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Bill Harris Holosync Review [2023 Updated] – Dangerous Side Effects!

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You have probably heard of Bill Harris Holosync brainwave program. And chances are you have heard good things about it. Well, I am sad to let you know that there are quite dreadful side effects in the program that you don’t want to imagine having.

My brief but deep holosync review will show you the side effects of the system, things I didn’t like about it, a safer alternative, and other essential aspects like what the program is all about, the cost, user reviews, how it works, where to buy it and a few more.

If you have any questions on any aspect of Holosync, don’t keep them. Just drop them on the comments section below and I’ll be happy to answer them. Okay?

Awesome! Let’s jump right in!

Name: HolosyncBill Harris Holosync Review

Size: 5 soundtracks, few audios, books and videos

Author: Bill Harris and Wes Wait

Cost: $159 or $179 based on the package you choose

Best Place To Buy: Centerpointe.com (Main website)

Best Known For: Meditation

Rankings: 90 out of 100

Holosync Side Effects

While there are many positive user reviews on this product, there is still a number of folks that have reported dangerous side effects with this product. Some of the dangerous side effects found were:

• Short sharp pinches in the middle section of the headbill harris holosync review side effects

• Occasional memory loss

• The restless leg syndrome, if you have had a brain resection (also called temporal lobe resection) for removing focus for seizures.

Other peope who have used it for about 3 months complained of dizziness, lack of concentration and focus, being short tempered, anxiety, lack of motivation, feeling distant and disconnected from the world, huge cravings, lack of libido, panicking and disturbing sleeping patterns.

Although not all people have showed this side effects, this is something you want to be careful of.

My #1 recommendation for brainwave entrainment program for meditation, which you should consider using in place for Holosync, to avoid the side effects, is zen 12 Meditation program.

It is the safest (with no side effects), the cheapest, most convenient in terms of styles of meditation, well regulated for beginners, premium and advanced meditators, and pretty deep in terms of quality. It is actually way better than holosync in terms of calming effects and peacefulness.

learn more about Zen 12 meditation here.

What is Holosync?

Also called the awakening prologue, this is a program meant to use audio technology to help you, as the person meditating, to achieve deeper states of meditation and get quicker benefits that this practice brings. The website claims that you will be meditating like a zen monk, or more, just at the touch of the program’s button.

holosync reviews

What this program does is to boost the neuro electrical activities in both hemispheres of your brain at the same time, and cause your brain to get into the intense states of meditation in good time.

To me, this is advanced brainwave entrainment that will get the beginner’s mind a bit over stretched. It can only be helpful to people who are experienced in meditation. And I guess this is what makes for the side effects. The program does a lot of good to people who have been meditating for a while, but can be dangerous for beginners and early intermediates since it will be going a little too fast for their minds to hold.

It was made by Bill Harris who owns Centerpointe Research Institute, and his partner Wes Wait. According to the about page, it was built with the main aim of helping people get the benefits of traditional meditation while putting less time and effort into the practice. Ideally, it was meant for people living on tight schedules and others who want to meditate.

How Holosync Works

Holosync uses brain waves to bring about the meditative state of the mind you need when you want to meditate or feel relaxed and focused. This is known as brainwave entrainment.

It is where brain waves are monitored when functioning in different states, and then they are captured using advanced brain machines. The waves are then transfered into CD’s as audios.

holosync review - how it works

When you listen to the audios, your brain is able to detect the wave frequencies playing in your headphones, and it tries to copy them. As it does this, the state of your mind changes to the state that the frequencies of the waves in the headset are playing. For Holosync, the waves are for meditation, focus and relaxing, and others.

That is simply how you achieve the elevated station with this program.

To be more specific to Holosync, I found out that it uses 3 types of brain waves, the alpha, theta and delta brainwaves. It starts off high with the alpha, and then comes down to theta, and finally settles on delta where you get complete calmness, serenity and alertness.

How to Use Holosync

Well, you only have to take your pair of headphones and plug them in. Listen to the audios while meditating. In around 30 minutes, the activities of your thought will have ended and you will be able to get more from the session.

