1. GeorgeS

    Hi there, awesome article. I find everything you’ve written very interesting. Having good quality sleep is important not only for our brains, but for our entire bodies as well. Sleep improves our metabolism, recovers our muscles and many more.
    I am doing research on meditation right now and I’m wondering have you tried it, and how long it took to see the first real benefits? Thanks!

    • Dave

      Hey George, 

      I was doing meditation sometimes back. But after discovering it may take up to 2 decades to really get the full benefits, I gave it up. 

      I didn’t get to do it long enough to  see its first benefits, but I hink it depends on the individual doing it. 

      It may take long or a fairly short period of time to see them. 

      Ideally, you will have to meditate constantly for months, about 6 month to a year to start noticing something.

      If you want to do it to sleep better, I would suggest you use sleep salon as it is way easier to get the benefits faster, within a few minutes.

  2. Mei Scarlet

    Wow! I’ve always thought the brain was amazing – but this is way too cool! It can actually mimic the brain frequencies that it hears through the sounds and music… that is awesome!

    Well, I’ve recently started a new medication that has way affected my sleep … horribly. I went from getting 8 solid hours of sleep/night to 4-5 unstable, waking up often, broken hours of sleep… and my energy for the day has been completely drained.

    Do you think something like this will still work, even if the cause of my sleep problems is a side effect from medication?

    • Dave

      Yes Scarlet, 

      It will surely work for you.

      As far as your main problem is sleeping, and there is nothing else disturbing you, it will be of great help. 

      Play the All Night Sleep Loop track in the sleep salon program and you will be good to go. 

      It helps with this specific issue.

  3. Alice

    Thank you for this information! I’ve been searching for some guidance for my husband who is incredibly stressed and tired out at the moment. This could definetly be an option for him. I’ve been reading about Yoga nidra for sleep issues – is this anything like that? I think yoga nidra taps into brainwaves too?

    • Dave

      Hey Alice, 

      Yoga nidra for sleep is a great way to help you sleep. But compared to sleep salon, yoga nidra is a tedious way to get yourself to sleep. 

      You have to prepare for thr exercise and do everything the recordings tell you which may take a while before you sleep. And keep in mind you do it on the floor.

      But with sleep salon, you only play the tracks on loud speaker while you lay on your bed, closing your eyes and covered with blankets. 

      You are pretty much setting yourself to sleep and the tracks take you right to slumber. 

      I hope you now see the difference. 

      In yoga nidra, there iso much work involved while in sleep salon, you listen to the tracks while you are sleeping and your brain is the only part involved.

      I hope this helps.

  4. Matt's Mom

    I do need Sleep Salon! I have a restless night sleep every night. I thought that maybe it was because I get too hot, but that is not it. I am willing to give this a try and see if it helps. Shoot, $37 is not a high price to pay for something if it is going to work well. oes it give immediate results?

    • Dave

      Hey Matt’s mom, 

      Sleep salon brings the quickest results. Soon after you play the tracks, the effects will be released. 

      And based on how receptive you are, you might either el the effects immediately, or in around 5 minutes. That is the maximum time it takes to kick in.

  5. Keith

    I have an overactive brain, especially at night. So I’m always working to fall asleep.

    I’m going to have to look into Sleep Salon. Sounds like it might be a good solution.

    Some times I can fall asleep quickly, but wake up later, restless, with the brain whirring.

    Others, I don’t fall asleep quickly, so I’m looking for answers.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Dave

      Hey Keith, 

      You are just the right person for Sleep Salon.

      It will help you stop putting in so much effort to fall asleep, and help you sleep like a baby through the night. 

      You’ll be able to sleep soundly without waking from time to time up at night as you can loop the tracks to keep hooked till morning. 

      I am sure ou are going to love the experience. 🙂

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