1. Mark

    I’ve recently started a meditation practice but I have to admit with being as busy as I am I’ve had some difficulty sticking to it. And I’m not even sure if I’m even doing it right. This seems like an intriguing product. I also like that it has a 30 day free trial. I would be interested in giving it a shot.

    • Dave

      It sure is great Mark,

      You are going to love it. The beauty of it is that you can use it to relax and also get productive all on a state of meditation. So, it’s like you are meditating, working and relaxing, all at the same time.

      You can imagine what fun that is. 🙂

  2. Lynn

    Looks like you’re off to an amazing start! I’m a work in progress but I’m getting there. I love yoga and so I found your site very helpful. I’ll be diving into your diet section more deeply as well. I’ll be following you 🙂 I wish you much success and happiness. Keep up the amazing work. Have a great day.

    • Dave

      Thanks Lynn,

      I’m glad you are loving the stuff I’m posting here. Actually, I’ll be delving into more stuff about the brain, its ultimate power, how to get there and all what you will be needing.

      You are going to find them very useful. Look out for them.

  3. Anthony Little

    I’ve seen this Brain Evolution System while searching on the internet. I’ve always was curious to whether this product works. By reading your review you make it very clear and understanding in how this product works and the information is great.. You have really done your homework in this product review and I appreciate very much. I will keep your article in mind when buying this product. Thanks Dave

  4. ajones64

    Hey Dave absolutely a great post. I am one of so many people that have a stressful job. I look for ways to relax. My favorite so far is a good cigar and some good scotch.

    This is what I have been needing in my life a sort of meditation exercise for my brain. I have an hour drive to work and back home as well. When I get home I am wired tight like barb wire.

    You covered so many benefits of Brainev. I have had some Cd’s that have an constant rain fall with thundering and that I have help me relax in the pass.

    This is something that I will definitely look into. I will download the free trail gift.

    • Dave

      Great to hear you listen to nature sounds like rain and thunder. I love listening to them in the morning before it dawns. It gives sharp concentration and feel like it’s actually raining outside. And the whole experience makes me concentrate for hours that I barely notice the sun coming up.

      Now think of brainev as an advanced form of nature sounds that works your brain out and train it to concentrate naturally. It sharpened my focus. And I’m sure you are going to experience the effect as well with the free trial.

      Happy brain training 🙂

  5. Mallory

    Very interesting product! I have tried meditation before and used YouTube videos to guide me along, I like the idea of focusing on one CD a month. Usually when I went to YouTube I would be using a different one for each time so it was not consistent. Definitely something I will take a look into!

    • Dave

      Yes Mallory,

      YouTube is a good place to get relaxing meditation videos. Consistency with them has been hard though for many folks too. But the problem with them is that if you are consistent with one you will get used to it that you no longer feel anything special after a week because you’ve been listening to it daily.

      I had a couple of videos myself. I was happy for the first few days but I no longer see much benefit from them because I mastered them subsconsciously to the point of predicting how they will develop, and in the process I loose concentration.

      That’s why I love brainev. They have many different tracks in each level that you can barely get enough of. And you get to listen to a different song very time you get to them, as per the instructions.

      Focusing on this program alone for a month or more will help you boost your concentration little by little till you get natural concentration sneaking in on you.

      Personally, I take it like a mystery game where you get to finish one level and then unlock the next, except that you are doing this with your brain, which makes it more interesting. 🙂

  6. FrommyBu

    Sounds like a great program to start or improve your meditation, how long have you been using this product? How much time does it take to get used to it? And how much time do you need to use it each day? I.e. 30 mins or more perhaps?

    Thanks for the article!!

    • Dave

      I have been on it for a few weeks and it has been a thrilling experience knowing that you just sit and through a complete mind activation exercise. About the time it takes to get used to it, I don’t really think you will get used to it in the sense that will get you bored.

