1. Mark R

    I am so glad I ran across this article. Lately negative thoughts seem to be the habit of mine. Your Mind Twist techniques are something I know to be true. I guess I just slipped back. I will be using these starting today, to get back to my positive self.
    thanks so much.

    • You are very much welcome Mark. 🙂

      The slipping back is human nature. We all fall into the habit of forgetting stuff, even things that are most important in our lives. But with a little bit of self discipline we can get rid of forgetfulness and laziness.

      You can try writing down your day’s schedule the day before, in the evening, and make a habit of including the technique in the plan. Be sure to remind yourself about it as well as its benfits, from time to time through the day.

      This worked for me. I have never slipped back since.

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