Living Beyond Your Feelings Book Review

A feeling is an experience of emotion. While the term “feeling” can be used to describe purely physical sensations, such as touch or pain, in the context of this article we are going to talk about feelings as psychological phenomenon, such as being head over heels in love or simply feeling like a cool dude. … [Read more…]

The 5 Second Rule Book Review

Doubt sneaks into our lives slowly and gradually until suddenly we realize that it has consumed us. Doubt can interfere with even the best of marriages, sever the most talented career trajectories, rob the most brilliant creativity and shatter the most dedicated of drives. How is it that the seed of doubt alone can take … [Read more…]

Discipline Equals Freedom Book Review

Discipline is not the sort of word that, on the face of it, fills many people with much excitement and even less likely, joy. This is often because people don’t think of it in quantitative terms and their minds turn all too quickly to the difficulty of exercising discipline rather than its benefits. It is … [Read more…]