      But if you are asking how long it takes to start enjoying it, I’d say immediately. That is how fast it took me to love it and start relaxing and concentrating. I also think it will start taking effect immediately you plug in your headphones.

      And it takes only 30 minutes a day.

      Hope this helps.

  7. theceoinslippers

    I have never used Brain Evolution but I do know that sounds, music and frequencies can help the brain function and connect. I watched a documentary on Alzheimer’s patients who were able to get memories back and remember people they had not recognized in years through music and different frequencies. It is quite a interesting science and there are more and more of these types of programs poping up.

    Howevere, I wanted to get one which I can work with for the few months to come. And I think I’m going to take this one. Thank you for the review, it helped me a lot with decision making process.

    Best Regards.

    • Dave

      Music and frequencies do come in handy. It has helped get more memory recoveries than it was previously possible.

      The method I knew that worked with Alzheimer’s patients in the old days, was to take them to places they lived in their childhood days, and sometimes give them a pen and paper and get them to draw anything they could remember.

      They worked fine but took months or even years to completely restore their memory. It shows me how happy we should be with the technological advancements we have had through the years.

      And I’m also happy I helped you pick the right program. 🙂

  8. Ashley

    I love how much information you give about this entrainment program, it is exactly what I was looking for!

    I also like that you give a ranking. Just one question, how do you calculate your ranking? I’m left wondering that.

    Also are there other cd’s in this series? It sounds like its a great tool to help me start to meditate and get myself relaxed in the morning and able to get on the day’s tasks.

    • Dave

      Hey Ashley,

      Thanks for letting me know I was a bit informative.

      About the rankings for the program, I calculate them based on many factors like the things included in it, what people are saying about it, how effective it is, the trustworthiness of the creators and so much more depending on the actual product and the benefits it brings.

      And yes, there are 6 series in the program as I have listed, and they should last about 6 months. There is also the last CD that was produced just recently, its the level 7.

      This will take you another month. So in total it comes to 7 months of training your brain to gain deep natural concentration and other added advantages.

      It’s really a great tool to kick start your mornings.

  9. Hari S Nair

    Hey Dave,

    You really hit it in terms of the review. I tried it to improve my concentration and after listening to the demo I was certain it would work for me. 

    I went ahead and bought the 6 CDs, worked through them for 6 months and I couldn’t believe it!

    My mind is now in a new level. After listening for about a month I started feeling some stretch in my mind which grew every month. Now I am able to concentrate completely for any length of time and I have also mastered my 

    I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to concentrate naturally. 

    Thanks again for recommending such a great product to your readers. Cheers.

    • Dave

      Thanks Hari, 

      I am also happy to hear it worked that great for you too. 


  10. Katherine

    This is very interesting. As a teacher and writer, I understand the benefits of something like this. I would like to know if you need to continue this after 6 months or not. How long have you used it? I am curious why high school kids or younger could not use it

    Thank you.

    • Dave

      Hey Katherine, 

      You can still continue  listening to it after six months. In fact you can listen to it over and over again. It adds to your brain power to concentrate all the time. 

      Although it will get you to be independently and perfectly concentrating on stuff naturally in 6 months, you are not limited to any time period that you should use it.

       But make sure you always follow the order the CDs so as not to mess things and how the training develops.

      This is my 7th month with brain evolution.

      When it comes to high school kids, this system is not good because of the style used.

       Brainwave alters your mind state, and this can cause mental problems like confusion and other worse mental cases as the minds of people in the high school level haven’t completely matured.

      Although not all kids are affected by the frequencies, it is best not to take the risk because you never know who is fit and who is not fit for it.

  11. Alexx Armstrong


    So I just did a Brain Test last night… was pretty tired, definitely not on top of my game, but I thought “What the heck. I have a genius IQ and love tests. I can do this with most of my brain tied behind my back”.

    NOT. SO. MUCH.

    I finished in time. And only better than 52% of the population. SERIOUS?

