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11 Best Places For Meditation (For Beginners & Experienced Meditators)


You might be ready to perform your meditation practice and may have actually tuned your mind into it or maybe even started doing it, but you are having a hard time making it work in the place you’ve been doing it the few times you have done it.

It could probably be because there is too much noise around you, a feeling of discomfort, or a lot to distract you from staying focused, and hence you cannot successfully carry out the exercise.

The truth is, meditation requires lots of silence, fair comfortability, and tranquility to have a smooth session that will have a significant impact on you.

And here, we will be taking a look at the various places that can make good meditation spots for you as you begin the practice and as you aim to make it a daily lifestyle, that you should consider.

Best Places For Meditation

For Beginners

If you are just starting out with meditation and really have no background on it, you should go for places that are more quiet, peaceful and which enhance the ability to meditate so that you can cultivate the practice in your life with relative ease. Here are some best places to meditate for newbies:

1. A Garden

There is just something about a garden, the birds singing, the fresh air flowing there, and generally, the peace that you feel because you are surrounded by nature that will make you love meditating there.

A garden in the compound of your house that is located in a place that is silent and serene can make a good spot for your practice.

There you can feel free to chant (if your meditation style requires you to do that) without being judged, feel free to move about without being distracted by different events that may be happening that involve your family or other people.

To make your experience better there, find a comfortable spot and sitting position for yourself.

If you want, you can have a seat there, for example, a cast-iron bench or even a folding chair that is fairly comfortable to make your practice rewarding but not too comfortable that you can easily fall asleep there.

You can also choose to visit a garden that has been created for spiritual practices and is available for the public at a fee.

Often, such gardens are very strict when it comes to personal conduct and they observe great silence.

If you don’t have a garden in your home, you can visit one of these gardens in your local area and be doing your practice there.

Be sure to observe the rules set there as well so that you can make the environment conducive for the other meditators who are there with you.

2. Sacred Places

These include a church, temple, or mosque, or any other place you consider sacred.

These places are held with high regard and it is hard to find people making noise or playing there except in the field of places designated for games within the holy place.

And if you are a religious person, and you are doing a form of religious meditation like Christian meditation, Hindu meditation, or Islamic meditation, and you don’t have any problems with visiting these places, they can make really good meditation places for you.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable going there, you are free to choose another place even if you are doing the religious forms of meditation or the others.

3. Designate a Special Room

You can make use of the extra room in your house and make it a special place from where you can meditate.

To make it conducive for the exercise, ask members of your family if living with any to respect the room, ensure the space is clean and well organized, spice up the room with things such as art that enhance you to meditate as well as a beautiful mat from which you can meditate from.

You can also put dim lights into the room, meditation scents (if you love them) and any other things you feel will make meditation interesting and easy to get into once you enter the room.

Also, ensure that the room is not in the busy area of the house so that you are not constantly distracted by noise.

If you do not have a special room, you can choose to make use of say the study room, or better yet, your bedroom.

The important thing here is to find a special room for the meditation exercise and then make it conducive enough for you to do specifically that.

And when you go to meditate in that room, you should let anyone who is in the house know that you are about to meditate and you need silence and space so that you are not interrupted and the kids don’t come to play in that room.

You can even lock the room when you enter so that no one can come in.

4. Balcony or Rooftop

The rooftop or balcony, early in the morning before the morning brightness appears, or at night, can make a really good space for meditation.

Although you are not limited to any time of the day when you can meditate, those two have been the best times for most people who meditate there.

If you are using the balcony, make sure that the door that leads there is closed and everyone knows you are meditating so that you are not interrupted.

If you wear comfortable clothing that will keep you from the extreme cold or extreme heat that is sometimes felt there, and you have a comfortable place to sit and meditate, your session is going to go smoothly for you.

These two places are also great places to do reflection.

5. Near a Water Body or Even in Water

This could be at the beach, swimming pool, bathtub, or next to a river.

The reason why these are great places is that water soothes you and help you release any tension that you might have from your body and help you relax as well as ease into the practice.

Some people even find that meditating in these places helps them focus faster and remain focused throughout the session.

If you choose to use any of these places, pay attention to the simple things such as the sound of water, if it is moving, which will get your mind into a more peaceful state.

6. Yoga Studios

Yoga studios are some of the most suitable places to do meditation.

You get a mat and often a cushion there, so you won’t need to carry a lot of stuff to make the practice work when you go there.

There is usually an environment that gets you in meditation mode and you are able to have a fruitful session.

If there is a yoga studio in your apartment or neighborhood, you should really consider going there if you feel your home is not a good place for you to meditate if you have a lot of kids playing around the house or you just feel you are comfortable doing it at home.

7. Meditation Retreats

Meditation retreats are organized for the sole purpose of meditation.

Here, you plan ahead and get registered and then go and spend a couple of days or weeks there.

These retreats deepen your knowledge and concentration on meditation and if you desire a deeper experience than you get from your daily meditation sessions, you should definitely consider attending meditation retreats.

You even get to meet some of the famous meditation teachers and experts that can add more value to your particular practice.

Most retreats are usually designed for meditators who do a specific type of meditation and there are retreats for almost all types of meditation out there.

There are others that offer evening lectures on various aspects of meditation and how to work with them, and more.

This is a fun approach to meditation as you also get to meet and interact with other people who meditate as you do, share experiences, and motivate each other.

Some people find attending retreats to the best way to establish meditation in your life since they are more focused on meditation and everything you do revolves around it.

Some of the most popular meditation retreats include:

√Bali Ecostay

Found in Bali, Indonesia, this facility is located in a very green area and is a great way to unwind as you get in touch with nature.

