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How Does Music Affect the Brain? This Way!

I’ve always wondered, “How does music affect the brain? Seriously.” The main reason for asking myself this was not so that I could start listening to more music to reap its beneifts. Rather it was to understand the beauty of what I always felt whenever when I took on my studies and work while listening… Read More »

How to Improve Common Sense – Great Stuff Here!

I have seen the word “common sense” misused a lot of times. So much so, that I have had the temptations to want to correct people I see and hear making the mistake publicly. But for love of respect, I suppressed it. (Not sure how long I will suppress it though:) ) To tell you… Read More »

How to Recover Brain Cells – Sound Impossible? It’s Not!

Surviving off of a weak brain can be pretty tedious, can’t it? It only takes you 5 minutes or less to forget where you kept your car keys, or the person you were to call for some project you were to both work on, and far worse, the name of the super humble lady who… Read More »

How to Improve Your Brain Function – The Best Strategies!

Do you feel like you are not making the best use of all the mental power you really feel you have? Most of all, deep within you, do you feel you have the ability to get your brain to function better than it currently is? Or maybe, Have you ever felt like your brain abilities… Read More »