Silva Mind Control Review – Something You Want to Look Into!

You seriously want to increase your IQ to become a better version of yourself so as to accomplish all your desires. And you are wondering what the Silva mind control is and if at all it will help you in do so in the best way possible? Right?

Well then sit tight, as this Silva mind control review will be of so much use to you so as to help you understand the system better in regards to what it is, how it works, what is included in the system, benefits of the system, how to use it, the cost, free downloads and the discounts if at all there are any.

I will do the very best to explain everything about this system but if in any case i do not tackle any thing what so ever that you feel is of paramount importance to help you understand the system better, please do no shy to ask via the comment section below and i will get back to you.
Great! Let’s get down to business.
Name: Silva mind control
Author: José Silva
Best For: Improving your IQ.
Rankings: 98 out of 100

What is the Silva Mind?

This is a personal growth program that was invented by Jose Silva in the 1960s. There are a variety of products available for this purposes but the idea is generally from the Jose Silva program.

This method is refereed to as “Dynamic Meditation” using which you can program your powerful subconscious by planting ideas into your subconscious mind to achieve any particular goal, target or to get better at any area of your life.

Jose Silva created this system from very humble beginnings since he was a self taught parapsychologist, his main aim was to help his children to perform better in school and have a better chance to succeed in life. this system has evolved to become a very sophisticated mental training program that is offered in most countries in the world.

How it Works?

At first, one tries to imagine in great detail, ordinary things or something that you are very familiar with. Then use of this exercise is to develop your visualization skill and your creativity as well. Later on, you will be able to imagine things, not so familiar to you.

Clearing all the distractions you have is the first mind control experience. Here, you will try to control your distractions and keep focused on just one thought. As you will be doing this exercise, you will realize that day by day, all those less irrelevant thoughts will not interrupt you and this what shows you can control your mind.

You will also have to train your brain on how to leave the alpha state and return to the normal beta where you are fully alert. This exercises are in simple language made to assist you learn how to control your thoughts and shift them in any way that you desire.

Beta State – This is the waking state of mind in which we do all our daily activities.
Theta State – This is one when one is in deep sleep.
Alpha State – This is the relaxed state of the mind when your mind is neither in Beta nor in Theta state.

If by any chance you meditate before taking a nap, you have to simply confirm that you are going to have a sleep that will restore you.
It is also important to know how to exit the meditative state as well as how to enter it. As your mind control skills progress, your brain will stay in the desired state until you close your session and this will be simple because when you continue you will be very conversant with the different brain states.

Using the Silva method will help you achieve the following:

1. Increasing your memory.
2. Enhance speed learning.
3. Creative Sleep and dream Programming.
4. Use the power of the Words.
5. Use the power of Imagination.
6. Enhance and maintain health.
7. ESP (Extrasensory Perception).

What is Included in the System?

There are very many systems using the silva method, depending on what you will select they vary in what is contained in the system for example The Silva Method has a starter kit that has a 9 part online series which contains Centering Exercises, creativity-boosting exercises, and dynamic problem solving techniques.

They are packed in either a book or a cd where you can do a simple followup on the exercises.

Cost, Discount and Free Stuff.

As we already said there above there are many silva based methods with varying costs. You can choose the available options on amazon.

Buy the silva mind control on Amazon here

How to Use the Silva Method

All you have to do is follow the tutorials where you will be taught on how to use your mind and also on how to improve your IQ and on how you can know when you are in those three different states.

You will be taught to use the right brain to think because it will change your sub-conscious mind into an inner-
conscious level which will allow you use the information stored in the subconscious consciously.

This exercises are simple to follow through and explained in an easy way to use and train your mind.

My Personal Thoughts.

I believe in the power of this system, i particularly like the fact that it allows you to have control on the part of the brain that you use to think.

It is also fairly cheap especially if you compare it or think in terms of the change it brings to your life


This system is convenient and reliable so it is system that you can trust and believe in it’s safety since it does not interfere with any part of your brain since you using words and meditation to train your mind.

In-case you have any questions or comments concerning the product, kindly feel free to ask and I will be very much willing to help you out in what ever power that i can.

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