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Motivation is one phenomenon that super difficult to control and this leads most people into believing that it is beyond their control, sometimes you can wakeup filled with joy and the strength to face anything that comes your way while other times you literally do not want to do anything ; mood swings are a clear indicator of your motivation status.

Relying on natural motivation can be very intriguing because you have no idea what will happen the next minute to dampen your moods or lift your spirits up, this is why you find that some people’s moods are always on and off like a light bulb.

If you want to remain motivated for most part of your life then you have to put in the necessary effort and work hard by beginning to make the steps in the right direction, be persistent and show clear indications of constant efforts aimed at improving how you really feel inside.

The real concept behind motivation
Simply put motivation is the mental energy that builds up when you are excited about something, when you are positive about something and when you truly believe inside that you can achieve success and nothing can stand in your way from a particular angle or in a specific goal, regardless of how bad people feel about themselves when they are not motivated it not such a complicated issue as many like to make it.

If you ask most of the time people who are always motivated they are people who have clear goals in life and have a clear mental picture of how to get to where they want to be as in they know they need and what needs to be done and they are doing it.


And this how to build your motivation it is to know what really moves you, what do you want to be in future, or something that really makes you happy and contented , it has to be something that excites you just by thinking about it, something will definitely make you turn your ahead if it is mentioned behind you.

After finding it, understand it and set out clear means of achieving it of course try to be as realistic as possible and please be honest to yourself set goals that are for real and achievable at the same time, then every day that comes follow your strategy to achieving this goals stay focused and disciplined and watch your motivation build day by day.

Draw energy from this goal by constantly giving it attention, it will boost your morale by having your subconscious mind believe in you at all times, for example it can get you through a boring job by simply believing that you have a clear savings plan that will someday get you your own business and save you the misery your job puts you through, but truly believing can only happen only if you have a clear savings plan that is working already.

Another way is to set short term goals that are easily achievable, and keep increasing them as time goes by this provides confidence in oneself and have a newly rejuvenated dream to work on hence always ready to go face whatever the day has prepared for you.

It really does not matter what ever field you are in whether you need redemption from it or you want inspiration to keep going and achieve success in that field, motivation is the simple answer that can make a difference in performance of an individual in every aspect of their life.

Simply giving all that attention to a goal is not an easy task especially when you have a lot going on in your life it becomes hard to focus on the future since a lot of the time and concentration is given to solving the current problems and simply trying to remember your goals so that they can get you motivated may not be practical at all times which why I am going to introduce you a system like you have not seen before.
My Personal Favourite Motivation Boosting System

For those who have a lot going on and overstretching their brain is not an option then there is system that can automatically help you remember your goals at all times it is known as dream manifesto.

This system helps you set your goals and give you the means to add inspiration pictures and quotes and voice reminders to help you keep the mental energy and your strength from running out.

And what is even better about this system is the fact that it will keep the inspiration up at all times even when you are tired depressed or simply just feeling a lot.

When you begin using this system it safely rewires and reconfigures your brain to simply set ablaze your spirits.
Learn more about dream manifesto here

How it works
This is a software that you install on your computer and it flashes your goals and dreams on the screen of your computer at intervals that you set yourself and so fast that it is bypassed by the conscious mind and sent directly to the subconscious mind this is known as subliminal messages it also plays inspiring voice reminders and to even make it all better it does this as you are doing other things without distracting you.

The images that flash on the screen are not visible, since they flash so fast that the conscious mind does not pick them up they get picked by the subconscious mind hence they stimulate the subconscious mind directly.

With dream manifesto you set the images you want to flash the interval within which you want them to flash, and the voice reminders and how frequent to hear them, so set you goals properly turn them into images and voice that convince your mind and you are good to go.

After having done this a lot will change in your life in ways you cannot imagine especially your productivity will tremendously improve, works like magic that is scientifically proven.

How to use dream manifesto to have yourself motivated at all times

When you are first getting started there a guide to get you through everything you need to get up and running, so when you are ready and have identified all of the above as we have there above carefully turn your goal into images and voice over, like this:

Add you dream
Add as many images as you can that describe your dream
Add the voice reminders made of your voice
Launch it and watch your life change in ways you cannot imagine

There you go I rest my genius argument and I am confident that if you follow and use this system then no doubt you will lead a more fulfilling life full of joy and spirits shooting through the roof use this link to get your hands on the Dream manifesto

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