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What is Walking Meditation – A Beginner’s Guide!

When meditation is mentioned, we often imagine the practice that involves sitting down somewhere outside or in a room, either on a chair, bench or meditation cushion with the feet on the ground or when seated in the lotus position, as most images of the Buddha are. However, there are many ways to do meditation.… Read More »

What is Loving Kindness Meditation – A Beginner’s Guide!

It is true that many people are often troubled by various challenging emotional states coming from almost all areas of their lives and are barely able to deal with them properly. There are times we feel we acted too timidly in the recent past, some times too harsh, too hateful or perhaps too angry and… Read More »

What is Compassion Meditation – A Beginner’s Guide!

Learning to love and appreciate others is a good way of knowing how to love and appreciate ourselves. Through understanding others and appreciating them as they are, we are also able to know ourselves better and get to love and accept who we also are. And while we are not born knowing how to do… Read More »

What is Binaural Beats Meditation? A Beginner’s Guide!

Getting your brain to do what you want is perhaps the hardest thing to do. There are times you want to sleep but your mind is constantly racing from one thought to the other which keeps you wide awake. There are also times you just want to lie down and relax but your restless mind… Read More »

What is Bodhi Meditation – A Beginner’s Guide!

Our lives are surrounded by many physical and mental blockages that take a great toll on our health. Starting from stress, depression, pressure to perform at home and at work to fatigue, environmental pollution and bad working conditions, there is just so much harm out there that can really affect our physical and mental health.… Read More »

What is Spiritual Meditation? The Essential Basics!

With hundreds of thousands of people (and counting) doing meditation, we can all agree that meditation is slowly taking over the world. There are numerous physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual benefits associated with this practice. And with the various forms of meditation there are at the moment, no one has a reason to skip… Read More »

What is Biblical Meditation? A Beginner’s Guide!

In the lives of many Christians, meditation is more estranged than you might imagine. Whenever the topic of meditation comes up, the notion that many Christians tend to have is that it is “that weird spiritual practice from the Buddha, the Buddhists and Hindus”. Most think that the practice is only for the people who… Read More »

What is Buddhist Meditation? A Beginner’s Guide!

Meditation generally comes in various techniques designed for different goals. And when it comes to Buddhist meditation, there are also a variety of Buddhist meditation techniques. They are all practiced differently and help improve the meditators’ experience in different ways. Although they share the some similar aspects, they are all unique in their own way.… Read More »

What is Chakra Meditation? Complete Guide for Beginners!

As meditation grows more and more popular, it becomes more and more diverse. And if you are going to take advantage of this ancient tradition to help you become peaceful, calm, alert and have proper inner balance, among other benefits of the practice, you will need to take time to choose carefully the type of… Read More »

What is Guided Meditation? A Beginner’s Guide!

In this highly active world full of busy people who barely have time for themselves, to relax and recharge, meditation is becoming an easy yet effective way to relieve ourselves of the mental and physical weariness and connect with our inner peace and harmony. And while many people rarely have time to invest in learning… Read More »