You are required to listen to these CDs for just 30 minutes. That should be enough to get the benefits you want.

What is Included in the Product

There are a huge number of resources you are getting when you order this system. Here they are:holosync side effects

The Dive™ & Immersionand Introduction to Holosync® (soundtracks) – This includes an introduction to the program to help you get your way around. It also comes with one of the soundtracks you will be listening as part of the program.holosync review quietude

Quietude™ (soundtrack) – This is the soundtrack you are advised to listen through when you want to get deep into your books without any distractions, or doing any kind of task that is mentally demanding. They will give you focus, attention and concentration to read, study for exams and such tasks.holosync reviews make change easy

Making Change Easy (soundtrack) – This is what you want to listen when you are having troubles adapting to the changes you have made or have to make in your life. It will take you easily through the process.super longevity Holosync review

Super Longevity(2-soundtrack set) – This helps stimulate certain hormones and brain chemicals including cortisol, melatonin and DHEA, to help you with longevity and reduce aging.holosync thresholds of the mind

Thresholds of the Mind (book) – This books walks you through the abilities of your mind and how to fashion it to get you what you want. It’s more of a personal growth book than anything else.holosync secrets to happiness

“The Inside Secrets of How to be Happy, Peaceful and Successful All the Time™” (audio) – This is an audio that will share with you Bill Harris’s discoveries in aspects like happiness, peacefulness and success using Holosync. It goes for 7 hours.

Accelerated Results Coaching™ – This gives you direct access to a coach who will help you through the program and assist you in areas you need help with so that you get faster results.

Bi-weekly Follow Up Support Letters (in video, audio and written format) – These are avenues created to keep you in check and ensure you are making progress. They will help solve any issues you are facing and keep you going.

Special Report: The Science Behind Holosync® and Other Neurotechnologies – This section delves deeper into the science of the program, the whole topic of brainwave technology and other neuro – related topics.


This is what you are told you are going to get with this program:

• Healing any emotional trauma

• Achieving deep meditative states

• Increasing your inner peace, mental energy and health

• Boosting your learning abilities, creativity and clarity

• Elevating your confidence, belief, motivation and ultimately success

• Improving your quality of sleep

• Reducing your levels of anxiety and stress

• Cheering up your life and situations

Holosync Cost and Free Demo

Holosync comes in different packages with slightly different prices. You get to choose either to work with the mp3 audio series, the CDs or both. For:

The Mp3 audio series – You pay $159, and you download instantly. Here, you are allowed to pay the whole amount all at once, or $29 for the first month, and then get to pay $29 for 5 more months.

holosync cost

The physical CDs sent to your address – You pay $179, but you’ll have to wait for them to arrive. Here, you also get the opportunity to clear the whole amount today, or pay $32 for the first month, and then clear the balance by paying $32 for 5 installments.

holosync CDs cost

Both the Mp3 audio series and Physical CDs – You pay $179, and you can start using the mp3 right away as you wait for the CDs to be delivered. This is what the system recommends you go for. It gives double the benefits. You get to pay the option to pay everything or start with $32 for the first month, followed by 5 months paying $32 per month.

holosync CDs cost

You can also place your order over the phone, they have given their phone number on the sales page.

Choose Your Options of The Holosync Program Here

The Free Demo

You are also allowed to take a sneak peek at the program to know what you are paying for. But you should note that you don’t get to download the demo.

holosync free demo

You have the options of listening to it on SoundCloud or via your browser. It takes 14 minutes, and it does help with boosting your mind. You should try it out before you actually buy the program.

Get the Free Holosync Demo Here

My #1 Recommendation (Best alternative)

While Holosync program is great, effective and safe for advanced people who meditate and comes with many resources and options, remember the side effects you are exposed to by listening to it.

They may not have been seen in all beginners and intermediates, but you don’t how your particular body might react to it. And the price, for me, is a bit too high. Although, I have to say that it’s worth it based on the value you are getting off of them, and the flexible methods of payment given you.

