How to Forgive a Verbally Abusive Husband – Awesome Stuff Here!

Your husband is quite an abuser, but you still love him despite his hurting weakness, right?

And I bet that is the reason you want to know how to forgive a verbally abusive husband, to know how to let off of the pain he’s caused you and learn to stay with him without being affected, isn’t it?

Well, that’s so loving and caring of you.

It shows you look beyond the verbal hurting and you don’t want this issue to come in between you and your man.

It is actually very inspiring of you to many other relationships out there.

And I will be helping you know how you will be able to forgive him, know how to properly live with him, with the least amount of insults, and with the best way of protecting yourself from feeling hurt emotionally.

So let’s see how the cookie crumbles.

First Off, A Handy Advice!

While a good number of men are naturally abusive, there are others who get abusive when provoked by certain things like lack of respect, not having enough money to cater for family needs, and many others.

And this verbal abuse you have been going through, I can assure you won’t go away that easily, if you don’t do something about it. You have to tame it.

But before you get to that “taming” part, it is best if you first healed the pain in your heart.

After that, I advise you to seek to know your husband very well. Seek to know the cause of his insults and then think of how you can change things he doesn’t see going well for him. Maybe help him out or work together.

If you need help with that, you can always count on me. I will be happy to help you know about him and how to get him to change slowly. I will show you a wise approach.

In the meantime, I will walk you through a system for forgiveness I really loved that will get you to heal completely and help you grow out of the bitterness.

My Most Beloved Forgiveness Training System

The system that I have sen to be of immense value and help with the issue of forgiveness, based on my wide knowledge of such systems, is called the Choice of Forgiveness.

This home based forgiveness program simply helps you learn about forgiveness, in all its aspects, and trains you for it using 3 great approaches I discovered are the most essential in mastering forgiveness properly.

I give more preference to this system because, it offers the most value compared to other similar systems I have had an experience with, and it is actually very comprehensive.

What I liked the most is the friendly approach they use that will make you feel in safe hands and being trained by people who are super determined to help you out.

Learn more about the Choice of Forgiveness here

How it Works

Well, this is where I tackle the 3 main approaches used in the program.

The first one is the theoretical approach. And here you will be impacted with deep knowledge of forgiveness. You will get a book called “Letting Yourself Off the Hook” which will change your mind, if you read it and connect what you learn, with your life.

It will change the way you think and how you look at things, which in turn is going to give your life a complete spin. You are going to love this.

The second approach gets more practical, as you get a list of insighful exercises that will help your ability to forgive to grow faster and properly.

The exercises are short and fun, especially if you are a hands on type of person. You will get the exercises in a book called “Transformational Exercises Workbook”

And finally, the third approach which is my favorite, emotional approach. This is what affects us the most, and it has been handled extremely well here.

There are 2 resources for this approach which are in CD format.

The first is the “Subliminal invocations for forgiveness” which is meant to help you change your current way of thinking, in relation to forgiveness.

The subliminal messages used in this CD are so powerful and will leave a huge impact on you when you listen to them, and visualise the message they give.

The second resource is the “Guided Healing meditation” CD which will help you wash away the bitter thoughts and feelings that develop when you are hurt.

It will heal all the past pains and help you handle the future ones much more calmly.

I also discovered that it works so well if you listen to it when you start becoming angry and bitter.

It eases the pain and fury very quickly.

Cost and Current Discounts

The whole system of the Choice of Forgiveness goes for $247, including the 2 books and 2 CDs, as well as other exciting bonuses that will add to your mastering the art of forgiveness.

To me, this price is quite fair, if you look at the value you get off of the program.

Most people sell these resources for $100 each, which will come to be about $400, total cost. But you get them all for almost half the price.

This convinced me that the guys who made it are really determined to help people genuinely, as opposed to other companies out there which want to make money.

On top of that, there is an ongoing discount for the program. And you are allowed $190 off when you buy it soon.

This means you will get the whole program for just $57 instead of the normal $247. The discount has been there for a long time and will be taken down in a few days time.

Learn more about the $190 discount here

How to Use the Choice of Forgiveness

This is how you are supposed to use it so that you get the most benefits out of it. It is my most rewarding method.

• Read the Choice of Forgiveness book for 15 minutes in the morning

• Listen to the subliminal invocation CD for a few minutes to give you mental strength

• Get a few exercises (prefarably 3) and put them into practice

• Listen to the “Guided Healing Meditation” CD when you are going to sleep, and when you are angry or bitter. It eases the tension real quick.

And that is simply it.

Get the choice of forgiveness here.

That is how you get to learn, grow and master forgiveness, and be well able to forgive your husband for all he’s said to you.

If you have any questions about forgiveness or the actual system, feel free to let me know in the comments below. I will be more than happy to help you out.

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