1. John Cronkite

    The company does not offer any support for their product. a recent update to windows caused the program to stop working (.net framework problem) and they do not respond to support requests. I have been waiting for a month.

    • Hey John,

      I am sorry to hear that you are having such a rough experience with the new version of the program. The last I interacted with neuroprogrammer, everything was working fine, but that was months ago.

      I would encourage you to reach out to them on their facebook and twitter page (their official name is Transparent Corp), and other social media websites you know they advertise their program. This may catch their attention and get them to help you.

      I have seen it work so many times.

      In the link I left for their facebook, I have seen other people ask the same question and they seem to have gotten different answers. Could you check the answers out and try them out.

      In the meantime, if you have been using it for meditation, I recommend checking out Zen 12. This one is really great, and will not disappoint you. I also recommend a new comer on the scene called the Raikov effect. It is really great.

      Please let me know how things work out. I will also be trying to get more ways to get in touch with them and will let you know soon after I get them.

      Sorry for the inconveniences.

      Have a lovely day.

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