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You might have heard about cognionics. Well I know you are wondering what cognionics is and if it will help you using those innovative wireless physiological monitoring systems that they make. Isn’t it?

Well fasten your seat belt, because my Cognionics review will be of substantial help to you so as to help you know the performance of this system better regarding to what it is really made of, its functionality, what is included, benefits of the, how to use it, customer reviews that have been on it, the cost, free stuff and the discounts that come along with it.

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Name: Cognionics
Author: Gert Cauwenberghs
Cost: depends on the product
Best For: designing high quality sensing systems.
Rankings: 79 out of 100

What is Cognionics?

Cognionics is a company which is very experienced in designing and establishing high-quality, mobile biopotential sensing systems which range from non-contact ECG harnesses to very high density dry EEG headsets.

They are able to design engineering to full service, start-to-finish product integration. Cognionics technologies will enable them to be in a better chance of creating complete solutions with industry leading signal quality, comfort comfort, performance and cost.

This company has the ability to manufacture:

1. Custom dry electrode sensor design meant for any application
2. High-resolution, wireless data acquisition electronics
3. Electro-mechanical integration of circuit boards, wiring and sensors to make it a wearable harness
4. Integrating high-performance, cost-optimized bioamplifiers and digitizers in a system of low-power s
5. Embedded electronics design and firmware programming
6. High-density ECG and EEG systems
7. Dry/wet sensor evaluation and testing
8. Analog and mixed signal integrated circuits and sensor design.

The founder of this company is one Gert Cauwenberghs with the help of Michael Elconin who is the CEO and Yu (Mike) Chi who is the CTO leading to its success due to their vigorous research.

How it Works?

Cognionics offers a wide range of advanced, mobile EEG systems, there are the dry dry sensor and the wet systems, wet systems rely on electrolytic gels to be able to have the capability to penetrate the hair, contact the skin, and provide a clean conductive path, the gel also is used to serve as a buffer to ‘fill-in’ those spaces formed between the sensor and skin when one is applying and when one is moving.

Dry systems are bound to some challenges, first and foremost, the sensor must be designed in a special way in that it directly touches the head or even the skin even if the hair is thick. Then the sensor must remain intact so as to minimize artifacts and noise.

Those electronics must have the capacity to tolerate high contact higher than wet – while also rejecting noise, the dry system therefore involves not only the sensors but also mechanics and electronics for non contact collection of EEG.

Ideally, Cognionics electrodes are made with two options, one the Drypad Sensor which is a flat cushioned sensor recommended for use on bare skin, the Flex Sensor is therefore made in a way to brush through hair with moderate pressure as it continues retaining the ability to flatten for safety and comfort.

Both sensors contain some materials and construction ways which will be able to reduce contact impedances and noise without the use of the gel.

EEG headsets contain some contact adjustments which are meant for adjusting the pressure finely when it is exerted on the dry sensors to avoid tightening. Cognionics electrodes also contain a variety of advanced circuit which is very useful in supporting research, research has shown that dry system measures the same signal as wet electrodes.

What is included in Cognionics?

1. Quick-30 Headset-30 Channels of EEG plus active dry electrodes with local active shielding, up to 2 optional drop-down electrode leads for EOG/ECG/EMG, up to 8 optional auxiliary channels for EOG/ ECG/EMG, PPG, Respiration, GSR and more, 500/1,000 samples/sec, 24-bit A/D resolution Ultra-fast, and zero-adjustment setup

2. Quick-20 Headset- contains 20 Channels of EEG, active dry electrodes with local active shielding, up to 2 optional drop down electrode leads for EOG/ECG/EMG, up to 8 optional auxiliary channels for EOG/ ECG/EMG, PPG, respiration, GSR and more 500/1,000 samples/sec, 24-bit A/D resolution Ultra-fast and a zero adjustment setup.

3. HD-72 Headset- this one contains 64 Channels of EEG, active dry electrodes, up to 2 optional drop down electrode leads for EOG/ECG/EMG, up to 8 optional auxiliary channels for EOG/ ECG/EMG, PPG, respiration, GSR, more 500/1,000 samples/sec and 24-bit A/D resolution.

4. Mobile-72 Cap- this one entails 64 Channels of EEG, active sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes, up to 8 optional auxiliary channels for EOG/ ECG, EMG, PPG, Respiration, GSR and more 500/1,000 samples/sec, 24-bit A/D resolution and small, wearable head-mounted amplifier module.

Cost, Discount and Free Stuff.

Cognionics is now selling their dry flex sensors for $40 each, or $15/sensor if you buy more than 100.

Amplifiers from $15,400 to $20,700.
Three are no free stuff given out nor discounts

How to Use it?

First you buy the product then place EEG headsets on your scalp then it will the sensor should remain securely intact for it to have the capability to minimize artifacts and noise.

Finally, the electronics must tolerate high contact to be able to also avoid noise and interference. You can also use the gel for the wet sensors which is meant to occupy spaces formed between the sensor and skin during application and when the person is in motion.

My Personal Thoughts.

This is a reliable company manufacturing components for use and manufacture of other products.

Personally i think this is company that hss what it takes to manufacture components that can compete on the world platfom.


And that is all about the cognionics review.

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