1. Cooki

    I loved this article. Being a boss is a mindset. Some employers I know need Raikov Effect because they are treating their employees unfairly. And those employers wonder why they have some that just quit in a sudden.
    As I am a boss now, Raikov Effect will help me to improve my skills when I’m with my employees to help them to succeed better.
    I’m just wondering, are they going to set a date when the $100 discount will be gone? I want to tell other people about it but I want to make sure the discount is there.

    • Dave

      Hey Cooki, 

      I also agree with you. 

      There are employers who tend to be quite rough with their workers. Some may do it purposely while others may do it out of lack of knowledge. 

      And that is why I created the post to help those who wish to be better bosses but don’t really know how to go about it.

      This will really come in handy for them.

      As for the exact date when the Raikov effect discounts will be gone, I don’t know the exact time, but I would advise you to let them know about it the soonest and have them know the discounts are time limited. 

      I’m sure they will have bought it by the time the discount is being eliminated.

      Hope this helps. 🙂


  2. John

    Becoming my own boss and becoming a better boss won’t be a bad idea. Very soon I will get to that point where I will be an example to people under me and I will like to be a better boss. This package is worth trying with all the reviews that comes with it. I should introduce a few friends as well. Thanks.

    • Dave

      Be sure to John, 

      Be sure to let everyone whom you are sure would get much benefit from the post know about it.

      Let’s make life solutions go viral.

      I am sure you are going to be amazed by the whole experience of the practice and the products.

      Do let me know how you find them.

      Have a good one. 🙂

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