Brainwave Alchemy Review

Brainwave Alchemy Review – Not All Tracks Are Great!

Brainwave Entrainment

Brianwave Alchemy has gained some fame in boosting the mind in different specific aspects. And now you wish to know how good the tracks it sells really are, isn’t it?

Well, I will be looking at the things people are asking about this mind improvement store like how it works, what is included in the program, how to use the tracks, the demos, cost and discounts, and more.

If there are other areas, you feel you’d want know more of, you can always leave your comment below and I will be happy to look into them. Okay?

Fantastic! Here is all about the store.

Name: Brainwave AlchemyBrainwave Alchemy Review

Size: 10 tracks for different purposes

Author: A number of brain specialists

Cost: Depends on the track

Best Place to Buy:

Best known For: meditation, lucid dreaming, Jedi mind trick

Rankings: 68 out of 100

What is Brainwave Alchemy

This is a store that sells tracks meant to boost the mind in different areas like sleep, meditation, focus and a bit of consciousness.

The tracks you get here are cheap and short (about 30 minutes). They are actually meant for people who are on a tight budget.

But despite the fact they are cost saving, I didn’t love their quality as far as sleep, meditation and focus audios are concerned.

They are of low quality and barely give you something substantial.

I love the store and other tracks they have like jedi mind trick, lucid dreaming and the mind set collection to name a few, but I don’t recommend buying their sleep, meditation and focus tracks.

My #1 recommendation for sleep is Sleep Salon, for focus is nitrofocus and for meditation is zen 12.

These are by far greater in quality than those in brainwave alchemy. I talk from deep research and personal experience.

How it Works

The tracks you get in Brainwave Alchemy (BA) use a form of brain technology called brainwave entrainment.

It involves special audio tracks that have regular music, slow, classical and relaxing music but have been mixed with brain related wave frequencies to help influence the brain to get into any given state.

The types of wave frequencies used in the tracks of this program aremind twist program binaural beats. They are sounds used to bring about focus, relaxation, sleep, meditative state and others.

They have each been used according to the state they induce.

For instance, the lucid dreaming tracks have the wave frequencies that will get your mind into a lucid dreaming state to help you feel it at its best.

The same applies in the case of the other tracks.

When you get the track for a specific state you want to get into, it will change the brainwave pattens formed in the brain from the state you’ll be in, to what you want.

Soon as you start listening, they jump into action and in a matter of seconds or minutes for some, the pattern will be turned to a deep state of either focus, sleep, or meditation, going by the tracks you have gone for.

How to Use Brainwave Alchemy

Using the tracks is very easy. This is all you have to do:

• Pick the track you feel will be of help to you

• Download the track

• Get yourself comfortable in a seat.

• Put on your headphones and start playing the track

• Relax and watch your mind get improved

Who Shouldn’t Use it

All brainwave products including brainwave alchemy interfere with the normal arrangement of the brainwave patterns in the brain and this may at times be dangerous for other people.

That is why people who are likely to be affected by them are not allowed to use them to put any risks that they can suffer at bay.

These people who aren’t allowed to use them include:

• Folks who use them when driving or when working with risky machines

• Folks who’ve got epilepsy to keep away any triggers of sezuires

• Folks who have suffered brain injuries or other serious mental disorders

• Teenagers who are yet to hit 18 years

What is Included in the Program

There is a total of 10 tracks in the system. These are:

• Custom Guided MeditationBrainwave Alchemy Review,

• Zen Mind Meditation

• Jedi Mind Trick

• Lucid Dreaming

• Perfect Nights Sleep

• Laser Focus

• The Mind Set Collection

• Pure binaural beats

• Soul Consciousness Meditation

There are other systems like custom guided meditation that come in two versions.

That is the reason why the listed tracks are not necessarily 10 in number.

Brainwave Alchemy Cost, Discount and Demos

The cost of the audio tracks differ with quality, length and purpose.

Ideally, the prices range from $14 to $297. The sleep, Jedi mind trick,Brainwave Alchemy Review zen mind meditation, lucid dreaming and focus files are the cheapest. They cost $14.97 each.

The Mind set Collection will cost you $59.97, the Soul Consciousness goes for $24.97, the custom guided meditation for $297.00

Choose your package here

When it comes to the discounts, there are only two products that you get a good discount for.

These are custom guided meditation which you will pay $97.00 instead of $297.00, and Perfect Night’s Sleep which you get for $9.97 in the place of $14.97.

If you want to get a sample of the tracks to see what it feels like to improve your experience with them, you can listen to the 1 minute demo for each track as you go to add the actual track in the cart.

Get the products and their demo’s here


This is what you are promised to get as benefits with the system:

• Reducing tress

• Inducing sleepiness

• Changing your state of consciousness

• Feeling a strange “oneness” of your inner with the outer

• Becoming aware without attachment

• Improving in health

• Improving the functioning of your memory

• Improving your focus

• Increasing your creativity

• Increasing your intuitive knowledge

• And many more!

Brainwave Alchemy is Fairly Great!

I find the whole system of BA to be relatively effective. There are those tracks which are going to be very efficient like lucid dreaming, Jedi mind trick, The Mind Set Collection and Pure binaural beats.

Get Brainwave Alchemy here

But for the other ones meant for meditation, focus and sleep, they aren’t as good as you would have them be. You can use zen 12, nitrofocus and Sleep Salon respectively as the best alternatives.

I hope I have helped you as much as you’d have wanted.

If you wish to get help on anything else related to this system, just ask me in the comments. It will be a pleasure to help you.


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