    I’ve had concerns about my lack of intellectual stimulation and brain exercise, AND the effect of some meds I’ve been on.

    I could REALLY use this, and I love the science behind the frequencies, etc. We can all use all the help we can get in this day of monotonous social media and effortless WATCHING of life giving all the options on the tube.

    • Dave

      You are right Alex,

      We really need to stimulate our brains from time to time, if we are to get ahead in this life with so many easy options which only make our brains lie latent. 

      And you really hit it in the brain test, hats off mate!

      I am more confident that you are going to sky rocket your brain power with brain evolution.

      I can’t to hear your results with 

  12. Johel

    This is great! Thank you for putting this together and giving us a good understanding about the brain evolution system. I am very into personal development on a deeper more mental level and I feel that this will really help boost my progress. I have seen other reviews for similar brain exercises but this one seems to be the best by far.

  13. JeffWA

    Hi, Dave,
    Some 20-years ago following the passing of my father which for a period of time afterwards I became quite depressed emotionally, I was given relaxation/mediation tapes that were music based as is the case with the product that you reviewed.

    I must say, always having music as being a part of my life that these tapes, quite similar to what was described as being the product in the review did help.

    It was kind of interesting in reading the opinions of the three customers whose comments you posted in the article and that one of them was not quite sure how effective it was for him/her. The individual wished that he/she had purchased the product directly from the “seller” I assume to be the company itself instead of whoever he/she purchased it from. The person made a valiant point as he/she believed more support in how to best use the entire program would have been available.

    Your explanation of exactly how the entire 6 CD program works, the sound made up of frequencies that best interact with the human brain was excellent and a useful method for getting readers interested.

    The price for the entire program was somewhat steep, I don’t think the cost of the tapes that were given to me as a gift, admittedly 20 years ago, costs anywhere near what this product sells for in your review.

    Overall, and based on my own personal experiences, this program would offer tremendous value to an individual like me, who has a lot of anxiety, stress or else emotional depression taking place in his/her life.

    I am so getting it after this. Thanks for the detailed 


    • Dave

      Hey Jeff, 

      You are right. Music does come in handy when we are depressed and anxious. 

      And what better way to use brainwave entrainment in musical tracks to change our states of mind. 

      We only have to listen to the beautiful nature sounds for a few minutes to get our moods completely changed. 

      And yeah, buying systems like these from other people other than the creators themselves is extremely risky as you may get counterfeit stuff. 

      I have been on that road myself and I know how expensive it can be to have to buy the same system twice to get the right thing, after having been conned the first time.

      Happy brain 

      I am sure you are going to love it Jeff. 

      Cheers 🙂

  14. Roland Lindgren

    I am age 82 and nothing has helped the chronic fatigue and poor sleep. Would be great to have energy to do things I want to. Which program do you think might be best for me? I do like the water sound in BrainEv demo.

    • Hi there,

      Nice to have you here,. 🙂

      If you like the brainev demo, then I would encourage you to go for it. It might be your best fit based on the signs you’ve already gotten with the demo. Also, I would encourage you to get sleep salon for helping you with sleep. It works pretty much like Brainev but is made specifically for sleep.

      Hope this helps.

      If you need more help, let me know by keeping this discussion going. I would be happy to help.

      Have a good day. 🙂

  15. Bernadette

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks so much for posting your review of Brainev. I’ve spent the past couple of days narrowing my choices down and feel comfortable moving forward with this product now. I also contemplated Iawake and Brainsalon but found all of the options rather confusing as a newbie to BE. My goal is to gain more control over my emotions, gain more focus and feel more confident. No risk, no reward!

    • Hey there Bernadette,

      Great choice!

      Brain evolution is a pretty good brain product that helps with emotional mastery and focus.

      I am sure you are going to have a great experience with it.

      I would be very happy to have you let me know about your progress every so often.

      It would be happy to walk this journey with you. 🙂

      Happy brain improving and I look forward to your response.

      Have a good one.

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