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Coaching can be quite a daunting task, can’t it? And I bet you want to know how to be a better coach because you you are a fairly good one but you feel you can get better than that, and strengthen areas you feel aren’t going well, isn’t it?

Well, I feel your weight. I know how demanding that can get. And I will be walking you through my personal favorite way to improve your approach and way of doing things as a coach, whether in football, basketball, in business, at work, or as a personal mentor even in life.

The basic concept of leading and directing people toward the right direction is always the same regardless of the niche in subject.

You only need know how to think, how to approach and apply certain principles which I will be walking you through. Okay?

Sweet! Let us get ourselves rolling.

The Concept Behind Coaching

Whether in sports, business or as a personal coach to someone, you are expected to be the light of the person or people involved.

This means you have to be pretty careful with the way you handle them if you want them to be successful as you feel they should be, and still have them love you.

And the secret of handling them is very simple.

Be their parent, their friend and their most severe discipline master.

I know I must have lost you there, and you are wondering how you can be all those all at the same time, right?

Well, it is not all that hard, you only need a little bit of wisdom and you will be all good.

See, most people need to feel the one who is leading them is understanding them completely.

They want to feel at ease with you, when you are talking with them and even when they are doing what you are coaching them for.

If it is in sports or business, a coach should be a friend, a firm but am extremely friendly leader. This means that you should be young as they are in your talking and a bit higher in your thinking.

You should be able to see their strengths and praise them for that, but also address their weaknesses in a friendly way so that they accept and become willing to change.

You also have to be very careful with the way you speak, keep the respect and use polite words not never any profane ones.

Let the age difference between you and them be felt by the way you speak gently, pointing the problem in a wise way so as not to make the person you are addressing not feel on the spot but also to drive the point home.

Ideally, the main attributes you should have as a coach are gentleness and friendliness, wisdom, and using analogies when speaking about peoples’ weaknesses in public, be a good listener, allow people to learn through mistakes at times (it’s the best way for them to see what you are saying) and be firm and stick to what it’s right in a gentle way, not aggressively.

Now how do you gain all these attributes and know how to work them out in specific situations?

My Favorite Skills and Personal Attributes Trainer

I have struggled all my life putting good advice and really insightful tips into practice, so I prefer using an attribute training system to help with that.

And I am sure I’m not alone, almost everyone struggles with this area.

My especially loved training system for building strong character traits as well as thinking and speaking patterns is called the Raikov Effect.

This is a program that helps you develop wonderful mental abilities and personal attributes, the ones you love which you have always had in your mind or those you see in people you admire.

What I love about it is the ease with which it helps you do that. In about 10 minutes, it will help you stimulate these attributes within yourself and feel like you have already mastered them.

And after using the system for the first time, you can notice a huge difference, although you will need more time to completely establish them within yourself.

I also love the approach it works with, of convincing you you are already what you want to be, in a very unique way that is quite rewarding.

If you use it for building great coaching attributes, like the ones I have mentioned above, and others you have always desired to have, I am confident you are going to love the experience and the results.

Learn more about the Raikov Effect here

How the Raikov Effect Works

The main idea with this system is getting to bring out your abilities and attributes through the people you admire or from yourself on days you feel at your best performance.

It not only helps with the personal attributes but also with improving your brain power, which will be key in changing how you think and talk.

It uses a series of mental techniques that have been proven to be the best in increasing your brain abilities and the way you do things, even your talents and skills.

The techniques include visualization, modelling, positive thinking, relaxation, suggestion and a few more others.

What I can personally tell you about this whole process, is that it is simply amazing.

Firstly, you are just a normal person looking for help and after 10 short minutes, you are this confident intelligent person who knows how to handle things.

The whole system is based on science made by a famous brain scientist called Raikov Vladimir from Russia in the 1970’s.

He used it on his students to improve their skills in playing instruments and amazed everyone who saw the science in action.

How to Use the Raikov Effect to Become a Better Coach

There are only a few steps involved here to help you make the best of the system. Here’s how it is done:

• Think of the attributes you want to acquire (You can think of the ones I had discussed above or take the attributes of a coach you’d love to be like)

• Consider the whole list of attributes associated with the coach or the figure drawn in your mind when you read the attributes I gave.

• When you are done, you will take the 10 minute Raikov audio and listen through the training.

• Follow along with the instructions in your mind

• After 10 minutes, observe the new changes the system has given you.

Then keep using the system until you feel confident enough in working with the new attributes naturally.

And you are done!

You will be amazed by the effects it brings.

Get the Raikov Effect here

And that is simply how you get to build the strong coaching personality traits you should have.

If you have any burning questions about this system or have comments to leave, feel free to drop them below. I like talking and would really love to converse with you on this matter. I’ll be waiting.

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