Buddha Brain Book Review – I Totally Recommend Using it!

You want to find out what the Buddha brain book is all about, right? You’ve probably heard good things about it and would love to see how great it actually is yourself, isn’t it?

Well, my brief Buddha brain book review is going to delve into the important bits of this popular book like what it really is, the concept behind the book, how to use it, benefits, cost, where best to buy it and some insight into the customer reviews.

I hope this read turns out to be as helpful as you’d want. If you get any questions about it, be sure to ask them in the comments and I’ll be happy to respond. Okay?

Sweet! Straight to the Buddha’s Brain!

Name: Buddha’s BrainBuddha Brain Book Review

Formats: Hardcover, audiobook and others

Authors: Rick Hanson and Richard Mendius

Best Place to Buy: www.amazon.com

Best known For: Meditation and self help

Rankings: 94 out of 100

What is the Buddha’s Brain Book?

This is a book that goes deep into the most essential things in life like happiness, love and wisdom. The three virtues together are all there is in this world to get the most out of life, as an individual.

And the book helps you understand each virtue very well and show you practical ways through which you can attain them.

It is basically focused in changing your mind as this is the foundation of every mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically successful person.

The book also goes into more specific aspects of these virtues like attention and concentration, which are key to a well balanced life, how to achieve them and many others.

Ideally, this book is more of a self help and spiritual awakening guide than anything else.

And it compliments the mind practice I have always recommended, the Mind Twist practice for happiness, love, wisdom and all other great virtues.

A Quick Peep At the Book

Well, in general, the book is quite detailed to the point of getting a complete look into your brain and the way the mystery of emotions start, develop and make impact on various situations in your typical day.

Essentially, there are 4 main parts, other than the introduction and the conclusion. I am going to try to give you the gist of each part of the book in the fewest words possible to give you the idea of what you will be getting yourself into.

So here we go.

Introduction – This chapter gives the basic information behind the writing of the book. It gives the health and spiritual benefits you are going to take out of the book, the vast research and findings, and the neuroscience involved.

• 1st part (The Cause of Suffering) – This part is divided into two chapters and some useful advise (bonus chapter) on how to end the suffering in your life.

Here you will learn comprehensively about your brain and how it works, how your emotions come up and how suffering comes about in relation to them, and a good deal of information on anger.

In summary, you learn almost everything about your suffering and how to bring it down.

• 2nd Part (The Cause of Happiness) – This part handles happiness pretty deeply.

There are about 8 chapters going into most critical situations that display or threaten happiness in life.

Here you will learn in detail about making real goodness part of yourself, knowing and leveraging your mental sanctuary, a good self help exercise on page 89, gaining mental strength, equanimity, and a “sad” end to realizing happiness.

• 3rd part (Love) – This section contains 3 chapters that speak about love in almost all sense.

The main theme in it is loving folks and treating them as part of our “being” as human beings, having compassion for others but standing firm on what you believe and loving without limits, as well as overlooking insults.

• 4th Part (Wisdom) – This is where the fun stuff for intellects and spiritualists is.

You get 3 chapters that describe the path of wisdom by learning how to still your mind and gaining full power of attention and concentration, as I have discussed in this site and the mind twist practice as well.

You will get a few tips and affirmations to help you gain control over your mind and cultivate good habits.

How to Make The Most of the Book

You are getting the option to work with a hard copy, an audiobook, mp3 CDs and other formats.

The best way to get much value off of it is to:

1. Read it generally – This will help you get the whole idea behind the book and what it stands for. Here I suggest listening to the audiobook (or mp3 version).

2. Then read it word for word, using the hard copy – Take important notes and writing down the practical techniques to improve upon the discussed areas.

3. Put into Practice – After you write down any helpful tip or training, implement it immediately. Slide it into your schedule and work on it seriously with determination.

Benefits of Buddha Brain Book

There are countless benefits of reading this book. Some of them include:

• Increasing knowledge of your mental, spiritual and physical life

Becoming a better and happier virtuous person

• Having control over your passions

• Becoming peaceful, calm and contemplative

• Gaining insight into many areas of life

• Having power over your self

• Improving your overall character and personality

• Understanding the cause of suffering and reducing it

What is Included in the Program

People love reading in different ways, so you get the program in 4 formats:


Mp3 series (audio CDs)

• Audiobook


So you will just have to choose the one you want and work with it.

Customer Reviews

I also got some peoples’ user feedback on the book and I have to say it really came in handy. Most people have rated it well and said they had a good mind changing experience with it.

In fact, the stats of the ratings for the book will show you how great it was. The highest ratings are 4 stars and 5 stars.

I also have to give it a thumbs up as most of my personal discovery prior to knowing of the book matches what it is in it. This means it is working with good genuinely helpful stuff.

Cost and Free Downloads

The cost you pay for the book depends on the format you choose to use. But the price plays from $5 to $20. I recommend getting a variety of formats especially the audiobook and the hard copy for best experience.

The place I also recommend you buy it from is Amazon.

There are many stores that are selling it but personally I don’t trust them as they may be counterfeit and lacking other parts. It is something I have experienced. Please be careful on that.

Buy Buddha brain Book from Amazon here

Want a Free Practice for Happiness and Self Awareness?

You have already heard me mention the Mind Twist Practice a number of times. And this is another practice that helps you become a better person than you are by working in the defects in your character and life as a whole.

It helps change your mind completely and is actually super easy to do and fun. With it, I have changed tons of vices in my personality and have improved my brain, for the better.

You can use it too and see results within 15 minutes, to start with, and ultimately change your life.

Learn the mind twist practice for being a better person

And that is just about it with the Buddha Brain Book.

If you need more information or want some answers for any questions you have with regards to it, leave them below. I will respond to them soonest. 🙂

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