1. Leo

    I have been trying to find a brain booster for my parents who are aged and tend to be quite forgetful nowadays. I have never read about cdp choline before until I chanced upon this page. Your review states that it improves clarity and focus which sounds like something that I could use too due to work stress and everything going around me! And at $23.99 for 100 caps, this definitely sounds like a value for money supplement. Definitely will consider buying it, cheers!

    • Dave

      Cheers Leo!

      I am looking forward to getting positive feedback on it from you and your parents.

      Remember to let me know how you find it. 🙂

  2. Jackie

    Thanks for your interesting post on Choline. I’m all for enhancing memory and brain power. I’ve seen several ads on Facebook in the past few months for nootropics and I’ve even purchased a one. They seem to be all the rage. The truth is, I didn’t notice the benefits promised the product purchased (nootropics). But maybe I just need to add some choline like you suggest. Also, are there foods high in choline so that one wouldn’t have to supplement?

    • Dave

      Hey Jackie,

      You can use a turkey’s liver and heart, egg yolks, quinoa and dairy products. There are many others out there, these are just some of them that are going to work great for you. 

      Tell me what you think about them. I hope you can easily get them. 

  3. Nik

    This sounds great! I am all about enhancing and preserving my memory. It sure seems to get harder as you get older though doesn’t it? Boosting the energy levels of your brain is so important in being able to compete in today’s fast-paced society. Improving your learning abilities and enhancing brain function are another couple features that I could get into. If my focus and attention could improve as much as you claim, this sounds like the product for me!

    • Dave

      It sure will Nik, it sure will. 

      I know you are going to love experience with it. 

      Be sure to let me know the results, I’ll be waiting. 🙂

  4. Mei Scarlet

    Hey cool! CDP sounds great! I am currently taking prescribed medication for my ADHD, but I find my body keeps building tolerance to it, and so the doc keeps increasing the dosage…. but I don’t like how my body is becoming so dependent on it.

    I’m also super forgetful about things (especially leaving the kettle water boiling), or even forgetting my tea, until it’s cold and no longer drinkable. I am definitely going to suggest this to my doctor. Especially because my meds are not covered by a drug plan – and it’s so expensive! If CDP will do the trick, then it’s way more practical for what you get and price wise!

    Thanks! 😀

    • Dave

      I hear you Scarlet!

      The price for most ADHD medications can be crazy, yet the quality doesn’t quite measure up to price demanded for them. And as you are experiencing it, the body is able to build up tolerance for them quite easily and fast.

      This, sometimes, is what makes me not desire prescribed medications. Although, they are good and are great for your body since they are recommended by someone who knows a bunch about your health.

      But if you can cut the cost you are currently paying for the meds, I suggest you go for it. A professional doc’s approval is necessary . I would suggest you visit a couple of docs, say three and hear what they say about it. 

      You will get a good idea from the average of their suggestions and recommendations, and know what is best for you.

  5. Dawna


    I enjoyed reading your article on Choline. I have to say I’ve never heard of it. My recommendation would be to offer more detail as to what it includes and how it is found. Is it natural or synthetic, how is it derived? The benefits are definitely enticing and you offer some good stats as to how it works. It definitely has sparked my interest in trying it out as I’m pretty sure I am ADHD and do experience memory loss.

    • Dave

      Hey Dawna, 

      Thanks for letting me know you need to know these aspects.

      Well, choline from absorb health includes moderate quantities of gelatin, silica and microcrystalline cellulose. These add to the overall quality of the product and are what makes this particular brand stand out from the rest as it comes with extra health benefits.

      As for the sources, there are many food sources for choline, some of them include bacon, turkey’s heart and liver, chicken, beef and dairy products. 

      Other sources with low supply of choline are amaranth, quinoa, cruciferous vegetables and edamame, not to mention egg yolks. But do note that egg white don’t contain high quantities of it.

      And yes, it is going o make a great treatment for ADHD.

      I hope this helps. 🙂

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