1. Alan Cooper

    I have never heard Adrafinil before finding it on your site. I am careful what supplements I take and like to research them properly. But you have taken the pain of research away and done an excellent job in providing the background research to give lay people a great comfort factor. Certainly a product to add to my list of possible when I have a need for it.

    I have one question, as you seem to take it regularly. I know you mentioned about taking it for 2 weeks then skipping a week. Do you take this product permanently, all year round, using the 2 on 1 off method or only as and when you feel you need it?

    • Dave

      Hey Alan,

      You should only take it when you need it. Taking it on a long term basis could be potentially dangerous since it affects the normal functioning of the liver. You can use the 2 weeks of use and skip the third, and on like that if you need it this long.

      But ideally, the best way to use it is when you really feel you need to take it, not just as a daily medication.

  2. isaac

    Good review on the Adrafinil products. This might come in handy whenever I’m having to little time to do lots of things lol!

    But I’m concerned on why did France and Australia ban the product? Are there any other dangerous our fatal side effects that it could cause? Will it cause any drugged effect that makes the user be dependent on it?

    • Dave

      No Isaac,

      The supplement has no addicitve effects. It was banned in France and Australia after it was listed among the prohibited medications for athletic competition by the World Anti Doping Agency.

      The French regulatory agency then rejected its approval as a prescription. I think these countries don’t want to have their athletes who participate in athletic competition to be suspected of any indulgence.

  3. Nemira

    Hello here, thanks for information regarding adrafinil.

    Could you please tell me the kind of active ingredient is in this pills?

    I ask this because I do not understand if it is a synthetic medication, like aspirin or if it is purely natural.

    Sorry for my curiosity, why is this thing also forbidden in France?

    I like to discover new things and your descriptions prompt me to gather more information from you.

    Thanks for sharing your information and personal experience.

    All the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

    • Dave

      Hey Nemira,

      Adrafinil is a synthetic supplement which means it’s not natural. About the ban in France and Australia, it was banned after it was added to the list of prohibited drugs for athletes in the world.

      I hope this helps.

      • Thank you for the explanation. It is great to know, let me order a bottle.

        All the best, Nemira

        • You are welcome nemira.

          You are going to love this bottle.

          Happy brain boosting. 🙂

  4. Pam

    Hmmmmm, I can see why taking this on occasion would give your adrenals a break. Most in the US have what is called “adrenal fatigue” meaning they have used their “fight or flight” too much and exhausted the chemical release from the adrenal gland. As long as it wouldn’t make the adrenal gland lazy I could see why it would give it a break to replenish…..what do you think?

    • Dave

      Yes Pam,

      Taking adrafinil moderately will keep your adrenals safe and help you tap into alertness when you need it to achieve the goal you have before you. But if you make a habit of taking everyday throughout the year, you are going to wear them off and cause more harm than good to your body.

  5. HappyB

    Very useful article. I sometimes pull an all-nighter to get work done and could maybe use something like Adrifinil.

    One thing I am curious about:

    The link to “AbsobYourHealth” appears to be in the USA. I have heard that there can be problems importing these types of products into the UK.

    Thanks for a very useful article. Hoping to hear from you soon so that I can buy.

    • Dave

      The links are for people who want to order it from anywhere in the world, and they will get your order shipped to the UK as well. Just choose on the countries section that you want to ship your products to the UK, and it will be smooth.

  6. Craig

    I have some of the symptoms which you have addressed and may look to use adrafinil in the future.

    Do you need to speak to a doctor in order to use this? Is there anything similar which the doctor may prescribe?

    I know someone else who may benefit from this but I know they will ask if it has been animal tested? They won’t touch anything which has.

    • Dave

      It’s necessary that you speak to a doctor Craig.

      The thing is, speaking to a doc will help determine if the product will work great for you. See those people who report negative effects after using adrafinil? They never did and probably had other conditions.

      Any supplement may be great and work well for many folks but turn to be bad for you because of how your particular body works. So you may want to know if there are any chances that may happen by visiting a doc.

      Also, Adrafinil is animal tested but I don’t see the reason why using an animal tested product would not be helpful if you need it. The animal tests done may give insufficient data to prove the effectiveness of a product but they are also tested in humans to bring off a balance.

      So, 99% of the time, this testing helps a lot and saves lives.

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