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Brain Evolution System vs Holosync – I Love Holosync But…

Brainwave Entrainment comparisons

You want to know which program is great, Brain Evolution System vs Holosync, right? You are wondering which one you should go for, and why. Which ones gives the best value off of the hefty price you have to commit for any of them. Isn’t it?

Well, I decided to take a close and personal look at these two brain evolution system vs holosyncproducts. I compared the most important aspects people look for in these programs before they choose the best one for themselves. I have also listened to both of them so I’ll be giving you feedback based on my personal experience.

I hope this quick comparison will help you know which programs is the best out there and help you make an informed decision that you are going to trutly benefit from. If you have any questions about any of them, you can leave them below and I will answer them immediately I see them. Okay?

Brilliant! Let’s give them a go.

Brain Evolution System vs Holosync – Introduction

Before we start assessing the difference between these two systems, I would like you to know that brain evolution and holosync are both classified as Brainwave Entrainment Programs.

These are programs that use brainwave technology, which is better than nootropicsto help you improve your brain power. They interfere with the waves of your brain evolution system reviewbrain and get them to move in frequencies that bring different states of the mind like the meditative state (which favor meditation), focus, concentration, sleep, relaxation, peacefulness and many others.

This is commonly known as brainwave entrainment. It is where you capture the way brain waves move while in different states and then store them in devices like mp3  audio series using special machines called EEG Machines.

With these audios, you can get into the mind state you desire by simply playing the audios with your headphones on.

Most of these programs use different waves to help you boost your brain power. Some of the waves used include:

• Theta

• Alpha

• Delta

• Beta

They show and aid the brain in shifting from lack of focus, restlessness, sadness, anxiety, stress, depression, panicking, sleeplessness and many other states to complete peace, relaxation, better sleep, calmness, happiness, focus, concentration, mental clarity and other great states we all want to have almost always.

Brainev vs Holosync – When Effects Start Kicking in

Brain Evolution System (also called brainev) takes about 2 minutes to start feeling the full effects in your brain. You will feel your brain “stretching” and having a certain focus between the the two hemispheres of the brain. For holosync, it takes about 20 minutes to really get into it as a beginner or intermediate meditator, and about 10 minutes, if you have been meditating for a good while. Some people, who haven’t used any brain entrainment program before said that it took them up to 4 weeks to start getting a quality brain boost from holosync.

Holosync vs brainev – Short and Long Term Benefits

Brain evolution system has both, great short and long term benefits since it is more of a brain training program that lasts for 7 months, with 7 levels (previously 6), and goes to a new level every month. This means by the end of your seventh month, you will have gained mastery of your mind in aspects like concentration and emotions.

And if you follow through without cheating, you will have enough mind power to be gain natural alertness and focus without using it at all, in about a year.holosync reviews It simply gives you freedom of mind and frees you also of its dependency. This makes the perfect fit for long term benefits. It also takes effect within minutes and you can hike your brain whenever you want.

For Holosync, it doesn’t offer any long terms benefits as its audios are used to tackle different states separately. You have soundtracks for focus and concentration, making changes in your life, aging and longevity and other separate tracks and books.

The tracks only get you improved for a short while and then you get back to your normal state. It’s not something you use to build the strength of your mind and not have you rely on its soundtracks always for focus and concentration.

Brainev vs Holosync – Free Demo and Free Trial

With brainev, you get a free demo that lasts for 14 minutes and is downloadable. This means you can listen while you are offline and can keep it for life. There is also a free trial that lasts for 30 days after which, you should pay if you want to start the mind boosting journey with it.

With holosync, you get a free demo, with two options. The first demo comes with the voice over of Bill Harris giving an intro for the program which takes 20 minutes.

The second demo, comes without the voice over, and takes 14 minutes of pure entrainment. There is no free trial for holosync. Once you are done listening to the demo, you will have to purchase it to start getting the full benefits.

Holosync vs Brain Evolution System – Price & Payment Methods

Brainev is a little bit expensive. You are paying $297 for the whole program. And you have the options of paying the whole payment all at once or in instalments of $99 each month, for 3 months. This, I have to agree, is not good for everyone, since not all people can afford. But in terms of quality, the payment is well worth the quality you get in exchange.

Holosync is way cheaper, as it goes for $159 for the mp3 audio series of the program only, with the option of a single payment or 6 monthly payments of $29. For the physicals CDs, or both the CDs and the mp3 series, you pay $179, with the single payment option or 6 monthly installments of $32 each. This is more convenient for many people.

Brainev vs Holosync – Side Effects

So far, brainev has not shown side effects across all the users. It has been delivering as it has promised. Holosync, on the other side, has featured quite some side effects, both mild and lethal. Although, not all people have had these side effects, just a few.

Mild effects include dizziness, lack of concentration, feeling unmotivated, distant, abnormal sleeping patterns and low sex drive. Some of the dangerous side effects are restless leg syndrome and temporary memory loss that will need a lot of work to come out of.

Brainev vs Holosync – Brainwave Entrainment Method

Brain Evolution System uses the 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment method (3P DEAP). This includes 3 entrainment methods namely, the binaural entrainment with 3 binaural paths mixed with 6 carrier tones distributed harmonically, the temporal entrainment with tones that are at times compressed or stretched to shift to different tones at different times.

And finally, the third method is rhythmic entrainment, where audio effects together with isochronic tones come behind binaural tones. Holosync uses binaural beats and decrease their frequencies as you move from one level to the next.

They start with Alpha waves, then go down to the delta waves and then come to theta. They say the decrease in the frequencies will help out a as it puts pressure on the brain. And this will help the brain, just a like muscle does, to grow. To me, the 3P

Final Verdict

Well, based on aspects like effectiveness, brainwave entrainment methods used, cost and payment methods, side effects, free demo and free trial and the short and long term benefits of the two programs, it is clear that brain evolution is the best choice.

It is safe since there are no side effects with it, it is also effective since it uses a more effective method of brainwave entrainment, there is a free 30 days trial and a free demo, it has faster effects and is meant to train the brain to be indipendently powerful and function without any aid. These are things we all want in a quality program.

The cost can, itself, be an issue as you have to pay either the full payment or 3 monthly installments of $99 each, while Holosync is almost half the price for it.

But, if you think about value, and quality of results you will when you are done using it, you will see that, at least, the price equals the value you pay for it. I also recommend you go for the brain evolution program.

Get the Brain Evolution System Here

And that is all about brainev and holosync entrainment programs.

If you got any questions regarding any of the programs or the brain improving method used by them, leave your questions below, and I’ll be glad to answer them.


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  1. Holosync works out way more expensive, what you referred to is the basic first level.

    To finish holosync program takes years and many levels and thousands of dollars.

    1. Hey Pete,

      Thanks for the update. Could you please enlighten us more on the advanced levels.

      We’d be most pleased. 🙂

        1. Thanks a lot Amit,

          I will be sure to look into it.

          I appreciate the update very much.

          Have a fantastic day! 🙂

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