1. David

    Thanks for your review of 5 htp. I have heard of the supplement, but was not very familiar with its uses or effectiveness. I noticed that you mentioned that it could be dangerous in high doses, what should you look out for if you took to much 5 htp? I have also never heard of peak x, what is it, and why is it harmful?
    Thanks for your time

    • Dave

      Hey namesake, 🙂

      The most important thing to remember when you are taking 5htp supplement is confirming with your doctor if the actual supplement is good for you depending on your health condition at the time of your taking it.

      Other than that, I always recommend you start small in terms of dosage so that you are able to assess the tolerance of your to the product. Ideally, I give the right dosage to start with in all my supplements reviews and it is wise to follow it, unless you have given a prescription for it from your doctor.

      When it comes to Peak x, this is pretty much a contaminant that was found in most 5htp products that is known to bring very harmful effects to the body. It was discovered in these products a few years ago but the good thing is, companies that manufacture 5htp supplements have been given a directive to screen their products for it before packaging.

      So chances are low that you will find it in the 5htp supplements out there right now.

      I hope this answers all your questions. 🙂

      If you have more just reply to this comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.


  2. James

    Hi, thanks for the comprehensive review on this supplement; I found it balanced and informative. Given the possible side effects, do you think it better for short term use, say, when studying for an exam? I had never heard of it before so I will be looking into whether it is available and/or the alternative supplements.

    • Dave

      Hey James, 

      If you want to get a supplement that will give you great benefits on the short term, for studies, I would recommend you don’t go for 5htp. It is far better if you use Aniracetam instead as it will really give you the deep mental benefits you need during the period.

      Cheers. 🙂

  3. Theresa

    Even though the benefits seem great, the possibility of a contamination with a toxic substance is quite scary. I appreciate your honesty pointing out the potential negatives as well as positives for this product. I hope buyers find this before they put this in their body.

    Do you know of other products that may help with such a variety of problems, specifically depression, low energy and lack of focus? I’m looking for something that will help naturally without having those contamination risks.

    • Dave

      Hey Theresa, I would not worry too much about Peak X, the contaminant, especially if you buy from the supplements store I recommend, called Absorb Health. They have the 5htp that is purified from the contaminant.

      However, if you feel quite uncomfortable using the product, you can try out Aniracetam, which will work as the best alternative for the health benefits you have listed above.

       The good thing with this supplement is that it does not have any reported side effects except when overdosed or when taken by folks who are on other medications without seeking professional medical advice first.

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