• Hey Rob,

      Nice question! 🙂

      Well, I have considered many factors before saying it is worth it.

      First, the order in which the company has applied the strategy is the best and there is no other system online I have seen which is that thorough.

      Second, if you have used other brain improvement systems of this company, inspire3, you should have already noted they always deliver what they say and the quality of their products is always high.

      Thirdly, there are some people, few select, who have already used it, in London, UK. It has not yet launched publicly in other countries because they are still collecting more testimonials for people.

      Fourthly, the way I know the raikov effect and the way they have explained it, is very similar. This shows they know what they are talking about.

      Fifthly, these guys were upfront with the exact strategic approach they have used, the way I listed it in the post, the visualization, repetition and modeling, to name a few.

      Other companies will not share this, they will just tell you to use the tracks without letting you in on the science behind it.

      I believe that is enough to give them such good ratings.

      What do you think? 🙂

  1. Corey

    I am looking forward to something great out of this system, I can feel it. I personally have always believed in the power of the mind and have looked at the brain as a muscle which, like all other muscles in the human body, needs to be worked. I really like this article and found it extremely insightful. Thank you for the hard work I know it took to make this. Great stuff!

    • Dave

      Hey Corey,

      That is very true.

      The brain is muscle, just like all other muscles of the body. And to get it working well and always be in mint condition, one has to exercise it.

      And what better way to do it through the raikov effect, which works out the part of the brain that helps you better your abilities and skills. 

      It brings double the benefits, a healthy mind and a content happy life. 

      You are surely going to get some insightful value off of it. 🙂

      • Dayenne

        So thank you for the reply on the question. I never heard this before and I am very interested in this method.

        I had learn a lot from the secret etc but now I like to learn this. I want to unlock my brainpower. Thank you!

        I am from the Netherlands maybe I am the first one that get started with this? I love to achieve my life desire. If this really works for me? Why not to try?

        • You are welcome Dayenne:)

          It is great to hear that you have already used the secret and found it useful.

          If you did see good results with the secret, I am confident that you are also going to be thrilled by the raikov effect.

          I wish you good luck with your life desires. May you achibe them all.

          I look forward to hearing your personal experience with the system. I’ll be waiting 🙂

          Cheers mate

  2. Bobby

    I have never heard of this before. I am very interested in trying this myself.
    Is it a download or do I have things shipped to me?
    What is the most popular area of interest?
    This is simply amazing if it works. I will show this to my wife when she gets home form work to see what she thinks.
    Thanks so much for the information.

    • Dave

      Hey Bobby, 

      Glad you like it. 🙂

      Well, the system is really great and you are really going to love it.

      About the downloads, I can’t really tell for now because I am not sure which way they will go when they have launched it publicly. 

      But one thing is for sure, the instant downloads will definitely be there for fast action takers. They might choose to give both the downloads and physical CDs and books, or the instant downloads, or even the shipment. 

      I believe your wife will love it too.  🙂

      When you get your copy and use it, please remember to come back and let others know how you found it. Deal?

  3. Joe Petruzzi

    Boy, this seems intriguing! I am so getting it. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for it on Thursday.

     I know from experience that positive thinking and visualization is most certainly a great way to get to where you want to go. I think the only caveat with programs like these is people forget about work. 

    Financial’s aside, to become great at something, you need dedication, effort and education. As long as you’re doing those things as well as visualizing/thinking positively, nothing is stopping you.

    With a program like this success is assured. Thanks a lot.

    • Dave

      You are right Joe, 

      There is always the hard work that needs to go into everything in order to make things work. 

      Programs like the raikov effect are there to help people deal with the mental aspect of their success, which accounts for about 80%. The rest is hands on, pure hard work.

      Personally, I see raikov effect as the perfect ammunition to help you get your passion up and running or a good sharpener of your skills to help you increase the quality of your talent, skills, and be generally productive in order to get to where you want to be.

      Wishing you the best with it and be sure to let me know how you find it.


