Genius Brain Power Reviews – Good Product But Not The Best!

You have probably gotten the rumors that genius brain power will help release some of your genius abilities like creativity, boost in IQ and more, right?

And you want a review that will help you know the real truth about it, isn’t it?

Well, my genius brain power review will be having a good look into this system in specific areas like what the system is, what is included in it, how to use, who shouldn’t use it, how it works, customer reviews on it, the best alternative to it, the costs, discount and free downloads.

I’ll try to make this short review as detailed as possible and I am confident I’ll be able to answer all questions about it.

But if you still have a question about it, after reading this review, which I many not have answered by any slight chance, be sure to let me know in the comments below. I’ll be happy to help. Okay?

Awesome! Now to how the cookie crumbles.

Name: Genius Brain Power

Size: 5 modules

Author: Cameron Day

Cost: $197 (but there’s currently a $100 discount)

Best Place to Buy:

Known for : Different brain stimulations

Rankings: 90 out of 100

Genius Brain Power Reviews

Well, in general, the system has worked fairly good for most folks who have had the opportunity to use it.

They have said that they experienced a deeper state of meditation that was not easily achievable with other systems like holosync.

Others have said that they felt more at ease and focused after using the modules in the program. Ideally, it has worked for many folks.

And I also recommend it to anyone who would like to give it a try.

You can see a few testimonials below.

What is Genius Brain Power?

This is an mp3 audio music based program that is meant for boosting different areas and states of your brain like your Intelligence Quotient (IQ), creativity, relaxation, meditation and focus to name a few.

The audios in this system have been categorized into modules with each module addressing one aspect. In total there are 5 modules.

The music uses a certain brain science called brainwave entrainment which works very well for the brain especially when blended with music. I will be going deep into this science in a few minutes.

The Genius brain Power was created by Cameron Day who says has been in the brain improvement industry for decades.

He claims that he has done silent meditation, kundalini yoga, and many other self awareness practices, and has actually used some of the most rewarding ones in the recordings you get inisde of the Genius Brain Power.

How Does it Work?

It uses brainwave entrainment, which is a form of brain technology, or rather developed science, that uses the waves in your brain to alter your state of mind.

The music you get to listen to has been mixed with sound frequencies that change the pattern of your brainwaves which change the whole state of your mind as a result.

There are many methods of brainwave entrainment and this one uses isochronic beats which are generated by a computer and are said to have optimal frequencies for bringing deep mental states.

The music you get together with this amazing science has been taken from famous brain songs made by popular singers like Mozart, Mendelssohn, Vivaldi and others, so it is something you are going to love, and which will also be of benefit to your brain.

The 5 modules you will get within the system are:

• IQ Increase (1st Module) – The music here will help boost your mental energy and get you to grow smarter everyday. You are told that you can listen to it while doing your normal duties. It lasts about 40 minutes.

• Laser Focus and Creative Ambition (2nd Module) – This is meant to help you get new ideas and increase your problem solving skills. You will be taken to deep relaxation states and also boost your rate of productivity. It takes about 60 minutes.

• Easy Relaxation and Alpha Light Meditation (3rd Module) – As the name suggests, you get to increase your state of relaxation with the music here, and also experience a deeper state of meditation than you normally do. The music will take you 30 minutes to 60 minutes per track

• Profound Relaxation and Deep Theta Meditation  (4th Module) – Here you will receive music with relaxing ambient rainfall music background to give you the profound effect of relaxation. Also, you get theta levels of meditation which bring you deep states only felt when you are sleeping. It will expand your awareness and takes half an hour to a whole hour.

• Extreme Relaxation and Ultra Deep Delta Meditation (5th Module) – This is the last module and is the most intense of all the modules. In the first few days, you will hardly listen to this and remain awake since the effects here are felt when you deep in your sleep. The creators have said that there are some folks who get physical healing with this module, although they don’t make any health claims. It also takes 30 to 60 minutes per tracks with a total of 16 tracks.

What is Included in the System

Other than the 5 main modules, you still get to have access to brainwave music that will help you in other areas, as bonuses. And I have to admit that you get quite a number of bonuses. Here they are:

•  Digital Caffeine – Music for mental stimulation

• Creativity Unleashed – music for boosting creativity

• Quick Relaxation – Music for more relaxation

• Depression Relief – Music for fighting depression

• Stress Relief and Adaptation – Music for stress

• Exercise Power and Peak Performance – Music for better performance

• Gamma advanced meditation – Music  for more meditation

• Sooth Your Nerves – Music for healing Central Nervous System and limbic system

• Audio Tranquilizer – Music for peacefulness and calmness

How to Use Genius Brain Power

There is no specific formula for listening to the tracks. Some you can listen while working and others while doing the practices they complement like meditation, and others.

So all you have to do is to pick the music you want to listen to based on the mental state you wish to get into and then go ahead and listen through.

Who Shouldn’t Use Genius Brain Power

The technology that this system uses, which is brainwave entrainment, is great but can prove to be quite dangerous to a number of folks because of the wave frequencies used and the brain alteration it brings.

This means that, this particular system as well as all other systems that use brainwave entrainment may not be good to use by all people. The people who are discouraged to use these systems include:

• Kids below the age of 18

• Folks who have serious brain injuries and have been prohibited from using such systems

• People who want to listen to the relaxation tracks while driving or running heavy machines

• People who have serious mental illnesses that would be made severe by the music

A good alternative: If you happen to be in this list and really wanted to boost your brain abilities, I recommend a better alternative that doesn’t use this science, and is actually far better than genius brain power, called the Raikov Effect.

It helps you build admirable qualities and traits, and increase your mind power using the famous modelling technique. I highly recommend this.

Read more about the raikov effect here.

Cost, Discounts and Free Downloads

You will be getting the whole system of the genius brain power, with the 5 main modules dragged along with the 9 bonus modules for just $197.

All the tracks come to over 30 when you count all of them, which only means you are getting a wonderful deal here when you also consider all the areas it has tackle

As for the discounts, you are currently allowed a $100 which won’t be there for long. So instead of paying the full price, $197, you can get it for just $97.

Get the genius brain power with $100 discount here

When it comes to free downloads, you get to receive your free sample lasting 20 minutes through email. So you will have to provide your name and email to get this.

Also you are told that Cameron will be taking it down soon, so you’ll want to take advantage of it while it is still there.

Get the Genius Brain Power here

And that is all there is to this brain system

You are more than welcome to ask any questions related to this system, or leave your opinions on it down here. I’ll be waiting for them.

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