It has open-air bungalows where you can carry out your meditation as well as great views making it a great destination for this activity.

√Ontario Vipassana center

This is in Ontario, Canada and it offers a ten-day meditation retreat where you learn useful methods of self-awareness as well as how you can find and maintain life balance.

This program is quite intense because you stay silent for nine straight days whilst observing your breath to calm your mind and from there get into Anapana meditation (a form of meditation that involves mindful breathing) and then vipassana.

√Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

This one is in Stockbridge, Massachusetts and it offers three to five programs as well as weekend R&R (Restore & Renew) retreats.

They feature presenters, teachers, authors, and great figures in yoga, self-awareness, meditation, and holistic wellness so it’s a great place to visit.

It has an amazing environment including scenery roads for taking a walk or running, a beach, a beautiful butterfly and wildflower garden, multiple hiking trails, and access to the Stockbridge Bowl.

√Shamballah Yoga Retreat in Sintra, Portugal

This is a place that makes it easy to have yoga classes, guided meditations as well as surf lessons if you are also interested in that.

Their meditation aim at helping you gain balance, clarity, happiness as well as peace.

√Tushita Meditation Center

This is found in India and is great if you want to understand Buddhism at length.

Meditations here are based on the tradition of Lama Tsong Khapa of Tibet and so if you want to learn the Tibetan traditions and make use of them this would be a great place to get started.

√Wat Suan Mokkh International Dharma Hermitage

This one is found in Thailand and it offers a meditation retreat on the first of each month for ten days.

Although you have to register in person.

The facility offers great Buddha’s teachings and other interesting provisions that will ensure that you get in touch with nature and strengthen your practice.

√The Buddhist Retreat Centre

Located in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, this center offers amazing scheduled meditation retreats and so anyone looking for a quiet place where they can meditate can consider this one a haven.

While still on the facility you can watch birds and take a long walk just to further relax your mind.

√ Spirit Rock Meditation Center

This one is found in West Marin County, California and it offers daily, weekly and even monthly retreats that are suitable for both experienced people and beginners of meditation.

The teachings offered here are on insight as well as compassionate meditation and Buddha teachings. So if you are interested in those kinds of teachings this is a place to consider.

√Gulch Farm Zen Center

This one is located in Muir Beach, California and its teachings are based on the Japanese Soto Zen tradition.

You get to choose whether to stay for a short or long period as they have both long and short term periods offering great meditation insights.

√The Kadampa Meditation Center

This is found in the Catskill Mountains in New York and it offers great meditation workshops.

Here you will experience two days of meditation teachings and the third one for a silent retreat.

Some of the topics addressed in the retreat include detoxing off anger, releasing stress and so much more.

Best Meditation Places For Advanced Meditators

People who have done meditation for a long time and have gotten used to it can try to do it more in public places to strengthen it even more and make it part of their lives. Here are places to consider:

8. Your Car

Your car can also be a great place to meditate, especially before you leave for work, while you are in the garage, while you are stuck in traffic that is taking too long, or in a quiet parking lot just before you are about to get out to run your errands.

You only need to adjust your seat in a way that is comfortable for the practice and just do it.

Also, remember to open your windows so that there is a free flow of fresh air which facilitates meditation breathing exercises but be careful of any dangers as well.

Most importantly, avoid meditating while you are driving because it is not advisable to risk multitasking and put the lives of other people in danger.

9. Office Lobby

While the office lobby might appear to be a very busy place to even think of using it to meditate, it can be a place to begin applying mindfulness, focus, attention, and concentration into your daily life through meditation.

Anytime you are there, you can take one minute to engage in your meditation practice and be able to get into the meditative state and see how it impacts your next few hours or feel how it is like to be in a meditative state while at work.

As you relax in the lobby or as you wait for someone, sparing a minute to meditate can really go a long way for you.

And when you get interrupted by someone, try to remain in that state as you speak to them or relate with them in any way that is needed.

This will help you make the meditative state stick in your life.

10. Library

A library is usually a quiet place for people to do their studying, and it can be a place for you to meditate if the type of meditation you engage in is not the type that requires a lot.

Meditations like mindfulness meditation and focused attention meditation are some of the best types to do in a library as they can even enhance your rate of productivity if you plan on studying afterward.

However, as you meditate, it is important to keep in mind that other people are studying and they need silence and don’t want to be distracted.

11. Anywhere You Like

The main idea of meditation is to help you get started on grounding yourself on some of the benefits you wish to get from meditation.

And after doing meditation for a while, it is encouraged that you try to make it a habit of meditating outside of your regular meditation spot so that you can incorporate it into your life.

So, trying to meditate anywhere you can, whenever you get the chance, is a good technique to make you make the meditative state more natural in your life.

For instance, if you are doing mindfulness meditation to become more mindful, you should aim to be mindful throughout your day.

And for that to happen, you have to exercise mindfulness outside of your favorite meditation place and be mindful anytime and any place you get an opportunity.

This could include in public transport, in a crowded place or even in a noisy place.

If you are able to remain calm, relaxed, and wakeful in these hectic places, your practice deepens and you enjoy more benefits.

Summing Up

Ideally, you are in charge of your experience with meditation and the place you feel is best for you.

The ideas shared here will provide you with some cool places you can assess and see if they are good for you, as an individual.

We hope that you get a good personal spot for yourself and get experience the most benefits with meditation wherever you choose to do it.

Share with us your favorite place to meditate or places you are thinking of exploring as far as meditation goes, in the comments.

Good luck and remember, “True wealth is having a healthy mind, body, and spirit.”


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