  4. james

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your post on this. I’ve heard of brain reprogramming techniques before such as Pyschocybernetics but this one is new to me. It does sound interesting but I’d want to wait until it’s launched to understand the pricing structure a little better. Have you used their products in the past?


    • Dave

      Hey James, 

      Yes, I have.

      I have used their brain evolution system for concentration, zen 12 for meditation, nitrofocus for focus and productivity. And I was impressed with the quality effects they all gave me.

      That is why I recommend their new system,  Raikov Effect.

  5. Marco SJ

    I always look for ways to improve my brain power, and it definitely would be nice to think like the greats, especially Richard Branson (whose latest biography I am reading right now by the way). I believe in affirmations, and practice this regularly to improve my self believe an positive thinking. I also do practice relaxation.

    But I am quite concerned that your review for this product is 97/100, especially since it has not launched yet. It seems like one of those things that’s ‘too good to be true’.

    How would this be better than getting a mentor or life coach?

    • Dave

      Hey Marco, 

      That’s a very good question. 🙂

      The raikov effect wwould be better than getting a life coach because, the system is working directly on your brain while a life coach only gibes you advice on what to do.

      He gives you tips to be better in life and become more responsible but the decision to take action on the is yours. 

      On the other hand, the raikov effect doesn’t give you tips or advice, it gives you a mental training for gaining the genius qualities of people you love or admire in your niche.

      I hope this is clear. 

  6. TJSchlenker

    Sounds interesting. To me it immediately sounds like the “power of positive thinking” approach.

    Your first method mentioned was “trance”. Is part of this hypnosis??

    Can you tell us what the differences are between this and the other four you mentioned that you already have used??

    I’m certainly open to anything that will give me a competitive edge over others, not that I want them to fail, I just me to succeed! lol

    • Dave

      Hey TJ,

      That’s quite a competitive spirit you got right there. 🙂

      Trance is a mental state of concentration, awareness or focus that filters information and experience to help get your mind orking better than it is right now.

      Alone, it doesn’t work quite effectively, that is why it has been used together with the other steps. 

      Coming to comparison, I would say every product from this company has been great for its created purpose. I have used nitrofocus for focus, zen 12 for meditation, brain evolution system for boosting my mental concentration and they all turned out awesome.

      I also have faith that the raikov effect is no different.

  7. RichPersonality

    I can’t wait for it to launch!

    I’ve been interested in things like the Law Of Attraction and the power of mind for quite a while now and it’s truly amazing how many possibilities are out there. 

    With the right information and knowledge we can take full control of our lives. Raikov Effect seems just like the thing that can help a lot when it comes to understanding your own mind.

    I will update you once I use it to tell you how I find it. 

    Have a good one mate.

    • Dave

      Hey mate, 

      That’s true, the brain is quite amazing considering how many ways there are to improve it. Starting from meditation, brainwave entrainment, hypnosis, subliminal messages and now, the raikov effect.

      I will also be waiting for your response. Keep me posted once you have gotten your copy.

      Have a good one too 

  8. isaac

    The Raikov Effect seems too good to be true, to be honest. And I’m more surprised that it only take a 10 minute listen to it’s main audio to reap the benefits. Even if it’s needed to be listened everyday, it’s much better than having to read a 100+ pages of ebook of similar topics . In this regard, it’s really is convenient especially in this hectic world.

    I’m eagerly waiting for it to see how great it will be 

     By the way, what’s the difference between the Raikov Effect program with their other products?

    • Dave

      Hey Isaac, 

      Yeah, the program seems very much suspicious at first but once you understand it well, you will see the whole idea behind it and the great benefits it comes with.

      It doesn’t give you the genius of the person you admire forever. It just stimulates it within you in 10 minutes but for you to wear completely into that genius quality that has been stimulated within you, you will have to keep using for about 3 months, or less.

      About the difference between raikov effect and other products of the company. Well, there are other different products the company offers for different purposes, like increasing the quality of your meditation, sleep, focus, productivity and more.

      They even have hypnosis sessions (in their hypnosis live and hypnosis bootcamp) and subliminal messages (in subliminal guru and subliminal 360).

