1. Bryce

    Sounds like a really interesting concept! I know that music has massive effects on me so this fascinates me enough to want to try out a few brainwave shots. I listen to classical music while I’m studying which seems to help me focus. And if I listen to my favorite music before doing anything it really pumps me up and prepares me to do whatever I need to do.

    Thanks for enlightening me about these, and for helping me get much advanced music targeted for my brain.

    • Dave

      You are welcome Bryce, 

      It’s always happy to know that I’m helping folks out there. 🙂

  2. SJ

    oh wow this sounds amazing and so out of left field!

    I have never heard of being able to trigger your brain through sounds.

    Do you know if this product is safe to use in pregnancy? I’m currently in need for some brain boosting that’s for sure. Baby brain needs a cure!

    • Dave

      Hey SJ, 

      It would be very difficult to say if they are good for you, especially if you are pregnant. The best thing I would advise you to do is to check with your doctor first, so that they can direct you accordingly, based on how they see you and know you would react to them. 

      Hope this has been helpful. 🙂

  3. Dashnow

    I was somewhat aware of this technology but now know what it is supposed to do and how long it is supposed to last. I was intrigued enough to learn more. I was wondering if you would consider adding some reviews of scientific data about how effective it really is. Are there any clinical studies to back up the benefit claims for readers to be confident in their purchase. This thought comes from me being in the healthcare field and always thinking about evidence-based knowledge for anything that affects the body and the mind. I hope this is helpful. I do think this is a great concept and good luck with the site success.

    • Dave

      Hey Dashnow, 

      I am also a huge fan working with evidence before using any system that says it brings different benefits. And brainwave entrainment is one thing I had to do deep research on before recommending the products based in it to my readers.

      I will surely consider your advise and add more scientific data to help show the effectiveness of the shots.

      Thanks a lot man! 🙂

  4. Eli

    Hello there,
    very interesting article that happens to have a special appeal to me as my profession is The Thinking Coach.
    Yes through the brain influence much can be achieved and indeed it helps people to listen to different tunes that convey different essences, or as you call them shots.
    There is a saying that most philosophers agree on which is You Become What You Think About and if those shots change the thinking then it’s great.
    Thanks for the information I may use it

    • Dave

      Hey Eli, you are welcome.

      The science in the shots is really amazing, and you are going to find the effects quite thrilling. They fine tune your brain in a great way.

  5. asmithxu

    Believe it or not, I am actually listening to an audio entrainment program right now. They are great to listen to when you are studying or trying to get through your work. I find that they are less distracting than music or white noise and I actually feel more calm and focused when I listen to them.
    I have been looking for some high quality tracks. I’ll be sure to check out these.

    • Dave

      You are really going to love these mate, 🙂

      If you are into brainwave entrainment, these shots are going to come in handy for you. 

      Be sure to let me know how you found them.

      Have a good one.

  6. Avareth

    I hadn’t heard of this until reading this article, but it seems like my area of interest for sure. I’m glad you included the section on who shouldn’t use the product, since that’s really important for me to know before I get into something like this. Very informative article 🙂 It’s great that things like this exist for us to better ourselves.

    • Dave

      You are right Avareth, 

      The idea of being able to improve your mental states and brain as a whole is very interesting. 

      It’s no longer like in the old days where you had to look for centers that deal with this, which would take weeks to get.

  7. JohnFlynn

    Wow, this is an extremely interesting concept. I knew music affects one’s mood, but this is deep stuff. Now that I am aware of this brain influencing technique, I can understand why it’s important for each individual considering it should first consult with a physician. Thank you for shedding light on this intriguing opportunity to improve people’s quality of life.

    • Dave

      Hey there John, 

      I am happy you found it useful. I am glad that I am able to help people out. 🙂

      Try it out and I’m confident you are going to love it.


  8. Joe Petruzzi

    Wonderful review Dave! This certainly seems like an interesting idea. Kind of like a “it wouldn’t hurt so why not” system. Question for you: Do you need to focus during the 15 min/30 min period? Or is it more of a background noise kind of system? I ask because I find myself wanting background noise all the time, however I feel I am too busy to stop what i’m doing for that period of time. Unless I did it right before bed, which I feel might defeat the purpose for a few of the options you presented. Let me know,

    Joe P.

    • Dave

      Hey Joe, 

       The shots are meant for different with each handling a single aspect like sleep, focus, happiness and all that. You will only need to choose the one you want and then go ahead and use it.

      If you choose the 15 minutes version, you will need to concentrate throughout the sessions so that you get the effect they are known to bring. Concentration throughout is key.

      Hope I have answered your question. 🙂

  9. Babacar

    Hi there,
    Every day I surf the internet, I discover something great, Today I made another great discovery with your site and this great review about brainwave shots.
    I’m really interested in it and will definitely try it as I think it may be beneficial to me.
    I have no contraindication based on your list and I’m looking forward to trying it.
    Thank you for this great review

  10. Marcie

    This is awesome stuff! I can’t believe I found your site when I did. I’m studying brainwave technology, and I’m amazed at how the brainwaves can be changed by music and vibrational frequency!
    I think it’s a great idea to have shots to change your mood. The happiness shot sounds awesome!..we all need some of that! x

    • Dave

      I guess we can call it a “pleasant coincidence” 🙂

      Anyways, Brainwave Entrainment does come with a lot of brain training benefits if you get the right tracks and use them properly. And brainwave shots will help you with exactly that. Do try them out and let me know how you find them.

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