But not all of us who are willing try out this program are able to part with such an amount. That is why I recommend a similar product called Zen 12, which is way cheaper, safer (no side effects at all) and much better than Holosync in quality, convenience and styles of entrainment.

It is also shorter in length, 12 minutes to be precise, and gives you the full benefits and value you get from 30 minutes worth of listening to Holosync, or perhaps more. I’ve tried it myself and really loved it. I was blown away by the way it starts, how it debelops through the session, and how it ends. It is so peaceful and profound.

Check out zen 12 here

I’m sure you are going to love this.

And that is it folks!

If you have any questions about Holosync or brainwave entrainment, I got answers. Just leave the questions in the comments and I’ll be happy to give answers for them.


34 thoughts on “Bill Harris Holosync Review [2023 Updated] – Dangerous Side Effects!

  1. Thank you for your thorough review of Holosync.
    One of my cousins is currently using Holosync and she swears by it. I am curious about this program, although I’m not a strong advocate of meditation, being brought up with the notion that meditation can both be helpful and dangerous to the mind.
    I still have my doubts since I’m not sure how you can explain this scientifically. Is there some hypothesis at least to explain why some persons have such side effects? As for the Zen 12 program, is there no risk for a user to have similar side effects?

    1. Hey Princila,

      You are very right about meditation being both a great and dangerous tool at the same time.

      And the idea behind this notion is, it is good for your mind and spirit if you know how to work it out right. There are certain things, or criteria if you will, that you should follow as you meditate. They are based on certain principles that cooperate with the laws of thought and spirit.

      If you don’t get properly instructed on how to do your meditation the right way, you are bound to suffer the side effects of not keeping in line with the principles.

      But if you are sure to obey all of them, you are going to reap the refreshing benefits of it.

      Again, it depends on what kind of meditation you are doing. There are so many types out there. The Buddhist, Hindu, yoga, Christian and even Muslim meditation, which are all different and which give different results.

      You just have to know what you are on, and why.

      I hope I have put all your worries about meditation to rest.

      Now to zen 12, this is just a meditation aid that helps you reap more benefits of meditation by taking your mind into deep states of meditation that you see on experienced meditators.

      Without aids like these, it is very hard to ever get substantial amount of results within your first days, months or even years of mmeditating, based on your mind and other factors.

      But there are other aids like holosync that come with strong effects that some people’s minds can’t hold. I think they use advanced wave frequencies that alter the state of the mind in a huge way, more than the standard measure, that overpowers it, and thus cause the side effects.

      That is why I recommend using zen 12.

      Zen 12, specifically, doesn’t have any side effects. I did my research and didn’t see any complaint on it. I also use it and have found it to be great over the time I have been on it.

      Long story short, if you know the kind of meditation you are doing and how it should be properly done, zen 12 will help you get quicker calming effects and get the fruits of your effort within a short time.

  2. Rbtlrdoftkyo says:

    I had no idea stuff like this even existed. This was easy to read, and I’m glad I learned about this today! The Zen 12 sounds very interesting, and I’m definitely going to check it out. I think mediation is a wonderful practice for stress relief, especially with all the different inputs of information that we are exposed too today.

    1. That’s right Arol,

      Meditation sure is a great way to put off the tension.

      And zen 12 hastens the stress relief by hiking the state of your mind to enjoy these benefits much faster.

      Do check it out. You are going to love it. 🙂

  3. It’s a good thing that you have identified all of the negative effects of this program. I have always thought that audio meditation products such as this one, is completely harmless.

    But I’m guessing that most people are okay with this program and only a handful will experience the side effects? Or is this a program that every beginner should completely avoid?

    Great review!

    1. Hey Farhan,

      Holosync is a great program and there are many people who are getting pretty wonderful results with it. And based on my research, they are those who have meditated before.

      The thing is holosync brings side effects because they give deep waves in the beginning of the tracks which don’t start with where the average brain waves start from.

      That is why I say they are advanced, and newbies should try to avoid them. It is much safer and convenient to use zen 12 as a newbie because the wave frequencies used in it work best for starters, not to mention the guided meditation.