      I hope I have now put all your worries and questions to rest. 🙂


  9. Nik

    The Raikov Effect sounds right up my alley. I will most certainly check it out once its public. I have been looking for a way to improve my brain function, concentration, and memory. It sounds like the Raikov Effect can show positive results in all three of those areas! This sounds like a wonderful system!
    Thank you for shining the light on this wonderful product!

  10. Song

    Hi Dave

    Hmm…Raikov Effect…This is something very new to me. I do believe in the power of the brain. But in a simpler form, like when we think positive, we become more positive.

    I will be looking into this to see if it will help me get better at musical instruments I am currently learning and a few more social skills.

    Thanks a lot for review. 

    Best wishes


    • Dave

      You are welcome Song 🙂

      I wish you the best experience with raikov effect.

      I can’t wait to hear your progress and results when you start using it. 

      Be sure to update me.

  11. Ivan

    This is a very bold claim, to say that we can get improved brain abilities like Einstein. It sounds interesting, but I’m not sure if I would want my brain power to be identical to someone else I admire. Wouldn’t that take away from our own uniqueness? I guess the concept of this is cool though – just not sure if it would specifically be for me.

    • Dave

      Hey Ivan,

      I guess you misunderstood the whole idea. 🙂

      The raikov effect can help you grow into the genius qualities of Einstein if you really admire his reason and thought process, and if you have been following him up.

      There are many folks who have.

      And you can get any qualities you want in anyone if you do believe and are super determined to do it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Einstein. It can be anyone you want. 🙂

      The other thing is, although raikov effect does help you bring out or grow the personality traits of your role models, you don’t have to stay like that throughout your life.

      You can use that as a stepping stone to learn the art and then follow your creative path in that particular niche. 

      People have different approaches to almost everything but the first few steps are usually very similar, and raikov effect helps you set the foundation for you to then get as creative as you’d want.

      I hope I have helped you understand this well enough. 

  12. Nicky33

    Hi Dave, thank you for this informative post!

    I have been receiving emails from Karl Moore and Inspire3 for quite some time now, and I have found them valuable in learning about the power of the mind and brain reprogramming techniques. I have actually tried out the Subliminal Guru program and I had positive effects.

    This Raikov brain reprogramming course sounds quite interesting and I can see how it can be misunderstood if you read claims of promoters that you can become the next Einstein or Da Vinci in 10 minutes! As with anything worthwhile, you have to be consistent and put some effort in, if you want to see results. Your post clearly explains what we should expect from this program, and as a scientist I like the fact that it doesn’t speak in terms of mystical energies and magical results, but relies on scientific brain research.

    I’m really interested in trying this out, as I’m looking for ways to enhance my creativity lately. Do you think that this product is better suited for this purpose, or should I try something like the hypnosis sessions?

    • Dave

      Hey Nicky, 

      Karl Moore and the Inspire 3 team are quite educative and this is what has made my trust in them grow over the time I have been using their products. 

      Have you seen how dedicated they are to providing quality systems, and offering insightful information through emails?

      I so love this brain company!

      And you sure can use Raikov effect t enhance your creativity. It would work better if you had some creative person you admire so that you can build their creative qualities within yourself. You could even use yourself on your best days.

      You will definitely love the brian boost. 🙂

  13. Mary Buyna

    I found this very interesting. I have never heard of this product before and I really wish to experience these mental effects . I know my son could have used this while going through school for it was a real struggle for him. My son had issues with ADD and school was a daily challenge to say the least. I’m glad you are bringing this product out to the forefront.

    Best of Luck,

  14. SJ

    oh wow I have never come across a product like this before.

    Its sound amazing but at the same time scary. So is it kinda like hypnotising yourself then rewiring your brain to tap into these new areas and new skills of people that you admire?

    Think I’m still a bit skeptical but am so curious about this. Will be checking out all the free resources you provided to get my head around this concept.

    • Dave

      Hey SJ, 

      It really shouldn’t be scary. 🙂

      You are not working with hypnosis alone. 

