How to Become a Better Boyfriend – The Nice And Easy Way!

You really desire to make your girlfriend happy, that’s why you are probably wishing to know how to be a better boyfriend, right?

You want to give your best in your relationship to make it last long and enjoy every minute together, for years to come, isn’t it?

Well, I firstly have to agree that relationships, if not well approached, can turn out to be the worst nightmare, after the “love” has started fading away, and you have started getting used to each other’s company.

But I will teach you how to spice things up and get you, as the boyfriend, to keep the fire of love burning, and have your relationships last for years.

This is one read you are going to enjoy and learn heaps from. So let’s jump in and see what you are up for.

Firstly, the Proper Understanding of a Boyfriend!

Most of the time, many guys miss out on their roles as boyfriends and in turn fail to fulfill their part, ultimately resulting to conflicts and fights every so often.

But if you want to have your woman love and respect you throughout, there is one key thing you need to do.

Understand the character of your woman.

This applies in all levels of life and relationships, high school, middle school, college and when working.

It simply means knowing whether the girl is cheerfully outspoken or the humble silent type, or otherwise. And deeper into that, learn the specifics of each character.

There are those outspoken women who love fun and partying, but there are also those who are outspoken but don’t like too many activities, getting wild and such.

There are also those who are silent and humble but love being in wild situations, even if they won’t be part of the fun. Just watching makes them happy.

But still there are those who like keeping it simple and cool. They are silent and don’t like being around wild and extremely jovial situations. They like it calm and serene.

Basically, there are thousands of characters of women, as well as of men, and your duty is understand that first if you are to become any successful.

After that, the next crucial thing is blend in with her character, sacrificing some of your ego but still being principled about certain sensitive matters.

The ideal boyfriend should be intelligent, humble and gentle. These are the 3 main qualities that make you stand out as an awesome boyfriend.

Intelligence is reflected being a good listener and a less talker, being able to reject her requests in a gentle and loving way when you know they will cost you, letting her win in most arguments and being the apologetic one, overlooking her weaknesses and covering them up in public and doing deeply romantic things for her, and surprising her.

In humility and gentleness, you display the cool attitude of not wanting to get in a fight, solving things without the need to shout or hurl insults, and being polite always, even when you are mad.

Sounds hard, doesn’t it?

It really isn’t.

You only need to train your mind to grow into these skills and traits.

And you can do this but emulating people you know are good boyfriends around you or work constantly on the traits I have mentioned.

But since it is really heard to go against the grain and overcome all your bad traits in the first few days you make the decision to change, you can use a character trait tool to help you do it constantly better, increase the value of your results and reduce the time taken to achieve the good traits completely.

That is why I would recommend you to use my personal favorite skills and character traits training system.

My Favorite Character Traits and Skills Trainer

The one tool I have discovered to be the best to use to build new traits you find admirable and honourable in people, much faster and more effectively than trying to force yourself to grow into them, is the Raikov Effect.

It is a brain training program that helps you build your own character traits, skills, mental abilities, talents and personal attributes you love in other people.

What it does is sort help you mimic their abilities so as to stimulate and grow your own traits which are similar to those, within your mind and life.

I love this system because of 3 main things.

First, it has the best approach that is always rewarding not to mention it is quite impacting with every use. It even makes you deep effects within 10 minutes, even if you are using for the first time.

Second, it really connects with you at a deeper level that will move your emotions and the way you think and believe.

Thirdly,  you can use it in many areas. You can use it to grow your character traits, and still to grow your guitar playing skills, piano, football, running, hockey, singing, arts, and pretty much all the talents you would love to boost value of.

How it Works

The gist of the raikov effect is to aid you in building new personal attributes that will make you mentally stronger, able to change the negative traits you currently have and are struggling so hard with.

You use it taking the new attributes in your mind and understanding them well, and then letting the raikov effect slowly build them in you.

This program uses a number of the most respected brain boosting techniques in the brain improvement industry like modelling, suggestion, deep trance states, positive thinking, visualization and a few more others.

It was initially created by one respected brain scientist in Russia called Vladimir Raikov, and this is where the name came from.

He used the system to make his students respected and highly skilful musical players in just 10 minutes.

And it was developed into a more effective program by the Inspire 3 team, which you will the raikov effect from.

It is the best training system for this topic on the web.

Even if you are a dummy or intermediate or expert level, I can assure you are going to learn something valuable from it.

One thing I can tell you about it is that I was amazed by the results and effects it gives, and you are also going to love them.

The Cost and Current Discounts

The Raikov Effect system goes for $237, including the main raiko effect effect audio course, the 3 part raikov effect eBook, 5 listen along targeted audios for gaining strong attributes for wealth, improved brain power, confidence, the law of attraction and weight loss, and lots of other bonuses.

Basically, I weighed the value of this system and the cost you pay for it and found it is well worth the pay. After all, there is no high quality program that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.

But the good news is, they are currently offering a $100 discount on it, meaning you can get it for just $100, but this is only for a limited time, only for a few days and then the price will be back to normal.

Learn more about the raikov effect discount here.

How to Use the Raikov Effect to be a Better Boyfriend

This is the best way I encourage you to use the raikov effect to help you gain the attributes I have mentioned above, of a good boyfriend in an easier and much interesting way:

• Read all the good-boyfriend attributes I have listed above

• Try to understand them completely

• When you have done that, put on your earphones

• Get a place to relax

• Play the 10 minute raikov effect audio

• Follow the instructions in the audio within your mind

• Observe how you feel when you are done

• Keep using until you feel super confident about the new traits you will be building

And that is pretty much it!

Get the Raikov Effect here

That is how you learn to be a better boyfriend than you are, and actually get to easily become the best you believe you can be.

If you have any questions about his topic, I am always here with answers. Feel free to ask your questions in the comments below and I will be more than happy to answer you.

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