Brain State Technologies Review – I Tell You if It’s Worthwhile!

You seriously want to make a complete turn of your life? And I am pretty sure you are wondering what the brain state technologies is and if it will help you do so to the best of its ability. Right?

Well, my BrainState Technologies review will be of so much use to you so that you know the system better regarding to what it really is, how it works, what is included in the system, benefits, how to use it, cost, free stuff and the discounts that come with it.

I will do my very best to explain everything about this system to provide you with accurate information about this.If by any chance, you realize that I have not tackled a particular part that you feel is important to your understanding the system, kindly feel free to ask in the comments below and I will surely help you out.

Great! Let’s get into the BrainState Technologies review.

Name: BrainState Technologies
Author: Lee Gerdes
Cost: $250
Best for:Personal Development
Ranking: 80 out of 100

What is the BrainState Technologies?

Brain State Technologies is the world’s leading server of brainwave balancing technology. Brainwave Optimization which started in 2001 was developed by Lee Gerdes, this will combine the latest advances in neuroscience, neuroplasticity, computer technology, mathematics, and physics.

Brainwave Optimization will offer a non-invasive way for users regardless of your age for you to overcome emotional, and physical problems thus improving the overall performance and well being of an individual. Throughout the whole process, you will have the chance to see your brain in action and experience your own brainwaves made into sounds that musically will guide your brain back to balance.

Lee Gerdes BrainState Technologies is the worlds leading provider of brainwaves balancing technology and offers an easy way for people to overcome cognitive emotional and physical challenges with over 50000 clients.

How BrainState Technologies Works?

This process uses the concept of highly advanced computing technologies to create a system which perform like a mirror for your brain activity. Sensors which can only read and are not invasive are put on your scalp and where they
read your brain rhythms without going wrong. Then this software translates this brainwave activity into sounds of absolutely different pitch and timing.

These sounds will then be played back to you through earbuds. This process of reflecting oneself will support the brain to bring itself to a deeply relaxed state. From this state, the brain will tend to reorganize its own rhythms on its own particular terms.

Brainwave Optimization is therefore a way that will assist you in achieving a deep state of relaxation by relaxing your brain which will then support you to perform better by increasing your chances to achieve your goals.

This system is based on advanced biometric collection of data or the measurement of a user’s own outstanding signals. This system is different from other systems of similar purposes in that it will use clear measurement devices that are complicated in a way.

They have algorithms that produce a clear kind of mirror called an acoustic mirror of your brain’s activity where your brain frequencies are translated into sound frequencies that you will have to listen to using earphones.

These new patterns will remain in your brain’s memory after optimization sessions. They simply need more use and additional sessions will encourage and strengthen the new patterns so they remain dominant. Additional sessions can also be used to address new goals not originally considered.

Some of the benefits of this system is that they will be produced through you and some of the clients usually claim to have sleep, release of their chronic stress, improvement in areas of learning challenges and reduced addiction.

What is included in the BrainState Technologies?

1. An advanced processor
2. A wired controller
3. Bluetooth wireless connection to a windows based tablet that is customized and loaded with a SMART Protocol software.

Cost, Discounts and Free Stuff.

The cost of a BWO assessment is only $250 and each optimization session is between $125– $139.50 which depends on the treatment package you choose.

There is 10% discount which is given to family members. Also those interested in additional sessions
after their initial BWO experience can purchase follow-up sessions at $125 each.

How to use BrainState Technologies?

During a session of brain optimization the client sits in a comfortable chair in a quiet, dimly lit room and wears earphones to listen to the sound of their own optimal brainwaves.

A technologist will guide the process, each session which last for 90 minutes and during that time clients experience 7-10 protocols. Some of the protocols are done with the eyes open and others are done with eyes closed while one is relaxing or focusing on breath.

Clients are encouraged to start with 10 sessions and following session are in 3-4 weeks where ones brain continues to change. You will notice changes which are better focus and concentration, less reactivity and a greater sense of
happiness and well-being. Also you will experience physical or emotional releases in the shot term.

My Personal Thoughts.

I like the fact that this program improves the brain using data that is mirrored from the brain itself therefore the brain improves based on its own data.

It uses a non invasive way to obtain brain flexibility adaptability and harmony which assures you safety if you do use the system

A lot of research has gone into this with over $2.5 million  from the Susanne Marcus Collins Foundation, Inc., the United States Department of Defense Special Operations Command and the United States Army Research Office where the research was evaluated at at Wake Forest School of Medicine.

For that reason i cant help but feel safe when using this service.

On a negative side of this system i think it is a bit expensive considering the number of sessions that one has to attend.


This is one system which I have recommended to many and from the positive feedback I’ve got and also from my vigorous research,i can confidently say that this is a safe and reliable procedure.

If you have any questions or comments about this, please feel free to ask and I will be more than willing to help you out to the best of my ability.

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