1. JJ

    Wow, I have heard that when we can’t seem to move forward in life we might need to work on forgiveness. It sounds so abstract to me and I am also a private kind of person who doesn’t see herself digging up old issues with whoever else who might have been involved at the time. This system might just work for me and it doesn’t seem to take a lot of time. I need some kind of outside help that is private and easy to work with. Thank you for this information.

    • Dave

      Hey JJ, 

      It is true, when nothing is going well in your life, you need to look back to see where things went wrong and get prepared to solve them and forgive people who are involved in the issue, including yourself. 

      The reason most people fail to move forward is because they are still carrying the baggages of the past which make them so heavy laden that they can’t make any steps forward, amd letting all the pain and bitterness go is the best way to go about it.

      I also know how hard and embarrassing it can be for you to tell people about your problems. It just doesn’t feel right even though we may need help from those people. 

      That’s what I love about this system.

      You get getting extremely valuable help here as well as all the privacy you want.

      I am sure you will love the whole forgiveness training experience. 🙂

      Have a good one mate.

  2. John

    Forgiveness is divine ,forgiveness is hard, forgiveness has to be totally in my opinion . Leaving the past for the past and moving on is easier said than done. People take forgiveness as a weakness which could also be taken for granted. This is what I have learnt. Everything starts and end in the mind. We have to train the mind what we want for it. Letting go should be one of those. I will be getting to know this program more in detail. Thank you.

    • Dave

      You are right John, 

      I couldn’t stress it better.

       And that’s why it is very important to cultivate the virtue of forgiveness, in order to live life to the fullest. 

      I also agree with you that many people take forgiveness for weakness, and it may sometimes make you appear foolish when you forgive someone the same mistakes over and over again. 

      That’s why you should forgive, learn the lessons and seek as best as possible to avoid the same mistake from happening again.

      And you can do this by simply trying to understand well the character of the person who hurt you and try to avoid those instances that will lead to the event that got you hurt in the first place.

       It will save you lots of bitterness. 

      As they say, you should learn to live and treat a person based on how you know them.

      You are going to love the forgiveness program. 🙂


  3. Greg

    I guess it’s worth to take some action if you feel that something is bothering you. For sure if you won’t take any action then nothing will change. I think the key is to accept what happened. This way your mind won’t bother you. Our mind can be a wonderful thing but also it can give us a really hard times. Important is not only to read about how you can help yourself but also to practice it. Make exercises. Make some effort. This can change the game for you. I loved the info here. 🙂

    • Dave

      You are right Greg, 

      If you don’t do anything about your pain and past mistakes, the pain is still going to be there and the regrets will keep haunting you. Taking action is the second step after regretting for anyone who is really serious about making atonement for his mistakes to himself.

      And the Choice of Forgiveness system gives you just what you need to take the right course of action. It helps you read and learn about forgiveness, use proven exercises to heal and even take away the pain and regret through the emotional healing cds. 

      These are the real game changers, as you say.

      I am glad you stopped by. 


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