benefits such as raise energy levels.

The Full Benefits

Here is the benefits you are going to get from taking Cognium:

1. Help with memory

It’s claimed that if you take this supplement on a regular basis, you will remember information more effectively.

For any reason that your memory may have been failing you, this supplement helps your brain remain active and so you can recall information much better.

2. Provide energy for the brain and the body generally

All functions in the body require energy and to supply that to the body, you can try out this supplement to give a boost to your body so that it’s in a position to work more effectively.

3. Help you Focus

Have you been experiencing a lack of focus when carrying out tasks?

Taking this supplement can help you remain alert and hence can carry out tasks well without being distracted.

4. Boost Cognitive Function

Once you take the supplement, your brain is provided with what it needs to function well and hence it’s able to work at optimum levels.

How to Take Cognium

The ideal dosage for cognium is 200-400 mg per day for three weeks.

But it is highly recommended you start with 100mg to 200mg, which means 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening with a meal.

how to take cognium

Please make sure you do not exceed the recommended dosage and if pregnant or nursing, avoid taking it.

For people with high blood sugar, they should avoid Cognium because of the 

Maltodextrin ingredient, that has been proven to raise blood sugar pretty fast.

The Side Effects

This supplement has been considered safe to take.

However, here are some side effects one could experience from taking the nootropic.

* Nausea

* Stomach problems

* Insomnia

* Dizziness

* Headaches

* Anxiety

Although on rare occasions, there are potentially serious problems like heart and nervous system issues.

Pro’s and Con’s

The Pro’s 

* Boosts memory among other cognitive abilities

* Safe to take

* The active ingredient is the most clinically tested

* Company offers full 60 days money back guarantee

The Con’s

* Complaints on side effects

* Company’s website does not provide key details of the supplement and the company.

Video Reviews

Here is a short video on the supplement.

Customer Reviews on Cognium

There were mixed reactions on the experience of this nootropic and here is some of the things the users said about it:

Positive Reviews 

* Improves memorythe pro's

* The supplement is a good product

* Doesn’t forget like there before

* Noticed improved energy levels when taking the supplement

* Generally a good supplement

Negative Reviews

* Cannot tell any difference

* Stopped taking the supplement after getting a rash and was itchy on the chest area

* Ingredients are not as natural as the company puts out

Where to Buy Cognium Online

You can get the supplement from

You can also use the company’s website,, to locate a retailer.

There is a money back guarantee offered by the company, but you have to fill out a certain form which must be submitted within 60 days of purchase and allow up to 4-6 weeks for receipt of the refund request. 

Failure to follow that procedure, you will not get a refund.

My Final Thoughts

Cognium seems to have helped a good number of people based on my research. It has gotten fairly good reviews online.

So if it is something you feel can come in handy in for you, I would encourage you to try it out.

However, I would like to mention that I didn’t see many of the well known ingredients in the brain improvement industry like Bacopa Monierri, Valerian root, Ahswagandha and the rest.

These are the some of the ingredients you will see in the brain supplements that are respected in the industry like Qualia Mind, Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro.

They increase the effectiveness of the supplements as they are quite efficient in improving the brain’s performance on their own.

Maybe they have been replaced by the CERA-Q Powder, which is the main ingredient.

Either way, if you like Cognium, go ahead and work with it.

Also, if you want a more natural based brain supplement, I would strongly recommend Herberall.

It is an all natural supplement.

And that is where I end this review.

I hope it has been informative enough for you to make a well informed decision.

Let me know if you have any more questions or thoughts on the supplement. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Cognium Review: Buy or a Scam?

  1. A very interesting post about a topic I don’t seem to find many articles about. Thank you for writing the review, I am always up for improving the brain functions but I am also very much aware that we have to be careful about what we take and all the side effects that can come from it. I was glad that you poited out both the good and the bad about the pill. >Not many people do that. Thank you

    1. You are always welcome Barbara, 🙂

      We always do our best to be as real with any product as possible including the possible dangers.

      Have a wonderful day!

  2. I have been experimenting a lot lately with cognitive-enhancing drugs, mostly nootropics, and I just found out about Cognium…

    I’ll definitely try it at some point but could you please let me know more about those side-effects that you mentioned it might have? Is there anything more than this rash itchiness on the chest area?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

    1. Hey there Harry, 

      Well, the side effects of Cognium are mostly mild like headaches, stomach problems, anxiety and nausea. 

      But if you take it while you are on other medications or while you have other medical issues, you may experience the serious side effects like the nervous system issues and the rash on the chest area.

      That is why we recommend that you ensure you check with a doctor that you don’t have other health issues before you take the supplement so that you don’t add to any problems you may be having and things get worse for you.

      Hope I have adequately answered your question.


  3. LineCowley says:

    This is an interesting concept to take supplements to boost your brain power. Apart from the active ingredient, the other ingredients seem pretty synthetic to me. I would really want a supplement that has been made purely out of natural ingredients. Is there any supplement that you can recommend with that? I would appreciate your help.

    1. Hey there Line, 

      I recommend you check out Qualia Mind, Mind Lab Pro or Alpha Brain. These are the top brain supplements that have been made using natural ingredients that were used decades ago to improve the performance of the brain.

      A huge number of people who have used them have reported really good results. Do let me know how the one you choose to give a go works out for you.


  4. Autumn Slaughter says:

    I was empowered by the topic of the brain supplement Cognium. I didn’t know there was such a thing and that others have been trying products similar to that which is interesting. I like how there was a table of contents of what the reviewer is discussing for everyone to know. I love that there are ingredients as well because, for someone who has sensitive skin, like myself, we have to watch out for harmful substance that reacts to our skin. In this case, I’m afraid I cannot take this supplement because of a couple of ingredients listed. Other than that, the information is helpful and it gives us more of an understanding with the product itself which is nice. 

    1. Hallo there Autumn, 

      Thanks for letting us know you loved the review and found it useful. 

      It goes a long way in helping us do detailed and thorough reviews.

      If you are sensitive to some of the ingredients of cognium, I would recommend you try out another nootropic like Qualia Mind and Alpha Brain.

      Have a wonderful day.

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