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What is Vipassana Meditation? A Beginner’s Guide

We will all agree that often times we find ourselves overwhelmed by various negative thoughts and feelings. We get angry, disappointed, sad, discouraged and even feel completely out of harmony with ourselves. This makes us send off those negative energies to the other people around us and make them unhappy too. Definitely, it is not… Read More »

What is Mindfulness Meditation? A Beginner’s Guide!

We live in a world where we are always trying to figure out a way to improve upon our financial, mental, physical and emotional health. We are always worrying about what the future holds for us, how to correct our past mistakes and how to deal with the currently demanding issues in our lives. As… Read More »

What is Transcendental Meditation? A Beginner’s Guide!

Meditation is practiced in different styles with each style carrying its own set of benefits. And while the well aged tradition is growing in diversity and popularity, it can be difficult to understand some of the styles of meditation well enough to get into them the proper way and get to reap the benefits they… Read More »

What is Meditation? What You Need to Know!

There are times we desire to change our state of consciousness to help us deal with the negative aspects of our lives or even to improve our overall well-being. And science experts have discovered numerous techniques that help with this including hypnosis, brainwave entrainment, subliminal messages and even sleep, with each carrying its own set… Read More »

How Long Should You Meditate Each Day?

Through the years, the question on how long you should meditate each day has been raised numerous times, by numerous people for numerous reasons. There are those who wish to meditate for a long time but can’t find the time due to their busy schedule and there are those who have a lot of free… Read More »

What Are The Benefits of Meditation? Top 15!

The practice of meditation is spreading faster than before and as the years go by, people are turning to it for optimal physical and mental health, and overall well being. Not only does it help to train your brain to relax and become more aware and focused, but also comes in handy with managing a… Read More »

What is the Best Time to Meditate?

What is really the best time of the day to meditate? We all know that the practice of meditation provides lots of health benefits like sleep, bringing down high levels of anxiety, improving inner strength, increasing attention span, controlling blood pressure and pain as well as reducing memory loss caused by age, among others (1,… Read More »

What Happens During Meditation – The Whole Science Explained!

Many people have come to appreciate the practice of meditation in their lives. It comes with so many benefits related to mental health as well as the body. Studies done on the practice have revealed that there are quite fascinating changes that happen to the brain during meditation. A UCLA study has shows that there… Read More »

How to Avoid Falling Asleep During Meditation – 14 Tips!

There is nothing more embarrassing than getting everything ready for meditation, finding a comfortable place, sitting in a good position so that you can get the best of your meditation practice, and then passing out for about 40 minutes. Only to wake up to huge amount of drool on your clothes. If you have been… Read More »

Best Brain Supplements For Concentration & Focus – Top 10 Nootropics!

Many students in college as well as people who are working will admit that maintaining concentration on projects that require a lot of time and effort can be hard to achieve at times. For many people, it is one of the most difficult thing to keep up with. And while this is the case, focus… Read More »