How to Forgive Your Abusive Parents – Learn to Forgive and Forget Here!

You would really love to overcome the pain of abuse from your parents, right? That’s why you wish to learn how to forgive your abusive parents and live with them happily, isn’t it?

Well, I really get you. And I know how it feels to have abusive parents, emotionally, physically and mentally. I also know how hard it can be to overlook the mistreatment and constant pain they inflict on you.

And I will walk you through the best way I know for you to come out of that and grow strong enough to ignore what they do and live a better, happy life.

So, without any further ado, let’s get ourselves rolling.

Extra Motivation to Forgive Them (Your Old Folks)

When you think about the pain you parent(s) have put you through, it may sometimes feel very difficult to forgive them and let it all go.

But there is something, some new perspective perhaps, I would to help you see and know.

See, the parents who abused you whether it’s a bad narcissistic mother, a sexually abusive father, a parent who neglected you, emotionally or even, verbally abusive parents, they are still your blood parents.

These are the only people you have and can actually say have the closest relation to on this universe, simply because they brought you here.

You might find other people, friends, neighbours or relatives, whom you may feel more conneted much better to.

But, Franky speaking, your parents, no matter how bad and evil they may seemingly appear, are the only people who’d care and feel it deeply if you passed away. Then your husband and kids come next.

The rest of the people are good, and may feel some loss, but not as intense as your legitimate parents regardless of whether they tell you or pretend not to care.

Something else, the fact that you have such a good heart as to consider the thought of forgiving them for their mistakes, it also means that your parents, even if they don’t show it, have something in them that compels them to ask for forgiveness.

A very strong compelling voice in their minds and hearts.

Most parents won’t bare the shame of bowing to their children to ask for pardon, but at some point their life, they feel remorseful for all they did.

Trust me on this, it is something I have seen reveal itself over and over again.

In short, always know that your parents will want forgiveness before they leave you, whether verbally, or in their heart without asking for it. Look out for the signals.

Now to my personal way of learning forgiveness.

My Approach to Learning to Forgive Parents

There are countless ways you can learn the art and virtue we call Forgiveness, but my personal favourite way is using a forgiveness training system called The Choice of Forgiveness.

It is a training I have come to find helpful especially with the busy schedule I have, and which I know you probably also have.

It simply impacts you with really deep knowledge and wisdom of forgiveness, and provides you with exercises you can use to implement the wisdom and insight you gain from the system.

On top of that, it has the most essential aspect of forgiving, emotional healing. To me, this part has the most value, even as you learn about other sections of forgiving.

Why I love it and recommend you to use it is because I found it really packed with valuable and professional training that heals you as well as educate you about forgiveness and life.

You are going to love it.

Learn more about the choice of forgiveness here

How the Choice of Forgiveness Works

Well, this program uses a very simple but quite profound approach to train your mind to forgive, heal the pains and wounds of your heart, and help you come out of this saddening trauma.

You get to use it at home and you uses 4 great resources it comes with to learn about this subject.

Firstly, you get a book that will be giving you the wisdom and insight into forgiveness which is known as “Letting Yourself Off the Hook”.

This book has really eye opening concepts and perspectives of life which make you see things in a new light and ease the whole thing of forgiving people.

It opens your eyes to a new way of thinking and understanding that helps you get the person who abused you, see why it is essential to pardon them, and how to approach it wisely.

Secondly, there is another book which is practical with the topic, and it is called “The Transformational Exercises Workbook”.

This one gives you a handful of exercises that are tied to the understanding and insightful concepts you get in the first book to help you put into practice what you have learnt and make the things you learn stick in your mind well.

The two books really do complement each other.

The best part now comes, emotional healing.

For this section, you get two CDs to work on your mind, heart and emotions.

The first CD is known as the “Subliminal Invocation” CD which comes with wonderful mind changing subliminal messages

Listening to it will improve your way of thinking with regards to forgiving people, make you more of an optimist and replace the negative self concepts, and perspectives you have built in your mind.

It works on your mind completely and see that you are transformed into an easy-to-get-along-with person, who knows how to weigh matters and solve them wisely.

Mainly, it works on your subconscious mind where most of these negative things happen.

The last CD is the “Guided Healing Meditation” CD. This one is meant for healing your heart, helping you dissolve the pain and be able to keep your life moving in the right direction without being affected anymore.

When you follow along the exercise in your mind keenly, you will feel a special calming and relaxing effect in your chest that will make you lighter at heart and ready to forgive.

These are resources you will dig much value out of.

Cost and Time Limited Discounts

The cost of the Choice of Forgiveness program is $247, with all the 4 resources included, and some few other bonuses.

I made a comparison of the resources and the price you get to pay for them, and I found the price to be well worth the value you take out of them.

To be quite honest with you, I have not seen any other system on the web that has tackled the 3 most important aspects of forgiveness as best as this system.

And on top of all the value, you get a HUGE discount!

Instead of giving $247 for the system, you are allowed a $190 discount which lets you have it for just $57, but do note that this discount will be removed soon since it has been given for so long now

Get the whole choice of forgiveness for only $57 here

How to Use it

The good thing with this program is that you can use it at home or work, or on holiday. And you only get to spare about half an hour each day to make use of it.

You can also split the 30 minutes to 15 minutes in the morning and 15 more before you go to bed. This is how you are to use it.

• Read the knowledge book “Letting Yourself off the Hook” for 15 minutes

• Think about what you have read and make an effort of understanding it well

• Read the practical book “Transformational Exercises Workbook” and take some exercises to implement

• Gather some motivation and mental strength to do the exercises by listening to the subliminal invocation CD

• Before you handle the day’s task, listen to the “Guided Healing Meditation” CD, and when you feel bitterness when you remember the abuse

And that is simply all you will do to reap the benefits.

Get the Choice of Forgiveness here

This is my favorite way of learning forgiveness the proper way.

In case you need help with the topic, be sure to let me know in the comments below, I have tons of experience with this stuff and I will definitely come in handy for you.

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