      There are a series of steps you are going to follow like visualization, suggestion, positive thinking and modelling which balance things very well and help you make the most of the system, and the technique itself.

      Also, the fact that that it was made by Vladimir Raikov, an expert brain scientist who was respected at his time, is something that should give you confidence and security assurance that it is safe, it is potent and it works. 

      Hope this settles the curiosity and scariness. 🙂

  15. christopher

    I think that this is an amazing product, and will be getting it after am done with this comment. although I have never heard of it or Vladimir Raikov. I find softwares like this very fascinating, as I have been on a quest to find my deeper self, improve my brain power and change my life. A lot of the methods you outline are similar to what I do when I meditate, and I think that this is a great idea!

    • Dave

      Hey Christopher, 

      Raikov effect sure is amazing and you will experience that yourself when you make good use of it. 🙂

      Vladimir Raikov was a Russian brain scientist who was quite a master at his craft. You can read more about him on wikipedia, under the deep trance states category. You will find plenty of info on him there.

      About the steps being similar to your meditation, I have become completely convinced that most brain improvement techniques like meditation, mental concentration training and others out there use different approaches which in some way are connected to each other. 

      There is always that little something that connects one technique to another. Think about it… It’s like siblings, they all have that external feature that makes them appear the same or related to one another and from the same parents.  

  16. Zhuang

    This sounds interesting!  I will be getting it as I trust Vladimir R
    I majored in Psychology and came across Vladimir Raikov in my textbook. I read about these techniques (positive thinking, modelling) before and understand how it would work. I guess the difficult part is that most of us do not naturally know how to do it systematically.
    I am very aware of my own emotions and thoughts, especially how they affect me. Often, it were the small decisions I make daily that wither led me to dire consequences or great success.
    Thanks for sharing such great stuff!

    • Dave

      You are right Zhuang, 

      Vladimir Raikov was, and I think still is, a huge science figure. Developing such a program will always have him remembered throughout history. 

      Also, I agree with you that most people do not know how to boost their brain abilities naturally.

       And I am happy that people like Raikov found it for to help such people get the most from their brains, in their areas of interest. Don’t you think?

  17. JohnB

    Visualizing and positive thinking is very important in order to succeed. There are many books as well as programs who teach you how to achieve all your goals through visualization. 

    The Raikov effect seems to have taken all the principles by Raikov himself and modernized it. However, you can achieve the same by reading books but it will take you much longer. So I’d rather work with Raikov effect than the books as it much easier and 

    Visualization and positive thinking without taking action, although, is wasted potential.

    • Dave

      Quite right JohnB, 

      These techniques used in Raikov Effect have been the best techniques used for decades in improving the brain. However, learning them from books can be quite tiresome, if you are not a bookworm. 🙂

      Also, getting different approaches from different writers can be all the more confusing as you don’t get to have a clear and smooth understanding of them.

      But the fact that Raikov Effect is hands on and has used all the techniques within it, simplifies the whole process and helps everyone do it properly without much hassles.

      All the best.

  18. ellen simon

    Hello I bought the program last night. But I was kicked out before I received the download link. I also have not received an official confirmation, only the mention that my purchase was successful. I send this request already last night to support@raikov.com, but have not heard back. Please answer soon. I am eager to get started. Thanks!

    • Hey Ellen,

      I have received your comment, and I am very sorry about it.

      I have started an email conversation to work through the matter. Hope to get your reply soon so that we can both work it out. 🙂


      Your Buddy,


  19. Nate Glick

    I find this very interesting! The thought of actually being able to “turn on” additional parts of your brain (this seems like what you are actually trying to accomplish here) is very intriging. I can see how it can be seen as kind of shady for some people though. But if it works…wow! I think its said that most people don’t even use 10% of their brains so I can see how this is possible.

    • Dave

      That’s true Nate, 

      There are people who make it appear like it will make you a genius like Einstein in just 10 minutes, and remain a genius, as such, throughout your life, which is not the case. 

      It is actually a course you train your mind with to make it acquire more competent skills in your niche that resembles famous people you admire.