      In summary, holosync is great but I advise newbies not to get it as their first program.

      1. Tony Mueller says:

        I completed the whole holiday program ten years ago. I only have beneficial results and they are lasting.

        1. Hallo there Tony,

          Thanks for stopping by and for sharing our experiences with us.

          We appreciate your feedback.

          We are happy to hear you loved and benefitted from the program.

          We all have different results with a program since we all have different brain chemistry.

          And it is nice to hear it worked out for you.


          The IYBP Team

    2. Jared Tanner says:

      Im on purification lvl 1 with holosync I’ve been doing it for years. I know nothing about this program but I can tell you with holosync it most definitely stresses out the mind (thresholds of the mind is the book explaining the science) with that being said I have felt side effects of anger/depression when I try to accelerate the program. From my experiences this only happens once you get into the deeper levels and as long as you exercise (to release energy) and go slow with the program it will bring tremendous results. I’ve had memories that I shut out and completely forgot reappear for example someone making fun of my clothes as a kid. After that I felt a lot more open with myself and less insecure. So while I can’t speak on this program I will say holosync is great if you are willing to go through some stress and relive old events in order to free your mind and become more resilient and aware in the process. With that being said.. I could see why this program would be more appealing to some but holosync DOES work. Id be interested in learning more

      1. Thanks for letting us know how Holosync has been for you, Jared.

        You have gone into great detail as far as the program and your experiences are concerned and we can’t thank you enough.

        Your feedback on Holosync is going to help many of our readers understand the program and make better decisions.

        We are honored to have you chime in this discussion. 🙂

        Good luck.


        The IYBP Team

  4. Hi Dave,
    So what does the zen 12 meditation program use differently that does not cause these symptoms?

    The look to me to be close to the same product. Zen 12 is quite a bit cheeper, so being a rookie at meditating I would go for the least expensive one.

    I personally feel that meditation is, removing yourself from all distractions and creating a peaceful state of mind. However, some people might need assistance to get to that state. That must be where zen 12 falls in to place.

    The side effects generated by the Holosync program is concerning though. Some sort of negative energy coming from it.

    1. Yeah Shaun,

      Although it works for the experienced meditators, it brings really bad energy for newbie meditators.

  5. Hi Dave,

    I have seen somethings kind of like this before that weren’t really focused on meditation and they recommend some different brands of headphones that transmitted the waves more clearly. Since Holosync is dependent on the waves created to changes the levels your brainwaves are on, do they recommend using a certain type of headphones?

    1. They sure do,

      Stereo headphones are the best. If you don’t have those, you can use earphones that have covered a huge part of your ears. You can also use ear buds.

  6. I have just purchased a program with an a.m. and a p.m. meditation, each lasting only 15 minutes. I have only used it once and it felt great. With such a short meditation, would the danger of negative side effects be less than for longer-lasting meditations?

    1. Hey Barb,

      The problem is not how long the program lasts, it is how it has been designed, the method of entrainment it uses.

      Something like holosync has used advanced brainwaves which may alter the brain a little too much and bring side effects to the listener. This doesn’t take into account how long the tracks take.

      As far as it uses those ueneven waves, it is still risky.

      The whole brainwave entrainment method of holosync is not good for everyone as each track, even the shortest ones have the advanced wave frequencies which pose the risk of getting the listed side effects.

      If I were you, I wouldn’t test the waters.

      It would be better to work with zen 12 as it is safe and good for everyone than to risk your health with the tracks you just bought.

      It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

      I hope this helps. 🙂

  7. Nice review mate. I used Holosync for a few months but I’ve experienced some of the side effects. I’ve had emotional numbness, and a general feeling of disconnection from everything. It made me way more calm, but not in a nice, present way. More of a lifeless way. It’s been a month since I’ve stopped and it’s gotten a decent amount better but it’s surprised me how long it’s taken! Any idea if my brain will return completely to normal or any clues on how to speed up the process? Thank you!

