1. Dagda

    The mind is a powerful tool which can be used to do amazing things. It needs to be used properly though. If you are not using your mind to your full advantage then this could be a great tool.

    I like how it shows your progress in graphical format. This makes it clear to view. It can also serve as powerful motivation.

    • Dave

      Yeah Dagda, 

      It really does a good job. And if you use it right you can really change the things in your life, and reduce the struggles you are going through.

  2. Michelle

    This sounds like a great software addition. I have myself used binaural beats before to help with sleep and relaxation.
    I am really looking for something to help with my memory, mainly recall. I feel my memory has become poor and I believe that this has been caused by stress. The memory is not the only problem I suffer with, stress has also taken its toll on my physical health but I am working on making improvements on both.
    Thanks for this review, I will look into it further.

    • Dave

      You are welcome Michelle, 

      I would also like to recommend you try out Brain Salon, which is a great system that helps get into different states like relaxation, deep and energizing sleep, focus and many others. You can use it for decreasing the high levels of stress that you have.

      And it works so well with the biography Infiniti as they use almost the same concept. Biograph works more like an eeg machine which will help you see the activity of your brain and know where things (especially thoughts) are going wrong.

      And brain salon, which was made with eeg machines, will help you work on the problems and issues with the great science it uses.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  3. Sanders

    Great article on the Biograph Infiniti. The brainwave entrainment segment, does it incorporate flashing lights? Or audio only? I often use binaural beats with my meditation and find it to be useful for a wide range of conditions. The Infiniti would seem like a great addition to working with children suffering from Attention Deficiency Disorder and other types of disorders. I will definitely be questioning my children’s Doctors about this and getting their advice and recommendations. Thank you for the information!

    • Dave

      You are welcome Sanders, 🙂

      You will be getting audio brainwave entrainment sessions only with this software. 

      I also agree with you, it is very important to consult with your doctor first before you use such a software. It will help you know if the software will be of great help to you based on your current health conditions and other factors he knows might cause issues to you when using it.

      I should say, smart move man! 🙂

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