      Also, I see this system as a way to kind of tap into a higher percentage of your brain, like going beyond the 10% mark, which most folks including myself lie in at. 

  20. Fadi

    A very interesting course which I will be looking into right after this, thank you for your review and detailed information. it is worth the brain . I agree with what you have said regarding needing to apply the course consistently for a period of time, in order to see results. It is because it becomes a habit, and you start doing it without thinking. It is called unconscious competence.

    • Dave

      You are right Fadi, 

      The brain needs time to take in the new signals being sent to it through systems like Raikov effect.

      Even though it is able to detect the power of the brain science in just 10 minutes, it will need time to fully accept the new changes, or rather improvement, and work with it going f

      That is why the creators say, the more you use it, the better you will get and the faster the improvement happens. 

  21. stefanie

    Hi there, thanks for the review of the Raikov effect, I have bought my copy and I am amazed by the deep effects it has.

     I can see how it works as the brain is such an amazing tool and we hardly use it as much as it could be used. I did brain training through meditation and visualisation techniques and they really are powerful.

     In fact, brain training has changed my life forever so this system would be a good place to start for those who are ready to change. I really like the free downloads as well. Thanks

    • Dave

      Hey Stefanie, 

      You are very welcome. 

      What makes me happy is that you are getting valuable help with it. How good it feels when you have bought a product and it works just as you anticipated! 

  22. Marius

    Hi Dave
    How is this system different from the other products they are offering including the information and techniques offered in the 3 free bonuses you mentioned above in your review?

    • Hey Marius,

      The main Raikov effect system is the meat of the program which has all the techniques and the whole science of Raikov, but the the 3 free bonuses are just a piece of the pie, more like a sample, to help you see how great the main system actually is.

  23. flowstash

    If this program contains “the Secret” or the “law of attraction” consider myself sold. I know from personal experience that the power of the mind beats anything and everything.

    After the holidays, wants I’m done with Christmas shopping and holiday expenses, I am definitely scoring this.

    I have added this page to my bookmarks and will be back for sure in January. Right after New Years. I have to start the new year right after all. =)

    • Dave

      Way to go flowstash, 

      That’s the 2018 spirit. 🙂

      Sending more positive vibrations and energies your way. 

      Merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

  24. It is such a powerful product,
    Hey Dave thank you for the time taken to study and review this product.
    It is sad that some of us do not want to invest in our brains yet it is the engine and processor of our lives.
    This is a product worth investing in.

    • That is so true Joseph,:)

      Raikov effect is one brain system a true brain enthusiast would not want to miss.

      The brain is the MAIN steering wheel of our bodies but most people don’t quite around that fact. 🙂

      It is funny to see someone wiling to pay thousands of dollars for fat loss treatments and for medication, yet the brain is all he needs to empower himself in order to be able to practice more moderation while eating and still have plenty of determination and mental energy to exercise.

      It is all in the mind.

      I believe folks really have to think deeply about the ultimate power of the brain to have it sink in well enough for them to want to work seriously on it so that they see other areas of their life improve as well.

      What do you think? 🙂

  25. AngieJewels

    This sounds so interesting! I recently started a blog about Nootropics, so at first I assumed that you were reviewing a supplement stack in this post, but it turned out to be even better.

    I did an online master practitioner course on NLP, but found it hard to practice and apply what I learned by myself. This course seems to be a lot more practical.

    This reminds me of the Quantum Jumping course, as it seems to work on the same principles. Will definitely check it out.

    I would have liked to hear a bit more detail about your personal experience with it, but otherwise thanks for the informative post.

    • Dave

      Hey Angie, 

      You are welcome and it is great to hear you know more about this stuff because it shows you know how potent it gets.

      And you will surely love the results. 🙂

      Best w

    • Hey Hillary,

      The raikov effect is one powerful system that will truly amaze you.

      And if you use it right, as I have instructed, you can be sure your skills will improve and you will notice a tangible difference after you have used it. 🙂

      I’ll be waiting to hear your experience with it.


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