My Personal Favorite Weight Loss Hypnosis Program – Much Better than CDs!

You are searching for the best weight loss hypnosis cds out there to help you with loosing weight, right?

And like me, I suppose you would love to get the best hypnosis system for weight loss that will give you real tangible results, isn’t it?

Well, I have been on this hypnosis weight loss thing for quite some time now and have been looking into a number of hypnosis sessions that have addressed this topic, seeking to get the best quality stuff.

And I am happy to tell you that I did find a very great hypnosis program which I will be letting you know of here.

In fact, without keeping you here, let’s jump in and see what I have got for you.

First, My Discovery of Health Hypnosis Sessions

After much searching, I have come to discover that it doesn’t really matter the medium through which you get the hypnosis practice for weight loss.

This means you should not limit yourself to hypnsis CDs or books, video or mp3 audio recordings or any other format out there.

The most important thing is to get a way that works for you and which will actually bring you effects and results that will makes you happy.

I say this because I have had people limiting themselves to books and videos, and others to audios, and ended up getting poor results that left doubting the power of hypnosis.

But the issue wasn’t in the actual science but the quality of the program. They used a poor one because it simply has format they used.

That is why I encourage you to work with what works and don’t mind your most preferred way too much and miss out on the good stuff.

It is something you are going to see yourself as you o deeper into it.

The Most Effective Weight Loss Hypnosis Program I Know

I believe to get the deepest hypnosis effects for any area of life, including fitness, you should not go for a one day session.

So I usually go for the systems that have more than one session and which build you up progressively until you are mentally fit and get to make things manifest on the outside.

And the one system I found to be the most valuable and has well made progressive sessions just like I said, is one called the Weight Loss Hypnosis Bootcamp.

It is one of the bootcamps you will find in the Hypnosis Bootcamp program.

The weight loss hypnosis Bootcamp has 7 wonderful live hypnosis sessions that will train your mind for weight loss for a whole week.

One session builds up one the previous and you feel much stronger every time you are done with a session, including the first.

I have seen almost everyone who has used it say it feels like seeing the hypnotherapist on a daily basis for a whole week.

What I love most about this Bootcamp is that the sessions have been made using Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which makes the sessions much more effective than the other ones that use plain hypnosis.

Also, the hypnotherapist that walks you through the hypnosis session is very friendly and puts you at ease throughout each session, and you just love the way she handles you.

Her British accent is something that sweetens the whole session too, and hey, who doesn’t love the British accent?

The sound quality of the sessions are super clear and you will hear and deeply feel every minute of every session you use.

You are going to love it.

Learn more about weight loss hypnosis Bootcamp here.

How it works

The main idea is to work on your mind, the subconscious mind, on a daily basis to help change the way you perceive the whole aspect of weight loss.

The sessions make you see the exercises and workouts you will be getting into, as easy and achievable, and they create a whole new perspective for you that shows you how wrong you have always been about it.

By the time you are in your last session, in the 7th day, you will have evolved hugely from the person you are and you will be more like a fitness enthusiast.

Now to the science. There are two techniques used in the system, hypnosis and NLP.

NLP is basically Neuro Linguistic Programming which works on your brain making it more receptive to suggestions and commands, and it gives way to hypnosis, making the whole session an easy and interactive one.

And this is what gives this weight loss bootcamp an upper hand over the other systems out there.

Hypnosis, on the hand, gets you in deep trance states so that your mind is easily accessed and is able to be changed from the probable negative thoughts that are holding you back to more inspiring ones that will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

The good thing with the sessions here is that they are so smooth that you drift into trance states fast and while in total relaxation, in a way you will like.

The trance states feel like thinking deeply or day dreaming.

I find that using these two techniques together has much higher effects than using either of them.

Cost and Current Discounts

You have the option of buying the weight loss bootcamp alone, with the 7 sessions, or the whole Hypnosis Bootcamp system with 5 bootcamps including the weight loss one, and with 7 sessions each.

The first option, of getting the weight loss bootcamp alone, will cost you $497 only. Personally, I compared the cost and the value you get off the system, and I found it worthwhile.

But they are giving a discount on it right now which is time limited, that will have you get the bootcamp for just $147, instead of the normal price, $497.

This will help you save big as it is more than 200% discount, but I heard that the creators will be removing the discount in a few days to come as they have given it for months now.

Get the weight loss hypnosis bootcamp here

There is also another discount for the second option, the whole package with all the 5 bootcamps (weight loss, confidence, brain power, wealth and the law of attraction, that have the 7 sessions per bootcamp for an entire week.

They let you take it home with just $497, the normal cost of one bootcamp. It is like buying only one bootcamp and then getting the other 4 for free.

This is the package I recommend if you will be needing the other aspects like the law of attraction, confidence and the rest, in the future.

I have never seen any other company give such huge discounts, which is why I trust this company, inspire3, which made the bootcamps.

This is because I realized that these folks are determined to help people more than just make money off the sales.

They also have other great brain systems they made like the raikov effect, Zen 12 and brain evolution system, to name a few, which they have also given big discounts on as well.

This adds to why I love their products and trust the company completely, and I am sure you will see the same thing when you get to use their products.

But note that the discount for the whole system won’t be up for long too.

Get the whole system with the discounts here

How to Use Weight Loss Hypnosis Bootcamp

This is how you should be using the sessions to see that you dig the most value off of each session.

• Download the weight loss bootcamp on your device

• Get a comfortable place to relax

• Plugin in your stereo headphones

• Play the first session

• Close your eyes

• Follow through the session keenly while accepting the commands in your mind

• After the session, wake up and make an observation of your feelings

• Rinse and repeat this procedure for 7 days using the following session next time.

And that is all you have got to do!

Get the Weight Loss Hypnosis Bootcamp System here

That is my most preferred weight loss Hypnosis program.

You are surely going to love it.

If you have any questions with regards to the program or Hypnosis in general, feel super free to drop them below. I’ll be more than happy or help you out.

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