Dan Harris’ 10% Happier Book Review

You are looking for a book that can help you stay happy and you have heard about the 10 percent happier bookand you want to know more about it right? Staying happy is very important and its equally important to keep ourselves happy regardless of the problems we have in order to avoid some lifestyle … [Read more…]

The Book of Awakening Review

Life gets hard and most times we are tempted to give up and just let ourselves go. Life is not meant to be a smooth course and we must wire ourselves to appreciate what it brings to the table ,deal with it appropriately and keep moving. You probably feel like life is getting really hard … [Read more…]

The Unbroken Brain Book Review

Have you been struggling with a form of addiction?Do you need help dealing with it ? Well,you are at the right place because i will take you through what you can do to bring you a step closer in dealing with your problem. First of all i think you have really done yourself good by … [Read more…]

The Beck Diet Solution Book Review

Losing weight has always been a priority for most people and year goals too. Its been associated with self esteem issues,pressure from people around you or basically just the need to be healthy. I know for the same reason you are reading this review because you want to lose weight or just maintain “healthy” weight … [Read more…]

Retraining the Brain Book Review

Stress is part of our lives and it comes because of different things. There is ‘good stress’ one that is normal and then there is ‘bad stress’ one that can have a negative impact on your health. Now,i know you are looking for a way in which that you can relieve yourself of the bad … [Read more…]