1. KerryAnn

    Thank you for your review of 10 minute mindfulness.  I have heard of this book and was not sure whether I should purchase. 

    Your review has convinced me, that yes I should.  I am an avid reader of self-help books and am always looking at ways to stay focused.

    I live a fairly hectic life and sometimes end up in a bit of a muddle. I always seem to be stressed about something.  This book sounds like it will give me the tips I need to clear my mind of muddle and get a clear view of my surroundings.

    I have heard that exercise will do this, and I’m sure the exercises in the book will be beneficial.

    Thanks again

    • Dave

      Hey KerryAnn, 

      Thanks for stopping by. 

      The book sure will come in handy for you with the exercises and tips to keep a healthy mind, body and soul. 

      Also, if you are just starting out with your mind improvement journey, this book is going to do you a lot of service. 

      Let me know your experiences with the exercises and the advice. 

      I will be waiting for them. 

      Have a fantastic day! 🙂 

  2. Loes

    Thank you very much for reviewing this book, Dave. It’s on my wish list. I love easy to follow step by step guidance books to keep me attentive. With exercises to follow up which keep me in the moment.  I am easily distracted and far from the now. I am most interested in the 71 habits under 10 minutes tips. 


    • Dave

      Hey there Loes, 

      The 71 habits are really going to boost your life if you work on them continuously and with determination. They are are going to help you reduce most of the issues going on and elevate your mind to the point where you will be able to come up with solutions that solve the issues once and for all. 

      The exercises also help you open your mind and understanding about things. 

      In general., you are going to love the experience with the book. 

      Do remember to let me know how you find it. 

      Have a lovely day. 🙂 

  3. Emmanuel Buysse

    Great post and good info.

    Actually ot comes at the right time for me.

    My life is stressing, I have my mind full, so I need something to relax, or at least tips.

    This book can really help me out it seems, so I will check it out.

    Thanks for sharing it with us!

    • Dave

      Hey Emmanuel, 

      Sorry to hear that you are having stress.

      I would recommend you first use zen 12 to help you relive stress and become calm and relaxed and then you can go on reading the book. 

      This will come in handy for you.

  4. Stratos K

    I like these self-improvement books. I was looking for something like this and I think in general a lot of people are in need of help because of our stressful times. Being able to control our mind better means that we are able to control our lives better not only for ourselves but also for our family. Thanks for sharing and hopefully this will help a few people with their problems.

    • Dave

      You are always welcome Stratos, 

      I am happy that you found value in the post. 

      And I totally agree with you that we need to take control of our minds so that we can not only help ourselves but be useful to our friends and family.

      It is great to have you here.

      Have an awesome day! 🙂

  5. Linda

    Great article about the book. I had never heard of the book 10-minute Mindfullness (and I am exploring that topic among others) neither had I heard of Fast Focus. Both seem like excellent books. I will put them on my reading list immediately. I always find that investing in books is the best investment you can make in gaining quick and expert knowledge. I would love to hear which other books you recommend when it comes to mindfullness.

    • Dave

      Hey Linda, 

      Nice to have you here.

      You are right. The best investment for the mind is books as they help tap into the knowledge and wisdom of folks who have seen and gone through a lot, so it like getting advice directly from them.

      The two books are really great mindfulness books if you read them together, understand the concept being described and work hard on making it work in your life.

      Other books on mindfulness I recommend are The little book of mindfulness and The universe has your back.

      You are going to love them.

      Let me know how you find them after you have read them.

      Have an awesome day! 🙂

  6. Nick

    Hi Dave,I rarely post comments on the internet, but I couldn’t go without thanking you for this great review.I live a stressful life, disorganized with bad habits. So I began searching for a good book on self-improvement.. but there are so many. I’m glad that I stumbled upon this review, really detailed and it definitely convinced me to take this book.. hopefully, it helps.


    • Dave

      Hey Nick, 

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and for your comment.

      The book will surely help you live a more organised life as well as help you eliminate the bad habits. 

      I encourage you to read the book carefully and put the advice, strategies and tips into constant practice and you should see good results in good time.

    • You are always welcome Linda.

      Feel free to consider this your online mind power sidekick. 🙂

  7. Stephen

    Thanks a lot Dave for taking your time to review this 10 minute mindfulness. I personally think this is going to be a great books for some of us that often experience anxieties and stress due to life and it challenges. Sometimes your whole mind is focused on where the next meal will come from and if you have no idea what to do, this is where the anxieties start to set in.

    Especially we in Africa have major challenges when it comes to daily living and surviving because of bad Economy management by people in authority. I would consider getting a copy of this book and then work on all the exercises that come along with it so I will learn to keep a state of mindfulness and also learn to leave a peaceful life despite all the economic challenges.

    Thanks so much for sharing this valuable information with us.


    • Dave

      You are welcome Stephen 🙂 ,

      Life sure can get quite difficult when you don’t have a stable mind and when things are not going well for you. That is why there is constant need to work hard on your mind and life.

      I am really sorry for the bad economy that you are going through.

      I also encourage you to get the book and work on the exercises continuously and in great determination and I am sure that you should see a huge change in your life pretty soon.

      Looking forward to getting your thoughts and experience with the book.

      Have a good day mate. 🙂

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