    1. Hey Joel,

      I am so sorry to hear the kind of side effects you are getting with holosync.

      You sure can get your brain back to normal.

      If you really want to know how you can get your brain back to the way it was, I would suggest you see a doctor because you never to what extent the advanced brainwave frequencies of holosync have affected you.

      They may be mild or serious. So I would rather you get medical attention than use other home remedies which may make the situation worse or try to treat something that isn’t there.

      Professional medication is the best.

      But for starters, you can try to avoid using the system completely.

      I hope to hear from you very soon mate.

      Please do let me know how things go for you.

    2. Hi Joel. I’m glad to find your posting, what I need to know. I started on a Holosync trial and I realised, of course, it’s hypnosis, which can be helpful if applied correctly. I had hypnotherapy for PTSD clinical treatment before. It worked in a bulldozing sort of way, so I felt empowered but at the same time, I could feel my ‘limbic’ or ‘reptilian’ emotions being suppressed. I stopped and switched to other more naturally paced method of recovery. The lifeless numbness you described sounds like dissociation, which in itself is generally not harmful but glad you know it’s not you. Since you have gotten better over time, it’s probably matter of time before the body-brain finds its own balance. I find bodywork (via conscious movement, touch, dance, etc) enhances connection back to the disconnected body. If it gets worse, I would see my GP for referral to a therapist.

      1. Hallo there Grace,

        Thanks for stopping by and for contributing to this topic.

        We appreciate your opinions and feedback.

        All the best.


        The IYBP Team

    3. Jared Tanner says:

      I had similar experiences when going through the levels at times but now I look at it as a major benefit because the further I got the more I could see people for who they really are and the things I hated about them I found to have been within myself and eventually the disassociation was an extremely good thing for me because now when something happens im not emotionally entrenched in it however I still have the capacity for all emotions but I have a lot more control over them. Being an overly emotional person will not serve you in every day life haha

      1. Hi there Jared,

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts, experiences, and lessons.

        We really appreciate you taking the time to share that with us. 🙂

        All the best.


        The IYBP Team

  8. Hi, I’ve just purchased a program by Sonia Ricotti (the Unsinkable Bounce Back) and she uses two 12 min Holosync sessions (AM & PM) to boost up the brain vibrations to 500. One is supposed to use them for at least 21 days. Do you know anything about these custom-created sessions?

    1. Hey Carmen,

      I don’t know much about them, but I would advise you to be super careful as you plan to use them. They might be safe or dangerous.

      I recommend contacting the support team of the program to confirm of their safety and then get a few user reviews for the program to confirm if they will be good for you.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  9. Very interesting posts here. While I wouldn’t call myself an advanced meditator, I am usually in a state of calm and being present most of the time, in other words, do not suffer at all from “monkey mind.” I just bought the sleep suite as I am a very light sleeper and get disturbed easily. I look forward to using it and then commenting as a review.

    1. Hey Pat,

      Nice to have you here.

      You must be quite a lucky person to have a calm and quiet mind yet you are not an advanced meditator. 🙂

      Most people are really struggling to get there.

      We are also sorry to hear you are struggling with sleep. We look forward to hearing your experience with the sleep suite.

      We can’t wait for your personal review of it.

      Have an awesome day! 🙂

  10. I have been using holosync for a couple of years and cannot really say anything bad about mine. no bad side effects. however when I bought a used one from amazon that was above the level that I was on there were some strange side effects. but they were not all bad side effects from that one some of the effects were good. a called holosync and they told me to throw that one out . I have no idea what affirmations that person had on theirs.

    1. Hi there Marianne,

      Thanks for stopping by and for your feedback on Holosync.

      Based on your story, we would conclude that there are other versions out there of the program that are counterfeit and dangerous.

      And people need to be wary of them.

      Thanks for that caution.

      Did the support team at Holosync tell you how to identify them?

      We look forward to your response.


