About Me

Hey fellow genius? 🙂 Am Dave and I’ve been chasing the genius mind for over 10 years now.

Well, with all the great discoveries coming up every so often I have been inclined to think that there is something as “higher intelligence” that exists.

Creativity is actually real.

And a phrase I have found common across most people who have been deemed great geniuses of all times was this…

“The super conscious mind exists and is available to every one of us. You only need to tap into it and let it flow.”

After such an assuring phrase, I have been searching for it ever since.

I think this crazy, but through the years I have been seeking for this infinite intelligence, watching thousands of videos, studying the human brain, reading books written by some of the great minds in the past and contemplating on each of them, to mention but a few, I have come to gain a unique feeling and opinion about things.

I have developed something strange that makes me feel sometimes full of the present moment, get an indescribable peace and serenity, and a certain strange elevation of my mind.

Sometimes I get an amazing sharpeness of mind that would literally filter off anything that isn’t true when someone is speaking to me, see things super clearly and talk in an exceptionally strange way.

And over time, I have managed to tame this ability and use it when I need it, when nature demands.

(Although I think it’s always best to always be at your best all the time because you never know)

Now to why I created this website.

Am currently 21 years old and I have been, and still am, experiencing some of what most of what the creative minds have been. I have a strange consciousness and awareness that sometimes even staggers me.

And I would like to share with you creativity enthusiasts what it’s like to have some of this great brain power.

I want to tell you what it feels when you are in pure and complete inspiration, and what you can possibly achieve with it.

I know anyone who is really into doubling their mind power have asked themselves this some point in their lives, and wondered what happens before getting there, when already there and after that, right?

I have to admit that I have been curious about it myself.

And I believe I haven’t gotten the whole of it, I really haven’t pushed my brain to its ultimate extreme.

I know there is a lot to discover and learn. And I am sure the abilities of the mind are infinite.

In fact, I recently saw a YouTube video of a kid who went to a mind activation class and in three days, he could read a book and pick differently colored pegs when blindfold. This is crazy right?

And you know what he said?

“The eyes are parts of the body, and the mind controls the body.”

Pure gem in my books.

You can imagine how powerful your mind is.

So as I explore the great depths of the mind and try to get to the bottom of it, I will be sharing my experiences, the lesson I have learnt, and show you how to get there yourself.

So please be sure to visit this site regularly since I will be updating it with ‘crazy’ discoveries and ideas which I’m sure you are going to find interesting.

And If you need help with getting your brain to do anything or want to know some few things about it, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

If you also have something to comment on my site, please do.

I love discussions and feedback. And I’m looking forward to much of them here.

Anyways, I wish you a happy mind activation period and I’m greatful for having you here! 🙂



Founder of Improve Your Brain Power