      The IYBP team

      1. Jared Tanner says:

        From my understanding the danger with holosync is trying to accelerate or skip levels. The program still takes years to complete. Every level you order is also custom made for you with affirmations etc.. It could be their way of getting people to buy it individually instead of pirating it but as a somewhat experienced user I would highly recommend against skipping levels or using someone elses disks.

        1. Hi there Jared,

          Thanks for sharing this useful piece of information.

          We are sure it is going to help many people know how to go about Holosync.

          We would like to hear more about your experience with the program.

          Where have your reached? When did you start using it? How is the experience generally thus far? What effects has the program had on you?

          We look forward to hearing from you soon. 🙂


          The IYBP Team

  11. Anne Antonielli says:

    I am a Holosync user (Awakening Prologue, sublevel 3). In fairness to Holosync, there are 4 levels, and 4 sub levels within each level, therefore 12 levels. You haven’t mentioned any of that. Each of the levels take you a bit deeper so as to not overwhelm. They clearly instruct you on how to progress through each level to avoid being overwhelmed and encourage you to seek help from their support team when you do. If you go too quick through the program then may be this is why issues occur. One needs to get more information from the person experiencing the issues before stating that the program is dangerous – any program may be dangerous if you don’t follow the instructions.

    1. Hi there Ann,

      Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts and experience with Holosync.

      We really appreciate it. 🙂

      Thanks for pointing out why you feel the issue of feeling overwhelmed comes about with the program and offering solutions for that.

      It is educative and we are happy to get that information. 🙂

      You have enlightened us all in a great way.


      The IYBP Team

  12. Although you are probably most interested in products for sale, I wonder if you have any opinion on the myriad of youtube meditations available for free. Do they work as well as other products, can we trust that theta waves are really theta waves, how does one choose a good one? I PROMISED myself I would NOT purchase any more guided meditations or any more self-help products, as I always revert back to meditating in as much silence as I can make, using ear-plugs and slowing down my breathing. Someone recently recommended this product to me because she found that it produced a mystical experience for her which was very vivid. Enticing, to say the least. Of coarse, I would LOVE to have a mystical experience, but something like that cannot be guaranteed, and her brain is not my brain, and maybe she was just ready for it and would have had it with any meditation. How can I know? Again, I understand you are probably more interested in products, but what about just sitting in silence? Can it be as good as listening to binaural beats? Will your brain seek to self-correct and balance itself naturally.? Do we really need all this stuff?

    1. Hi there Erin,

      Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts on this topic. 🙂

      We appreciate your concerns and comment.

      We agree with you that meditation is a reliable intervention to find peace, mental calmness, and happiness. And we recommend people get into the practice to help slow the constant mental chatter that’s always going on in our minds.

      You can see more about meditation and the various types of meditation available and see which one is more suitable for you.

      However, when it comes to using meditation resources, (as with almost any other pursuit in life) there are many ways to go about it and each method works well for the right person.

      There are people who meditate with products like Zen 12, Brain Evolution System, Subliminal guru, Hypnosis Live, Equisync, and Holosync as well as many others out there, and they benefit from them as meditation aids.

      There are also those who meditate ‘plainly’ without using meditation aids and still benefit from the practice.

      It all depends on what works best for you.

      Everyone is different and can benefit from meditation in unique ways.

      So to answer your questions;

      – Yes, some of us need meditation aids to enhance the experience of our meditation sessions
      – Yes, you can still sit in silence to meditate and benefit from it
      – Yes, meditation videos from YouTube can also help

      Also, concerning meditation products for sale and those on YouTube, we believe that they all serve different audiences and they come with varying standards.

      There are some YouTube videos (especially from Non-profit organizations) that provide high-quality meditation videos that can help you with the practice, and there are others that don’t really offer good quality.

      Meditation resources for sale often provide high-quality products and are often backed with customer service and access to other provisions that will take your practice to the next level.

      At the end of the day, it all boils down to what you want from meditation, what you feel works best for you, and how invested you want to be in the practice.

      We hope we have answered your question and tackled all aspects you were concerned about.

      Please let us know.

      All the best with your meditation practice. 🙂


      The IYBP Team

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